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Jan. 11, 2012

  Head Coach Art Briles

"It's such an honor to be able to introduce not only an outstanding football player, but an outstanding individual in all facets of everyday life. We have been very privileged with Robert (Griffin III) being our quarterback the last four years and even more privileged with him being a family member. It gives me a lot of honor to introduce RG3."

On his feelings surrounding the decision...
"It's like I told Robert (Griffin III), don't go chase that dream, go catch it. It's a day of celebration in my mind because of all that he's been and stood for, for Baylor University, our football program and athletics in general. It's a very special time. He's done a lot, I mean, 10 wins for the second time in a 110 year history, Heisman Trophy winner, every award that's imaginable in college football. He's ready. It's time and he has all the blessings of our football team and our coaching staff. I mean, I've got a new favorite NFL football team come this spring."

On how he expects the team to respond next year...
"Personally, I don't think I can answer that truthfully because you never know what's going to happen until you live through something. I know how they're responding to Robert (Griffin III) right now as a teammate and person. They are full of support and really honored and thrilled to be associated with him. What we'll do is approach this spring and this summer and fall just like we would any spring summer and fall. We'll be working on our weaknesses to become better human beings off the field, which translates to better players. We'll continue our goal, which is to continue our climb and the drive. We've done some special things and Robert has certainly let us do some special things, but there's still a lot more out there that we are wanting to grasp."

On whether this press conference is a good thing...
"You know, honestly, back in the summer I got to thinking about if this day would come and what I was thinking was if Robert's projected to be a top 10 draft pick, and if he has the option to go out with that projection, that means, first of all, he's had a great season, stayed healthy and done a great job. And as a football team we've had a great year because that doesn't happen unless those other things happen prior to that. All that's come to reality, I mean, he's had an outstanding season that is pretty much unparalleled. I can think of two or three people in the last couple of decades that might parallel his season. Also, we've had an outstanding football season as a team. It just all escalates and leads to this, like I said, it's a big celebration. I'm excited. I'm happy. I'm happy for Robert (Griffin III) because of the way he's conducted himself for four years and now he's got fun of it."

On the quarterback battle for next year...
"I think, right now, Nick (Florence) would have to be the guy that would start. We've stayed pretty quarterback-light the last couple of years for a couple of reasons, so we have to catch up in the recruiting world on that, but we'll take care of business and, like Robert (Griffin III) said, we've got a couple of guys on campus that are good football players. They'll get in there and fight tooth and nail for the job because the expectations are there now."

Robert Griffin III

Opening statement...
"I'd like to tip my hat to all of Baylor nation, because from the day that I received a standing ovation when I stepped on the field at Floyd Casey for the first time, to watching the balloons and confetti fall at the Alamo Bowl, my experience at Baylor has been a special one. The rebuilding of a foundation and expectations of excellence at Baylor University has never been an easy job, and I say job but it was really our duty as a team to do that. Some jobs can be perceived as something that you have to do, something you're required to do, of course when you sign an athletic scholarship you're required to do many things. But it has been our duty because it takes more than a group of guys doing what we're required to do to do what we did here at Baylor University during my time here. It takes a group of guys that understand what they have to do, to understand that they have to go above and beyond to acquire what is ahead of us. We definitely brought a lot of excitement here to Baylor. It's been a wonderful time for our fans and faculty. I'm proud to say that I'm one of those guys, one of those guys that fought, day in and day out, from 2008 to 2011. Of course I could throw out a bunch of names of great players that have been here, but we all know that everybody had a part in what was achieved here at Baylor University. Like I said before, we got to the heights, here at Baylor University, that we haven't seen in a long time. But the climb isn't over. And I urge all of Baylor nation to continue to rise up and show support for the Baylor Bears because my brothers, my teammates, that I just finished meeting with, they benefit so significantly from the support that is going to pour out this upcoming season. I'd just like to say, I will always be a Baylor Bear, no matter what. And I've seen my teammates grow, as men and as football players in my time here at Baylor. And I want to thank everybody from the teachers and the students to the equipment managers and the trainers for allowing me to have a great experience here at Baylor. And I pray that I have the blessing of my teammates and my coaches as I move on to the NFL."

