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Nov. 17, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Guy Morriss

"I thought we were flat for the most part. We didn't play with the same energy we played with in the OU game. We weren't consistent enough early. We put ourselves in a hole and they had a lot at stake. We were going to have to red-line it and play with a lot of energy, and for some reason we didn't play really hard."

"He's a good quarterback. He operates their offense pretty well. He has a good cast around him. He doesn't makea lot of mistakes even though we didn't pressure him much."

"We took two sacks on three-step drops and one on a seven man protection. The sack took us out of field goal range. It's very frustrating."

"We have a kicking caravan if you will, a kicking nightmare."

"I had my doubts when we put that in this week, but as we went along, I thought maybe it would work."

"It was a distraction. The kids are hearing it everyday and the coaches are hearing it. You have to put that aside and focus on the last two games. You can't control that, but you can control what you do. What you do is try and focus on the things you have control over. You keep thinking any week now it will click, and it never did. Nobody wants to be fired. Speculation is speculation and I don't deal with speculation."

"I thought we would be further along offensively than we were."

"Whitaker's strong suit is getting in space. He's done a good job making plays once we get him the ball."

• Baylor wide receiver Thomas White:
"I guess I'm just hitting my stride a little bit late this season. I just try to catch the ball and get to the endzone any time I get it. There are times when you get frustrated, but I can definitely say I learned a lot about perseverance, faith and patience through all of this."

"It's just frustrating because we're not winning ballgames. Players aren't executing, we're not making the plays that we need to, and on top of that the added controversy - it's been a hard couple of weeks. Coach has been great. He's always kept our heads up and worked us hard."

"It just comes down to executing. We had opportunities, and we moved the ball well at times. When you get in the red zone you have to get seven. This is the Big 12, and you can't afford to make those kinds of mistakes."

"We've got to have a great off-season. We've got to work harder than we ever have, and we've got to come back ready for war. Nothing is ever going to be handed to us in this conference, and we have a great non-conference schedule next year, so things don't get any easier. Nobody is coming to save us, we've just got to play the kind of football that we're capable of, and we haven't done that for quite some time."

Baylor running back Brandon Whitaker:
"We've had two good weeks of running the ball. The offensive line - I've got to give them all of the glory. The running back gets all of the glory, but the offensive line is the guys who open it up for us. It's bad that it had to come toward the end of the season, but it gives the guys next year something to look forward to, and I think they'll be ready to do the same thing next year."

"Coach tells us to just block the media out and don't worry about what's going on outside of the locker room. When we're on campus we're going to hear stuff, but when we come to the stadium it's time to work, so it really hasn't been that big of a distraction."

"We came into the game with a great gameplan, but we had penalties and turnovers. We probably led the nation in turnovers this year, and you can't win any games like that. As players and as a team, we take more of the blame than anything."

Baylor linebacker Nick Moore:
"It's hard going out with a loss in my last college football game, but I'm still going to keep on trying to push to try to play in the NFL someday."
"He didn't really have too much to say. We didn't have much to be playing for, and we had nothing to lose, so that's pretty much how you have to go about it, like you have nothing to lose -- just have fun and play the game you love to play."

"It's going to be hard next year if we get new coaches. I'm not sure if we will or not, but whether we do or not, our team just has to believe in what the coaches are telling them, and work hard in the off-season. We have the athletes to turn the corner. If we get new coaches the first season might be kind of rough, but I think we can do it over the next few years."

Baylor defensive end Jason Lamb:
"We were coming into this game planning on getting after them a lot better than we did, but it's just really frustrating going on a streak like we did and finishing out the season without a conference win. You can't really do anything about that now, you've just got to start focusing on what's coming up, and start preparing yourself now for what's coming up next year so that we don't repeat these results next year."

"Make more plays, make better plays than we did this year. There were a lot of times when we had some success on both offense and defense, but then we wouldn't stay strong. We'd do something, and then the other team would come back and counter it. We always played hard all game, every game, but we'd just start making mental errors and we'd not stay as focused as we should have. For next year, we've just got to play the whole game like we know how we can play. This whole year, we never played as well as we should have. It's a pretty simple solution, we just have to do it."


• Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy

"This is a good win for us and I am proud of the team. This is a difficult environment for us. When you come down and play a team on their senior day, and in front of a full house, your players really have to rally and step up. They continue to work hard, practice well. I thought our defense did a nice job in the second half. Our ability to rush the football whenever we wanted to run it was the difference in the game. But it was a good win for us, it's nice to be back on a winning track."

"He has done a nice job.I don't know what his numbers are.  He handled the offense very well tonight. I figured he rushed over 100 yards. He's continued to play well for us and he continues to mature each week."

"I told the team, I thought we played good as a group. Our defense gave up a big play before the half. They came back and it was those key third and fourth conversions that we held up on. I thought our defense had a good plan, and our players executed it."

"I am happy we are bowl eligable. Our players are looking forward to playing and getting back to work on Monday. This win makes this week a lot more fun."

• Oklahoma State Defensive Back Perrish Cox:

"I just felt like I was home, like I was on my home field. My family was here, so it felt good."

"Its been our goal, go out in the second half and finish the game. We have been working on it all year long. That was our main focus to finish out the fourth quarter."

"We can breathe again. If it was OU, it would have been a tougher game, but as long as we got the six out of the way we don't just have to focus on it anymore.

• Oklahoma Offensive Lineman Russell Okung:

"It feels great, we are bowl eligible, we are more certain of our future. We got the win, it will motivate us for the next week. We will take all the mistakes, and move on."

"We have OU next week, and we are going to get it. That's the plan. We just have to move on from there."



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