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Postgame Quotes

Nov. 15, 2008

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Opening Statement...
“First off I would just like to say, really appreciate the crowd we had today. [It was] a tremendous boost to our football team. The enthusiam, the energy and the belief they brought to the football game was very evident in the way our players responded. When you play at home that is something you have to have.... We felt it today and we took advantage of it.”
On the play of the seniors...
“[I am] Very, very proud of our seniors. Not only for what they have done today, but what they have done for the past 11 months every since we stepped on campus. I think I can honestly say not one of them has been late, missed any practices or any meeting since last December 1st. To me that is a great sign of want-to, a great sign of hope, a great sign of leadership.”

On Robert Griffin’s play...
“I think Robert really played poised today. He was getting good protection and he was able to make some plays with his ability and he made some great plays. He really gave us a great oppurtunity to score points today and win the football game. Robert, for this whole year, has done an outstanding job for us.”

On the play of Joe Pawelek...
“What can you say; the guy is uncanny. I have been around a bunch of them and I don’t know how you describe him. He is just a football player. He is a guy that makes plays. He is a guy we are a glad wears green and gold... He is a stud. He is just everything you want; straight-A student, oustanding character for a young man and a great leader in practice and a great player on gameday.”

On what the win meant to the program...
“I think it gives us some credibility as a football program.... If they have got Texas in their name, we need to beat them, that is just the way it is. It is not going to change... It will be the same way in 2020. Anytime you win a Big 12 game, it’s a big win. iT doesn’t matter who it is against because there are no bad teams. We feel great about today... we feel like we are close to being a really good football team. We fell like we are a good football team, we just have to learn how to continually play at the level we played today for three and half quarters.”

Left Tackle Jason Smith
On winning last home game...
“It’s a really passionate feeling that I really can’t explain... It’s something from within.  It’s a lot of excitement and something that you work for.  It was late in the season when it happened, but what better way to go out as a senior than on your own turf.  You go out the same way you came in.  You are expecting to win, and you got it. That’s what you’re going to remember. ”

On this beginning a legacy at Baylor with Griffin and this new Coaching staff...
“It has been a very exciting year playing with him (Robert Griffin).  I’m happy that I can have one more game with him.  He still amazes me everyday.  You’ve got a bunch of talented freshmen here... It’s a very talented class.  I can say that I played for him and blocked for him.  I want there to be a standard that he sets for the team.  I’m just proud to be apart of Baylor right now, this Coach Briles era.  This place is going to grow.  I look in the stands and it’s packed.  Thank you to the fans and the support from everyone over the past five years.”

Wide Receiver Thomas White
On the emotions of this last game at home as a senior...
“It’s incredible, especially with my background.  I’ve had a lot of heavy Aggie influence.  My uncle was dressed in a maroon sweater, but by about the third quarter it was zipped up under a black jacket.  It’s great to beat these guys, a perennial top program.  It was a signature win.”

On it being bittersweet while leaving when you have a quarterback like Griffin...
“I think I speak for a lot of the seniors when I say that we’d love to all have another four years, especially with the direction of the program right now.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get to our goal, but we can see the promised land and can be proud of that.”

Cornerback Dwain Crawford
On being satisfied after this victory...
“It’s a big victory for us to come out here in front of our fans, our crowd and our students and get a big win against a rival school. ”

On the play of the defense in this game...
“It was a heck of a job.  From the start until a little bit in the fourth quarter when we let them hang two touchdowns on us, I thought we played our butts off.  We had a swarming defense just like we have practiced and preached.  The turnovers were for big for us today.”


Texas A&M quotes

Opening Statement...
“I am disappointed, very disappointed. That is probably the greatest statement that I can make right now. Give Baylor credit, they took advantage of all of the opportunities that we gave them and they made some of them on their own. We didn’t play very smart and we turned the ball over and gave up a couple of big plays on defense.”
On the A&M production...
“I thought our offense would have been more functional in the game and keep our defense off of the field. I knew that Robert Griffin was a talented athlete that would run around and make some plays, which he did. I thought the pressure was on the offense to stay on the field and move the football. I thought we struggled early in the game doing that. I was hoping that we would be able to run the ball a little bit, but we didn’t. We also didn’t pass protect early in the first half.”

On the turnovers...
“It is not all on [Jerrod Johnson] necessarily. You can’t win a game against anybody turning the ball over like that. Put those on me. We should have had them coached up better and had them be a little bit more cautious on one of them. Their defense made some good plays.”

Quarterback Jerrod Johnson
On the Baylor defense...
“They pretty much did everything that we expected, we just did not execute. They played a great game and had a good scheme, but at the same time I don’t think we executed very well. They played a heck of a game and their guys played hard and they are really athletic. They are a really good defense.”

Tailback Cyrus Gray
On the wind affecting kickoffs...
“It was very tough. [Ben Parks] kind of skied the kicks. We just made some wrong calls getting the returns going. ”

linebacker Matt Featherston
On Robert Griffin...
“He is a good athlete. He is very quick and very strong. We tried to scheme it up so that we had more than one guy on him. Whenever he had one-on-one matchups, we tried to make the best of it, but he did his thing on the ground. He is just a great athlete.”



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