On the driving force behind his decision...
"I don't know, it's been tough. I thought I wouldn't break down today but I did, and coach saw me. And I talked to the team and told them my decision, because I wanted to tell them before I told anybody else. And it's just a tough decision. I love the people at this university. I love my coach for giving me the chance to be a quarterback and do the things that we've done. I don't know if I could point out one specific thing, but during the bowl game I broke down and started crying, and my gut was telling me it was time to go."

On when he came to his decision...
"I talked to coach on Monday and couldn't come up with a decision, and then I talked to him again yesterday. And just after sitting down with my parents and my fiance, just really thinking about it, at the end of the day it was my decision, and we made that yesterday. I just talked to coach, and neither one of us broke down. We just talked about if for five minutes and then talked about other things for 30 minutes because that's just the way we are. So I told him yesterday."

On the mental side of the game and how he believes that will help in in the NFL...
If you can think clearly, it can help you do anything in life, so I try to take that approach in everything that I do. Take the competiveness on the field and make it apply off the field, in the classroom and things like that, and at the next level the classroom is film and things like that. Coach Briles has helped me get a lot better at watching film, studying the game and just being a student of the game, and that's helped me become a better player. So at the next level, it doesn't matter what type of offense it is, pro-style, spread, I'm looking forward to learning a new one and hopefully throwing in some wrinkles everywhere."

On the support of his family...
"My parents wanted me to know that it's my decision at the end of the day. I'm the one who has to live with it. And they have been supportive, my fiance, and anybody else who I've encountered with about this issue. So nobody has really pressured me to leave or stay, because that's not the right way to go. I just took everything that I could and worked with it and came up to that decision."

On the influence his education had on his decision...
"I'll finish my masters. I'm in my thesis program and have no classes but I do have a fairly large paper to write. But it will be ok. I'll be able to finish that either this spring or this summer sometime, so that's not a problem. And as far as education goes, a lot of the advice that I got was if I hadn't graduated and wasn't in grad school then you come back and finish school, because football is not forever. But because I did graduate and was about to get my second or third degree, it makes that decision a lot more tough. So it played a part, but it didn't play a huge part. It wasn't like `oh I graduated, so I'm going to leave.' It wasn't that type of decision."

On the importance of leaving the program on a high note and the program next year...
"You know, obviously it was nice to do that and I can honestly say the rebuilding process is still happening. I mean, coach Briles and the guys who have helped build this program are still here. I don't want to say the team I'm leaving behind, but they're going to come out next year and it's going to be a great team with a lot of talent. We've got a lot of great minds and that's going to put them in a great position to make plays and I don't feel like this team will drop off at all. I guess you could say I'm a little biased because I'm an inside man, but I think both quarterbacks, Nick (Florence) and Bryce (Petty) are great players in my mind and the guys they have around them, offensive line, receivers, running backs, they're going do a great job and it's only going to get better with coach Bennett and his work with the defense. I don't see a fall off happening at all, but of course I'm not the guy publishing the rankings or saying who's good or who's not, but those guys in that locker room determine how good they are going to be and I think they'll be good."

On his memories of Baylor and central Texas...
"Well, I'll probably still come back to central Texas, but you know, it's been great. The family atmosphere that's been created for me, wherever you feel like you're embraced that's a place you need to be at for a while and I've definitely appreciated my time here at Baylor. The fondest memories I have on the field are probably not memories you would think. My favorite play from the bowl game was the block I was able to throw for (Jarred) Salubi, not the touchdown to run or anything like that. We always say it's about doing other things for other people. The opportunity to go to friends for life was a great time in my life. It's been great to see this place grow. This building (Simpson Athletic and Academic Center) was not here when I or coach Briles got here. We've built this, we may have a stadium on campus, I mean, I've sean a lot of buildings go up and a lot of buildings go down. Taking it all into account, there's probably not one thing I could pinpoint as my favorite memory."



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