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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Nov. 20, 2011

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25/RV/22 BAYLOR (7-3, 4-3) 45, 5/5/5 OKLAHOMA (8-2, 5-2) 38
NOV. 19, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 40,281

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening statement:
“I’m very humbled, appreciative, thankful, grateful. To go out and see our guys play with such an attitude, such effort, such belief, that’s kind of what it’s all about. The score, the victory, who you beat, who you don’t beat, that all takes care of itself, but when you get guys to perform at a level that gives them the opportunity to really excel athletically and mentally, that’s what makes it worthwhile as a coach and as a player. That’s what I’m most proud of tonight. I’m proud of the way our guys came out and believed and followed. It kind of takes all the things that make you a good person, good man, good husband, good father, and it gives them the opportunity to just play, and they did a great job tonight.”

On the play of the defense:
“Those guys did a great job, Coach Bennett had a great plan. This isn’t his first rodeo, he’s been around awhile. We felt good about our plan on both sides of the ball on Sunday. We got to start watching them, we got to start working on them. We felt like we had set up enough things from an offensive standpoint that we could counteract that tonight. And defensively, we felt like we could, at times, get a little pressure on Landry, you know, hopefully make some plays and maybe shut down the run a little bit, which you have to do. Coach Montgomery did a great job on offense, Coach Bennett on defense.”

On the play of Robert Griffin:
“It’s another day at the office for Robert. He’s been doing that for three or four years. When the ball’s in his hands good things happen because he’s very intelligent, very gifted.“

On the final play:
“Well we had a tie ball game, we had an overtime game. We felt like we could get into it. The problem was we had 51 seconds and no timeouts, they had three timeouts. We knew we had to go 80 yards because they were kicking with the wind, we knew we’d start at the 20. We knew if we ran the ball then they’d call timeout, run the ball again, timeout, run the ball again, timeout. If you’re not making a first down then you’re punting with 42 seconds left and there’s a chance they’re going to get the ball down there on the 40 yard line, make two plays, kick the field goal and then you’re in trouble. We felt like we’d run the ball and see what their plan was, how they were going to play it. Were they going to try to win it in regulation? Were they going to let us go? So we ran it, they called a timeout, there’s 46 seconds left and were second-and-6. And so then we say, ‘ok, we better make some first downs and get this thing out of here, if we can.’ Now if you don’t, you throw an incomplete pass and you’re safe on the timeout, but at least you’re attempting to get the ball down the field and work it. So our position was we were going to try to work our way down the field, see where we could get. Fortunately, Robert scrambled, got to midfield, got out of bounds, then the whole things flips. Then the ball’s in our court and he was able to make an outstanding play right there at the end.”

On believing in signature moments:
“If you have signature moments then when’s your next one going to be? So I don’t want this to be the highlight of our season. I don’t think it should be. I think we can do better things. I think there are better things in front of us. So we need to just keep getting better, keep playing, and then at the end of the year we can hopefully look back and say, ‘hey, that was a pretty good win.’ But, there’s some pretty tough losses in there, too. So that’s why you can’t just get all giddy when you winn, because that other side of the coin is waiting to get you. Fortunatel,y we dodged it tonight and dodged it last week.

Baylor Linebacker Elliot Coffey
On the defense:
“The thing is the offense has piggy-backed us so long this season, and it was time for us to go back and return the favor. I think we went out ther,e we knew what we had to do. Coach Bennett put in a great game and all the coaches across the board. Everybody executed it well and it turned out in our favor.”

On blitzing more tonight than normal:
“I think so, a little bit more. When you have a quarterback like Landry (Jones), you have to get after him and try to shake him up a little bit.”

Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III
On the final 51 seconds:
“The first plan was to get a first down because we knew they had three time outs, and we had none, and they were going to try and get the ball back, expecting us to be conservative. We came back with a pretty aggressive second down play, and we got the first. After that we were just trying to get a field goal range. We started picking up a chunk of yardage and at the very end God works in mysterious ways.”

On the defense:
“You know our defense showed what we’ve been looking for from them all year. It’s just a sturdy defense, not giving up too many big plays and keeping us in the game. They kept us in the game for a long time. Jean-Baptiste was pretty hungry tonight, so he got a few cookies with those sacks.”

Baylor Running Back Terrance Ganaway
On describing the big win:
“You really can’t. I’m excited for our program and our team. I thought we fought well. We had some things that went badly, but we kept fighting ‘til the fourth quarter. Robert Griffin was the best in the game. When the ball is in his hands, expect big things, and he did big things tonight.”

On Robert Griffin and the last 51 seconds:
“He doesn’t have to say anything, we know how Robert feels about it. We know how coach feels about it. We want to win outright.We don’t want to go in even with anyone. We did that tonight. Robert made a great play and Terrance Willaims made a great catch. The defense played really well tonight. I’m just excited for our whole program.”

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops
Opening statement:
“Congratulations to Baylor, they played an excellent football game. In the end, I thought our team came in prepared, we had a really good week of work, we came in ready to play, but at the end of the day, they coached better than we did ,and they played better than we did. We fought back. I never questioned our players’ want to and fight, but in the end, they made a few more big plays than we did, and that’s the difference in the game.”

On impact of offense without Ryan Broyles:
“I thought early on that the penalties and turnovers really had us off balance in the first half, so I wouldn’t just put it on Ryan’s presence or the receivers, but I thought those guys came in there and did a good job overall.”

On Robert Griffin and what Baylor’s offense did to beat OU:
“They (OU’s secondary) didn’t do a good enough job covering. It was more their route-running, and us being unable to cover them. He (Griffin) is an excellent player. I’ve known that for a long time.”

Oklahoma Quarterback Landry Jones
Opening statement:
“We just didn’t play well enough to win. We had too many turnovers and too many penalties. That’s about it.”

On the back and forth momentum swings of the game:
“It kind of went back and forth all night. Baylor’s a good team, and they outplayed us tonight. We got up on them by seven points, but we didn’t make plays in the series after that to start going again. We just kept believing, kept thinking that we were going to come back. Eventually we did, but things happen. We just kept believing and kept fighting.”

How game went with receivers after losing Ryan Broyles for the year:
“I think it went great. We threw and caught pretty well tonight. Kenny played well in the slot. Trey, Jaz, and DeJuan stepped up for us tonight, and our tight ends played well, so everybody played a little bit better, just not good enough to win this one.”

On his responsibility as a leader to keep his team focused:
“We just have to keep playing ball. Our goal to win the Big 12 Championship is still out in front of us, so we are going to work toward that goal right now.”

Oklahoma Linebacker Tom Wort
On offensive success of Baylor:
“They are a good offense and he’s a great player, but we had too many mental busts on the defensive side of the ball. We didn’t do very good in pass coverage, and he’s a great player, but I think we helped him out a lot.”

On disappointment of losing a game like this:
“It’s disappointing when you work as hard as we did the past two weeks, and come out here, not play to the best of our abilities, and lose the game. It’s disappointing, but we will get back to work. Now is not the time to stray away from the process, we still have to do the same thing we’ve been doing. We’ve got two more games to win, now is not the time to let the rest of the season go down the drain.”



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