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Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 1, 2012

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NR/RV/NR BAYLOR (7-5, 4-5) 41, 24/RV/23 OKLAHOMA STATE (7-5, 5-4) 34
DEC. 1, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 39,203

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
“Congratulations to our football team. What they have accomplished, in my mind, has been a story of heart, belief and attitude and that’s what makes my position so worth while because I get the privilege to hang around people that do extraordinary things and extraordinary effort and that’s hard to do. We have been able to play at a tremendous rate of speed and also stay under control. I think that says a lot about this football team. They have a lot of confidence in what they are doing.”

On Baylor playing it’s best now as opposed to the past...
“We are in the now business. What was, doesnt matter any more. We are in the business of the now and what’s happening right now is that Baylor has a really good brand nationally, and we have a very image as a university - academically and athletically. If people talk about us, I would bet they talk about a university on the rise and that’s reality.”

On the win for seniors against OSU...
“Today was a good win for the seniors and to get our seventh of the season. But really today was about getting respect. When we are standing on the street corner, we have to find room and we have not done that with OSU.”

On the crowds effort today...
“I thought our fans were tremendous today. When Eddie Lackey got the interception, I thought it really ignited the crowd, and from then on we knew it was going to be a game. No game in the Big 12 is easy, and you aren’t happy until the last seconds run off the clock and you are ahead by a point.”

  Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On Seastrunk’s TD run in the fourth quarter...
“It’s inspiring. All summer long we are up on him on finishing. We were always yelling at him to finish plays and he hated us for it, but thats why we do that. I think if we let those things slide, he doesnt finish that run right there. For someone to cramp like that, and finish, was inspiring.”

On the locker room after the game...
“That’s the way you want any locker room to be after a win. It was a great way to go out tonight. It’s been an honor and a privilege to play here and be a part of this team over the last four years. I love these guys, and I’d do anything for them and they’d do anything for me. We have a family here and that’s wy we have done so well over the last five weeks.”

On the fourth and one call...
“I thought it was close. The ref to my left didn’t have it and the ref to my right had it. It’s their job and that’s what they do. They have to make the call and they are under a lot of pressure. It is what it is, but from my angle I always think I have it.”

  Junior Nickleback Ahmad Dixon

On how this season has gone...
“Yeah, we wish things had been going this way at the beginning of the year, but you cant change the past. Honestly, I am greatful that things turned out the way it has. We have built a strong bond amongst each other as a whole team. There were times when guys were down, but now guys just focus on wanting to be better. I wouldn’t trade this season for the world.”

On the defensive effort against OSU...
“Yeah, this team can put up a lot of points on you if you sit back and let them. But to hold them to 34 points was outstanding, and the way our defense has been playing since the Kansas game, and with the play of Eddie Lackey, it makes the rest of it easy on the defense.”

  Sophomore Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On his 76-yard touchdown run…
“It was all God. I knew that it was bigger than me. It was all for my family. I’ve been praying and praying and for me to go through what I have gone through these last two years, no one will understand what I have to endure. Going from not playing for two years to just sitting there and watching everyone else play, God still had my back. Everyone gave up on me except my family and Coach Briles. I’m so happy to be here because the support system that I have sat with me when I wasn’t able to play.”

On his cramp during the last 30 yards of the touchdown run…
“I just laid there in the end zone when I got there. It felt like I was in Call of Duty and someone sniped me. It didn’t feel like a pull because with a pull you can’t pick your leg up. I didn’t feel done. I was still picking up my leg. Just like the coaches tell me, I have a lot of muscle, so I have to do extra precautions to make sure that I don’t get hurt.”

  Senior Safety Mike Hicks

On beating OSU on senior day...
“It’s very big and a really good feeling. Our seniors who have been through this program had this win coming to them. We have been through thick and thin and we made history this year by going to three-straight bowls. It’s a lot of fun.”

On playing your best football at the end of the season...
“Any time we can get a win there is momentum for us. Winning the last 4-out-of-5 has been really good and gives us that momentum we need going into the bowl season.”

  Junior Wide Receiver Tevin Reese

On his touchdown…
“It was great scheming by the offensive coaching staff. Nick (Florence) went up to run and the defenders pulled up so I snuck right behind them. Nick threw a perfect pass and I tried to get to the end zone as quickly as I possibly could. It was a big momentum shift. Anytime we score, it is a momentum shift. Every team in the Big 12 has explosive offenses. Anytime we have the ball we need to score, so I saw that as a big momentum shift.”

On Lache Seastrunk’s touchdown…
“We really needed it. It was a great play, but I saw that all three years of high school when we played together. Everyone saw that as a great run, but I saw it as normal Lache to me. He is a great running back, so every play he makes is a great play to me. When he pulled up, by the way he ran, it looked like he pulled a muscle. I started running faster after him to see if I could get him into the end zone. Then he started running again and I thought ‘This is ridiculous.’ That guy is something else. It was an inspiring play. Seeing someone cramp up 30 yards out and still score really inspired the whole football team.”

  Head Coach Mike Gundy

Opening statement...
“In order to be a good football team, like we have been over the past few years, you have to be able to win on the road. That comes with experience and maturity, and we did not have that today.”

On having a hangover from last week’s game...
“I would hate to hang my head on that. I thought the same thing in the fourth quarter. Then I got to thinking that I do not really see it that way. I do not think there was a hangover. If there was, it was my fault because that is my responsibility. I thought we practiced well. I am not able to hang my hat on that because I do not think that was a factor.”

On battling back after today’s loss...
“I think our guys are fine. I just think there is parity in this league. I continue to mention that. There are no gimme’s in this league, for the most part. When that happens, there is a battle week to week and you are going to see more teams that finish in that 6, 7, 8-win category and not as many in that 10-11 category. I do not know anything other than that is probably what the future is in this league.”

On heading into the bowl season...
“I do not have a clue how it will all fall. I have never looked at that. Somebody will make the decision on where we go. Wherever the destination is, these guys deserve that time and an opportunity to be around each other and spend the week together. It is hard for me to predict any of that.”

  Quarterback Clint Chelf

On Baylor’s first interception...
“It was a tough play. Their linebacker made a good play. I underthrew it and did not get it out far enough in front of Josh, and that is what is going to happen when you make bad throws.”

On Baylor’s defensive pressure...
“I am sure their coaches watched last week. They went cover-zero a lot against us and brought a lot of guys. They had a good plan. I did not make enough plays when they brought a lot of people, so they kept doing it.”

On bouncing back in the second half...
“I know that all of the guys felt that we could score in a quick fashion. We felt that we could keep going, we just needed a couple of breaks and we did not get them.”

  Linebacker Alex Elkins

On the defensive struggle during the game...
“We gave up big plays because we were not in the right positions. Whenever you make mental errors like that and they capitalize, that is what is going to happen.”

On losing two games in a row...
“It is another game and it is over for me. I feel just like I feel any week. I have got to get ready for the next opponent.”

On playing on the road...
“The Big 12 is so much competition that anything could happen any week. You saw Baylor knock off number one. It is really a week-to-week basis and you cannot look at it any different than that. They got the best of us this week. That is just the game we play.”



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