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Baylor, Missouri Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2011

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NR/NR BAYLOR (5-3, 2-3) 42, NR/RV MISSOURI (4-5, 2-4) 39
NOV. 5, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 40,194

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening statement…
“Really great win for our football team, our players and our university. It hasn’t been the way we wanted it to be the past month, to be quite honest with you. For our guys to keep fighting and come home and beat a good football team like Missouri who is coming off of a really big win last week and playing with a lot of confidence, I think it says a lot about their faith and belief in themselves and our program. It felt great to be home, and I thought our crowd was really good. They did a great job energizing us when we needed it. When we scored, you could feel the energy on third down. It makes a big difference when they are hollering and screaming at the other team, and it helps the situation. We did a good job as a team. I’m proud of the staff for their diligent work they put in, and the loyalty that they show this university and our football team. It’s a good night to be a Baylor Bear.”

On overcoming adversity…
“We felt like we left 11 points on the board in the first half. With the touchback, then we missed a chip shot field goal and then we have an extra point blocked. They’re good. You can’t do that against anybody. With a really, really good football team, you can’t find yourself behind too fast, too much. And the thing that helped us was that our defense only gave up seven points. So in today’s game, that’s what helped us.”

On the defense…
“That’s what has been hurting us. Both sides have to be clean. You have to be clean on special teams. We weren’t as good as we needed to be there, but we did enough things to come out on top. The two onside-kick recoveries were huge. That’s big-time stuff, now. So that’s good. We helped each other, both sides of the ball. And that’s how you win football games.”

On Terrance Ganaway…
“We were just running a scheme where there’s a good chance that you can go on the edge and Jared (Salubi) has shown that he may be a little quicker to turn the corner and go. So that was that whole deal tonight. I don’t think anyone’s doubting Ganaway’s speed right now. He made two amazing runs. I mean, amazing. That says something, and we know that it’s there. Maturity is a great thing, and he’s matured at the right time for us.”

Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III
On the win...
“It was good to get the ship turned around. It was good for us to come home and catch up on our home turf. They came off a huge win against A&M and we beat a good football team.”

On the frustration of the first half...
“Like we said, you’ve got to think positive. We’ve got to realize we have a good football team and every game we lose the ball. It’s just about scoring touchdowns. And we did that. We put 42 on the board.”

On running the ball so many times...
Based on the defense they played, they gave me a few outlets to run and I was fine with that. I don’t mind being a running back every now and then. But our running backs ran the ball extremely well today and I was proud of them.”

Baylor Linebacker Elliot Coffey
On the performance tonight...
“We had a great game plan coming into the game. We had a great week of practice, everyone was keyed in on what we had to do and we really executed it.”

On getting stops...
“As many times as the offense has saved us when we’ve let something up and they’ve put points up on the board, we have to reciprocate that. We’ve got to help them out and the stops were the team factor.”

Baylor Running Back Terrance Ganaway
On his game...
“We’ve got three great running backs and they all play real fast and real physical. When I got my carries I knew I would get more, so I just patiently waited. When they’re playing good, we’re playing good.”

On his 38-yard run...
“It was a corner blitz and Kendall (Wright) was screaming corner, corner, corner and soon I look up and the corner is blazing. The next thing I know (Cameron) Kaufhold is working down field. He got a block that really spun me to cut across the field and to use my ability to get into the end zone.”

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel
Opening statement…
“They are a very good football team, give them a lot of credit. We’re disappointed with the incosistency of our play on both sides of the football, and it’s very frustrating. It’s my job to get us to play more consistent and I’m not doing a very good job.”

On what Baylor did well to beat Missouri...
“Well they had 600 yards last week against Oklahoma State, so they put yards up and you have to get out of drives. First half we got out of drives and second half we didn’t get out of drives. They made some big plays, and it’s a lot of yards no question about it, but historically you look at them and they mound them up.”

On coming up a few plays short at the end of the game...
“We battled at the end to do it, but it’s all about consistency. We make a lot of mistakes, a lot of fundamental, undisciplined, basic mistakes on both sides of the football. It makes it very difficult to win when you’re doing that, and I’m responsible that we play better. They are a really good football team, and I’m disappointed and expected them (Missouri) to play better than that.”

On the play of Robert Griffin...
“He’s a great player. He makes a lot of plays, and he ran a little bit more today than we expected. He’s a really good athlete. Everything that I’ve said all week about him, that’s what he did, and he made some big plays.”

Missouri Defensive End Brad Madison
On Robert Griffin...
“He’s probably one of the fastest guys, and obviously the fastest quarterback we’ve every played. He’s real tough to get a hold of when he’s in the pocket, and we missed him a couple times and then he flipped out and made a big play. We did what we could I guess.”

On mindset for the rest of the season...
“We’ve got to fight. We’ve got three games left, and we haven’t made a bowl game yet, so we know what we’ve got to do to get a bowl. We’ve got to keep working and I think we made too many mistakes tonight. That’s something we’ve got to get fixed, and I think we will, hopefully.”

Missouri Running Back Henry Josey
On how Robert Griffin seemed to rally his teammates around him...
“He’s a great quarterback, great player and great competitor. He came out and he did what he had to do, and we’ve got to score more points than they do. We have to do what he did today.”

On the tough loss against Baylor...
“All those little mistakes that we make, we kept making them over and over again. We made mistakes on both sides of the ball today, and that cost us. It comes down to us making those little mistakes. We’ve just got to focus in and keep going like we know we can.”



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