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Baylor-Texas Postgame Quotes

Nov. 14, 2009

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#2/2 TEXAS (10-0, 6-0) 47, BAYLOR (4-6, 1-5) 14
NOV. 14, 2009 • ATTENDANCE: 44,372

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
"I'm really, really proud of our football team. I'm proud to be a Baylor Bear and you know, just proud of how our guys fought and continued to fight and believe during the football game. Did it go the way we wanted it to go? No. Could it have gone a lot better cause I coached a lot better? You're doggone right it could have and probably helped us in the outcome of the game. But you know that's why you live, because you learn and that's what we're doing, we're definitely living and learning. They're a good football team, they have good people and they do a good job with what they've got schematically and that adds to the problems when you're on the other side of the ball. I think early in the game, with our present and past memories, we are a team that needs to have good things happen early in the football game right now. We need good results that create momentum for our team that allow us to have good outcomes, not just at the end of the game, but on every possession and every play."

On Texas' defense...
"We see a bunch of good defenses, they were a good defense today. Honestly, I think Nick (Florence) got rattled a little bit and rightfully so. He took a hard shot from the corner blitz and had an interception early in the game. When you have not played a bunch and you don't have the snaps under your belt to where you are able to shake stuff off, that can wear on you a little bit. I think he pressed a little bit and when you press you think too much sometimes, so that's the great thing about experience, that it teaches. "

On it being the seniors' last game at Floyd Casey...
"I'm glad you clarified that last part because they're not out yet, this is just the last game at Floyd Casey. Is this frustrating? Yes. Disappointing? Yes. Demoralizing? No, not in the least bit because we are going to turn around in six days and do it again and we're going to do it well. It's not like when they talk about their senior year of football, they're going to talk about November 14, 2009."

On there being a sense of urgency with two games left...
"There needs to be, yes. You don't have to use a lot of fingers to figure out how many we have left. It's right there and all we have to do is take care of business and there are other people on the other side trying to do the same thing too. That's what makes it interesting and inspiring to be a part of because it means something."

Senior Center J.D. Walton

On the first half...
"We just didn't execute up front. Defensively they came ready to roll. They had a bunch of speed on the field for us... We weren't clicking. We weren't executing the way we needed to be in the first half."

On the first drive...
"The first drive was huge. We got the ball rolling. Moving the ball around, getting it downfield, it was huge. It knocked a lot of wind out of our sales. We have to be a better football team. We can't go down after the first drive if stuff doesn't happen how we like it, how we want it to. We have to bounce back on the second drive. We just weren't executing first half."

Senior Safety Jordan Lake

On this being his last game at Floyd Casey Stadium...
"I definitely did not want to go out this way, but you can't hang your head. We still have a chance to go to a bowl game and that is what our plan is. We have to come back, shake this one off and learn from the mistakes tomorrow and get back to work on Tuesday. We have to get ready for a big game at Texas A&M next week and that is all we are focused on right now."

On Texas' offense...
"They had some short fields, but as a defense you have to step up wherever you are on the field and pull them out. We just made a few mental mistakes, reads, assignments, checks and things like that. They had a good tempo offense. It kind of kept us off-balance a little bit and we had some trouble at first. We have to do a better job as a defense adjusting to that and getting ready to play wherever we are."

Senior Linebacker Joe Pawelek

On this being his last game at Floyd Casey Stadium...
"I think this was definitely not the way the seniors were hoping to go out. You got to give Texas credit. We definitely did not have perfect communication on defense out there, but they came out there and were ready to go early."

On the message of the coaches after the game...
"We see the urgency here. Seeing as there are two (games) left and we have to go get those two. There is definitely no time to sit and pout about it. We are definitely not excited about the performance we had out there, especially in the first half. We need to come in tomorrow and learn from our mistakes and fix them and definitely be ready to go Saturday against Texas A&M."



Texas Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening statement...
"I am really proud of the Texas Longhorns today. I am proud of our fans, they came out in numbers like the always do when we come to Floyd Casey Stadium. I am really proud of our football team, they came out ready to play and dominated the first half. We played a lot of guys in the second half that helped us against a Baylor football team that is improving and has played really well over the last two weeks."

On the running game...
"We needed balance. We felt like we found a few things this week. I am proud of Cody (Johnson) and Tre` (Newton), they both stepped up today. Our offense can be really good if we continue to be balanced."

On driving into the wind during the first quarter...
"We felt if we could move the ball and run the ball, especially into the wind, and be balanced then we would have a chance to get some numbers in the second quarter."

Senior Quarterback Colt McCoy

On the game...
"I felt like it was awesome in the first half. I felt like we really came out and executed and our defense came out and put us in a lot of really good situations. We had short fields and we were able to really capitalize. We really just knocked them out in the first half."

On the running game...
"(Establishing a running game) was really a point of emphasis this week. We were able to run the ball and that set up a couple of things for us. I feel like in the first half we played really well."

On the Texas offense keeping Baylor off balance...
"I think our up-tempo offense really got after them a little bit. We wanted to pick up the tempo and be fast, especially from the beginning of the game, and we were able to do that."

Senior Wide Receiver Jordan Shipley

On the win...
"It's always big when we can be on the road and score fast. I think that is a huge momentum killer for the other team and it's a big momentum boost for our team, so it was big."

On the offense...
"We do a lot of hurry up stuff at the line and I think sometimes that can tire the defense out. I think that is a credit to coach (Greg) Davis and his game plan."

Senior Linebacker Sergio Kindle

On the defense shutting down Baylor...
"We adjusted on their screen passes and once we took away the screen passes, they had to focus more on going down field. We put more pressure on (Nick Florence) so he didn't have time to make accurate throws down field."



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