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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Nov. 8, 2013

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5/5/6 BAYLOR (8-0, 5-0)  41, 12/8/10 OKLAHOMA (7-2, 4-2) 12 
NOV. 7, 2013  •  ATTENDANCE:  50,537

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

On crowd support:
"It was very humbling with the student body and our crowd getting involved with the blackout theme. The marketing department did a great job, and it just shows you that if you don't have a vision you have no opportunity. Our people had a vision, and everybody jumped on board. It made a tremendous difference tonight."

On the maturity of the team:
"I walk around the hallways before the game and see a bunch of fourth and fifth-year guys that have been around a long time, done a lot of things, and weathered a lot of storms. That gave me a lot of calmness and a lot of comfort because we've got a mature football team. We've got a team that's done a lot."

On seeing the black in the crowd:
"It was something I'd never seen before. It was very emotional and very humbling at the same time. When you've got support, you can get things going a little bit and it certainly made a difference in tonight's football game."

On depth of the team that showed tonight:
"We finally have Big 12 quality depth and that's something I've been saying for about a year. It showed off tonight. When you lose Lache [Seastrunk], Glasco [Martin], and Tevin Reese, and you still maintain and are still effective, that's a good thing."

On Oregon v. Stanford game:
"I have not caught the score. We've played eight football games and when this season started we were not ranked. Everything we've done, we've earned up to this point."

Baylor QB Bryce Petty

On the start of the game:
"It was an ugly game. To come out with a W after an ugly game is great. We didn't play as well as we wanted to, myself included. To come from the start of the game and then end it how we did is big."

On the offense:
"We're just talented and we're committed. I think that's really all you can say about it. It's a very special team. Our defense played outstanding tonight, and I think it's one of the best games I've ever seen them play."

On Shock Linwood:
"I love Shock. He could easily be starting anywhere in the Big 12, but here he's just behind two phenomenal running backs in Lache [Seastrunk] and Glasco [Martin]. The good thing about him is he's just so positive. That's why he's just so contagious. It was no surprise and I knew he could do it."

Baylor S Ahmad Dixon

On the emotions in the game:
"Our strength staff and our coaches did a great job of keeping us focused and keeping our mental stability. It didn't really affect us any. If anything, it made us more aggressive. In the locker room we decided whatever happens, happens, and we were going to play lights out football."

On how other people will look at the win:
"I hope that it'll change the outlook on our defense, and it'll change the outlook on our whole team. Even though our defense did step up, this was a team win and our offense, even though they started out slow, they did a great job picking it up."

On the media:
"We're not a team that really pays attention to all the media stuff. We're a team that focuses, and I think as long as we focus on ourselves, the sky's the limit."

Baylor DE Chris McAllister

On what the team showed tonight:
"I think that we showed we can play defense and compete with any team in this conference and in the nation. When we have a game plan and put our minds to it and guys execute, we can play with anybody, and I think that's what we showed tonight."

On how the defense affects the offense:
"Those guys feed off of us, we feed off of them. When they're moving a little slow or can't get things going right away, we know if the other team doesn't score, they're eventually going to get it together. That's how we play together."

On the defense in the beginning of the game:
"You want to hold teams to field goals and field goal tries and things like that so when you're able to do that, especially when a team starts so close, it's a good feeling. It's a good thing to know that no matter what the situation is, we can come together and make things happen."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening statement::
"First I want to congratulate Baylor and Coach Art Briles because they did an excellent job as a team playing today. They were a team that just played great together. Defensively, they were all over us all day. Offensively, we had our moments. We had a tight game with four minutes left in the first half, and we had too many penalties defensively. We had a stop on third down, and they got the ball back and we lined up off sides. We had two of those that led to scores. We didn't play nearly smart enough in those areas. Overall, they just out-played and out-coached, and I mean all of us together. They're a good football team."

On Baylor:
"(They're an) excellent football team. I knew that coming in. I knew that everyone talks about their offense, which is really good, but I knew their defense was really good with all the seniors they have."

On not being able to score early in the game:
"It hurt. We were horrible on third-and-shorts, fourth-and-shorts and goal line. They out-executed us, definitely. You've got to make those. You can't come in here and have one touchdown in the middle of the third quarter and think you are going to win. It's just not going to happen. We didn't execute near well enough to give ourselves a chance."

On the offense's poor performance affecting the defense:
"It chipped away at our team's performance. In the end, you have to stay on the field. I don't know how many three-and-outs we had, but you can't keep putting your defense out there against Baylor and expect to have opportunities."

Oklahoma OLB Dominique Alexander

On defending Baylor's offense:
"It's a difficult task (to defend Baylor's offense). We prepared for it. We had a great game plan going into the game. We executed it early. We had some dropped balls, but we had a really good game plan. We just have to keep executing as a defense."

Oklahoma MLB Frank Shannon

On letting Baylor score in the end of the 1st half:
"It wasn't tough at all. We just had a few breakdowns as a defense. I wouldn't say we got tired, but it started to take a toll on us when we had to keep going back out there (when the offense couldn't score)."

On Bryce Petty running the ball tonight:
"We've seen him run the ball like that in previous games before our game, so we were suspecting it, but we didn't defend it well."

Oklahoma QB Trevor Knight

On Baylor's defense tonight:
"As a competitor, you feel like you can make plays on anybody. Credit to (Baylor) they made the plays tonight. Wish we could've done a little more. Credit to them, they did a great job. They swarmed to the ball. They have that confidence going for them, and it's easy when you're playing ahead and when your offense is scoring for you. They didn't have to play from behind like we were. It's easy to have that confidence about you. Like I said, credit to them because they swarmed to the ball and made plays. They did what they had to do."



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