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Baylor, Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2011

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21/20/18 BAYLOR (8-3, 5-3) 66, TEXAS TECH (5-7, 2-7) 42
Sat., Nov. 26, 2011 - Attendance: 51,615
Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
“These last four weeks have been pretty magical for us as a football team and a university. Starting at Missouri with a three-point win there. Then we go to Kansas and have a comeback that just doesn’t happen in conference games on the road, down 21. Then we had the Sooners coming to town last week and play with a lot of courage and win by seven points. And tonight, it was just a resilient and determined effort. I’m just really thankful to be associated with these players we have on this football team.”

On the team...
"We've been a resilient team all year, and tonight we went through a little spurt there in the third quarter where we really had to fight back. Our guys just really believe, and when you believe in what you’re doing and have a lot of faith and a lot of confidence, you can have a good outcome. So I'm really proud of them."

On Robert Griffin III…
"I think he's going to be fine. It was really a tough deal because we did the right thing. We needed him on the field to win , but at the same time we knew his health was more important."

On Terrance Ganaway and pulling off the redshirt of Nick Florence
"Terrance was unbelievable, and Nick's a real good team player, and that's just the way it worked out. Fortunately, Nick came in and did and good job and maybe he can redshirt next year."

On the decision to sit Robert Griffin III and insert Nick Florence:
“There’s a game left in this season besides the bowl game. He can always redshirt next year. He’s got a redshirt sitting out there and he can be around in 2013. Robert’s situation, he took a good shot right in the face toward the end of the first half. We thought he was OK, and then he got in at halftime and had a little trouble remembering what was going on. And so our medical staff did a great job. And we’re always safety first. That’s why it’s smart for us. That’s why it’s in place. We don’t get involved in those situations.”

On the rushing game:
“Our offensive line was just dominating. They did a tremendous job up front. Ganaway was just extremely tough. There’s not many 242-pound backs in the nation that have the agility and speed that Ganaway has. So we understand that he’s a special back.”

 Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On the play of Nick Florence:
“Nick (Florence) has plenty of experience. He does a great job in practice and he showed it out there on the field tonight.”

On the win:
“We wanted to come out and put the game away early. We couldn’t do that but we still won the game and that is what matters. The win furthers our season that much more and now we get to focus on Texas.”

On the momentum of the program:
“We just feed off of what happened last year. The way that we finished last season wasn’t the way that we wanted to do it so this year we wanted to come out and make sure that we finish the season and we’re doing that right now. We’ve got one more game that we’re promised and obviously we have the bowl game but we’re looking forward to going out against Texas and finishing strong again. You learn from your mistakes in life and we’re definitely doing that.”

 Baylor Defensive Back Joe Williams

On the play of the defense:
“We are just working to get better every day. We work to get better every single day because Coach (Phil) Bennett can’t stress it enough.”

 Running Back Terrance Ganaway

On the play of Nick Florence:
“We have a lot of depth on offense and we have a lot of great players. We didn’t know if (Robert Griffin III) was going to go into the game for the second half and we just backed Nick (Florence) up. Nick practices hard, he plays hard and he is not selfish. He was ready to give up his redshirt the minute he came out there and he helped us win the game.”

On his 246 rushing yards on 42 carries:
“Never would I have thought that we would have that many rushes in a game with Art Briles’ offense. The offensive line played really well today. I like (when the coaches) call my number and tonight they did. It was a great moment for our team and I am just glad that we got the victory.”

 Baylor Quarterback Nick Florence

On his performance:
“It’s a team game and I was ready to step in. I credit the win to the entire team – the offensive line, the running backs, the receivers and the defense. There wasn’t any dropping of heads when (Robert Griffin III) went out of the game. The team believed and it was a team win.”

On the momentum created after his first touchdown pass:
“Throwing that first touchdown pass (to Kendall Wright) was huge. I haven’t played all year and I thought back to two years ago and I just tried to think good thoughts because that is all that you can do in that type of situation. I just had confidence that I had grown as a player and the team had confidence. The first touchdown in the second half brought life to our sideline and belief that we had the game. We weren’t going to let this (game go) because it was our turn and our time to beat Texas Tech.”

  Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Opening statement…
“It pretty much went tonight like it’s gone for the rest of the year. We just haven’t been able to stop anybody on defense and it puts way too much pressure on your offense. We weren’t able to run the ball much tonight to give our defense a break. We made a game of it for about three and a half quarters. We just couldn’t get the right play.”

On the season:
“It’s been a long year. We just need to go out now and start recruiting. We’re short in a lot of areas and we’ve had a lot of interest from a lot of players because they know they can come play at our place pretty early.”

On the delay of game on the defense:
“I had never heard of it before. We were trying to match up, seeing who they had in the game, and they were just coming out, getting lined up and we got a penalty. I’ve got to go read my rule book on that one. They couldn’t explain it to me. It looked like it got personal out there for some reason. We settled down after that. That was tough on us.”

On how to improve the defense:
“We’ve got to go out and we’ve got to do a lot of recruiting. I think it’s pretty obvious. We’re not good enough to outscore people…We’ve got to recruit from every area and we’ve got to recruit some junior college players, and then we’ve got to get some of these guys back that have gone through, and will go through, surgery in the next month…Our linebackers are so young. We’re really not that big at linebacker. We’ve got to add to the defensive line. We’re way undersized. We’re probably the smallest I’ve ever been around, in terms of up the middle.”

On Baylor’s Nick Florence:
“I thought he did a great job. We’ve watched him before. They either ran the ball with him or threw the ball deep. They went after our backup corner, our starting corner got hurt, and were successful. He threw two touchdown passes, two very good ones on the money. We thought we might have a chance when we stopped them in the third quarter on their first drive, and then we didn’t do anything with it. We could never get the lead, and I thought if we could get the lead with him in the game it might put a little bit more pressure on him. They can run it and they can throw it, and we can throw it. That’s pretty much been the difference for us all year long.”



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