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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2012

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BAYLOR (5-5, 2-5) 52, 2/2/1 KANSAS STATE (10-1, 7-1) 24
NOV. 17, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 38,029

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement:
“It was a lot of fun for a lot of people. We can now check that one off the list. I am very humble and very greatful for our players, first of all, for maintaining their work ethic, belief and hope. That’s the great thing about young people, they are very resilient and tough minded and a lot of times they lead the elders. They pull me along sometimes when I need to be pulled along. The crowd tonight was the most vocal, loud and enthusiastic I’ve seen in my five years at Baylor without question. I am extremely greatful for them and appreciated our student body for their support tonight. It was a great night to be a Baylor Bear. Our players rose to the occasion and our fans rose to the occasion and we got a much needed win to get us to five wins, and now we have to go and finish the job.”

On matching up with Kansas State...
“Well, you know I don’t think we had an advantage, I just think we felt good with our team versus their team. I think what our strengths were and what theirs were and how we matched up with them, that part of it just kind of fell into place. We felt like they beat us last year, and it was a different story this year. We struggled last year and guess what, the tables were turned this year. And the crowd was unbelievable and it affected their play.”

On the team improving...
“It’s getting better, we are getting better. I said it at the press conference, we are a better team than we were a month ago. We are becoming a better football team. We felt good about the way we progressed. Over the last two or three weeks we have been playing good football. We are playing the best football of the season right now. We still have some road blocks ahead of us and the job’s not finished yet.”

On raising up to the opportunity to beat this team...
“You know, I dont think we really rose up, I just think we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing all along and we are just jelling at the right time and we are becoming better. We know what we are doing, we believe in what we are doing, we got good people on the field who know how to play and know how to play at a high level thanks to some things we did last year. We are heading in the right direction.”

  Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On the team wanting this game...
“We have a hungry football team and we matched up really well. And I mean if you dont believe, then get out of the locker room, so you got to believe every game. We have a team full of players that believe that we can win every game we go in to. We believe we are going to get one more win and another win after that because that’s our goal.”

On the team’s performance tonight...
“We know we have a good football team. We hadn’t put it all together and tonight we did against a quality ball club. So it means a lot, but we still have to get one more. Our goal is to win the next two, but we are going to enjoy this tonight.”

On this game making up for the struggles in the Big 12...
“A little bit, but is really going to make up for it is going to win the next two games. This will feel good, it’s a good memory, but what’s really going to feel good is going to a bowl game. That will make up for the four losses in a row and the one last week.”

  Junior Nickleback Ahmad Dixon

On this win against Kansas State tonight...
“They thought they were going to come down here and just roll over us, but we werent about to let that happen, not in our house. We feel like last year we let that game slip away against this team. We wanted to jump on them early and see how they would respond. They haven’t been behind all year so it was good to score on the first drive.”

On playing against Collin Klein...
“Yeah, that was the main thing. We had to keep Klein uncomfortable. If he was comfortable back there, we knew it would be a long night and something that we didn’t want to deal with, especially with a quarterback of his caliber. He’s not a normal quarterback that you see in this league, he has a special gift and we wanted to just make him uncomfortable.”

  Sophomore Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On his 80-yard touchdown run...
“It was the big guys up front. They were amazing all game. Minus the cramps in both legs at times, my big guys up front and wide receivers did their job. I’m so proud of them. They were the only reason I was able to do well.”

  Head Coach Bill Snyder

On Baylor jumping out to an early lead...
“They took the fight to us and I thought we wern’t well enough prepared for it. We struggled on both sides of the ball and I think we were just not prepared, and I take full control on that.”

On the week of preparation leading up to this game...
“I thought we prepared well, but it turns out we didn’t. I don’t think we handled the situation as well as we should have been able to. It had nothing to do with guys not wanting to be successful. They wanted to play well, they wanted to play hard, we just didn’t handle the environment well. We had six penalties in the first half, all on defense, four offsides penalties. That is disappointing. Without discipline, you can play hard, and want to, but you make those kind of mistakes.”

On his message to the team after the loss...
“Well basically that I take responsibility for not having them well prepared and that really the only failures in life are giving up, not trying and not caring. And I would like to think that none of the young people in that room fit that category. We are going to be tremendously disappointed, and the sooner the better that will turn into anger and then it will be time to put this behind us. We still have some opportunities to do some special things.”

  Senior Quarterback Collin Klein

On Baylor’s defense...
“They just executed really well. We knew they were a very god ball club coming in. They just executed better than we did.”

On the mindset after falling behind early for the first time this season...
“It is a position that we haven’t been in, but it is partly our fault on the offensive side for not putting points on the board. Hats off to them. We knew that they were a better football team than what people think.”

On possibly overlooking Baylor’s defense...
“It’s why you play the games. We knew that they were a better ball club than what showed on paper. We just didn’t get it done.”



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