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Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Dec. 3, 2011

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19/18/17 BAYLOR (9-3, 6-3) 48, RV/RV/22 TEXAS (7-5, 4-5) 24
DEC. 3, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 46,543

  Head Coach Art Briles

On this win against Texas as a birthday present…
“All birthdays now are good, quite honestly. So for a variety of reasons it’s very humbling, and I feel very blessed especially with it being my birthday, Coach (Phil) Bennett’s and Elliot Coffey’s, and just knowing that I have lived this long. So that’s an event in my lifetime, so I’m proud of that.”

On Texas’s turnovers...
“I really think the key to the game was how we withstood their 21-point surge. We didn’t panic. You look up and there’s 7:40 left in the second quarter and it’s a seven-point game. It’s 21-14 them, but it’s a seven-point game and it’s not even halfway through the second quarter. We have a very mature football team. We have men. Those men are not going to panic. They not going to start hugging and kissing when we go up 14-0 because we realize there’s a lot of time left. We dont’ start pouting because we go down 21-14. It’s a 60-minute game. Our guys want to play 60 minutes. Our defense did an outstanding job forcing over turnovers anytime it was critical, but in a game of this magnitude, it’s even more so. They did a good job putting us in position. I think we held them to three points in the second half, which is a tribute to Coach Bennett and the defensive side over there. We were able to capitalize on some of the turnovers offensively. We had some big plays on offense.”

On answering at the end of the first half...
“It’s critical. We came back with 10 unanswered points, so that part, I think, shows a lot of maturity. Three years ago, four years ago, I don’t know what would’ve happened if we had gotten ahead of Texas 14-0. People would have been checking the score to see if it’s right. It’s not that way anymore. That’s a good thing. So that’s kind of where we are at right now.”

On Terrance Ganaway breaking the single season rushing record...
“I’m proud of him for the way he has handled himself. Terrance is a man. He is 23 years old, he’s been five years out. He’s been to a JC, he’s been to two division 1A schools. He’s a full grown man , and he is acting like one.”

On Robert’s performance tonight in relation to the Heisman...
“I think he’s done enough this season to win a Heisman. I don’t think it comes down to one day. I think it certainly helped him today without a doubt, but when I think you judge somebody, you judge them over the long run, not the short run. His long run has been very impressive this year.”

 Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On hearing the fans chant “Heisman”...
“We could be wrong, but we felt like if we came out and got a victory, then we should win the Heisman. It’s not just about me, it’s about all of Baylor Nation. I don’t know if you can say we deserve it, but it would definitely be warranted.”

On getting contributions from teammates...
"I feel we have a great team now. It’s not just a great offense. Our defense is very opportunistic. They came up with a lot of turnovers. There for a second, it looked like it was going to be a pretty close game. Then getting us the ball helped us extend our lead. It was a great win. Everybody is doing a great job. I can’t say I would be able to do any of this without Terrance Ganaway.”

 Baylor Running Back Terrance Ganaway

On being the Baylor all-time single-season rushing record holder...
“Yesterday I was coming up to the stadium, and the best way to put it is that I’m not up on the stadium billboard, but I’m behind Danny Watkins. That just lets you know that the offensive line plays a big role in that. Without them, without God and good teammates, none of that is possible. It feels good, but it’s definitely a team award.”

On the Texas defense...
“A lot of times teams think that they have a really good defense, and they really win the game because of what’s on their chest. When you and your offensive line are not afraid to get what’s their’s, it’s real easy when I get the ball and I’m breaking arm tackles. The offensive line played a great game tonight.”

 Baylor Linebacker Elliot Coffey

On Baylor’s second half defense...
“It’s just going in at halftime and making those changes, little stuff that was just tripping us up. Coach Bennett, the guy is a guru. He went there, picked it up, broke it apart, and said ‘Do this like this, and this like this.’” The rest played out like it did.

On making second half adjustments...
“We have figured out a way, that if we do make a mistake, to change them at halftime and it has helped us.”

 Baylor Wide Receiver Kendall Wright

On completing long passes against the Texas defense...
“They manned us up and we pride ourselves (in our speed.) We take offense when they man us up. We hit them over the top and put up points early.”

On Robert Griffin’s Heisman chances...
“I felt like before this game he did enough the whole season to win the Heisman. It’s not just this game. He’s been doing this all season.”

  Head Coach Mack Brown

Opening statement…
"Give Baylor a lot of credit, they came ready to play and played really well. Robert Griffin III is a great player. I think we have four out of the top five quarterbacks in the country this year. All of them should be considered for the Heisman because they are all really good. Obviously, we moved the ball better tonight than we have been, but we turned the ball over five times. We can't do that. Our five turnovers led to 27 points for them, which got us out of the ballgame. Also, we had too many penalties. We thought we had to take care of the ball and force some turnovers. We only forced one, and we had to be on the lower end of the penalties to win the ballgame.”
On the play of Texas' defense…
“I don't think we played well on defense. We gave up some big plays, which is something we haven't been doing. We haven't forced enough turnovers this year. We forced the one in the endzone, but we didn't force them off the field, and that's something you have to do against this bunch. They play much better at home, in Waco, than they play on the road, and they didn't turn the ball over but the one time tonight. I thought we were going to be in a shootout. At halftime we had 45 plays for 336 yards, so I thought we were going to win the game at halftime."
On frustration of losing a game like that…
"It's real frustrating. You're not going to win football games when you turn the ball over five times; anywhere, anyhow."
On the impact of constant injuries to the running backs in the past four weeks…
"I think the injuries to our running backs the last four games really hurt, because it's who we became. The passing game grew up tonight. You can see what the Boise State, Bryan Harsin, offense is going to be like if you combine the passing tonight, take away the turnovers and run like we did at midseason. We'll have a chance to be really good, and that's what we've got to do."

 Texas Quarterback Case McCoy

On trying to keep up with Baylor's offense…
"I think we knew coming in it would be a shootout. We knew we were going to have to run with them the whole game."
On committing too many turnovers…
“We can't turn the ball over and that's what we did. That's just a part of the game and something that we can't do. ”
On the momentum swings that happened during the game…
"That's the game of football, we all know that. It's a game of momentum, and we gained a lot of momentum, but I thought we kept fighting. We kept getting down. We would throw an interception or fumble, but those are things that we can fix and we need to execute better."

 Texas Linebacker Keenan Robinson

On the impact Baylor's offense had on this game…
"I feel like we missed a couple of assignments. Our coaches were talking to our defensive backs and trying to fix that. So, there were a couple of good plays they had because of us, and couple on their end, because they are good players."
On if Robert Griffin III is worthy of the Heisman…
"I think he is. Tonight he showed that and played great against a great defense. He did his job. He did just enough to beat us. He scored 48 points on us, so I think he is."



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