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Art Briles Signing Day Quotes

Feb. 3, 2010

Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement…
“Last year’s recruiting class was kind of about the offensive line and the receivers. This year the strength of the class is definitely the defense. Top to bottom this is a class that really fills a lot of needs for us. We feel real good about the way that the numbers fell for us this year. We feel good about all of these guys getting on campus and getting (ready for summer workouts).”

On the late additions to the defensive line…
“I would definitely classify this as a late run with hopefully with some intelligence involved. What you never want to do is to do something just to do something. That is why we held back a scholarship or two this year because we are worried about quality over quantity. If there was someone that came in and said ‘I’ll give you this for that’ I would say ‘No, I want to keep this.’ We like who we have and we feel good about them. They are going to be productive for us collectively and individually.”

On Sean Watson…
“We found out about him just watching some tape on him in house. Sean was a target guy. We weren’t sure if we could get in on him for a variety of reasons because he had some pretty good offers with him. We kind of backed off and just stayed out of the picture before we got back in with him a few weeks ago. Things just worked out. (The recruiting process) went all the way up into (Tuesday) night because Florida State was calling him. That was a good thing. We felt good about that with him saying that he was going to come to Baylor and stay with Baylor. He is going to be a great addition to us. He is mobile and he has enough size, and that is what counts in the Big 12 South.”

On Robert Griffin and the depth at the quarterback position…
“(Robert’s injury) slows (the recruiting process at quarterback) down without a doubt and that is why we are pretty selective. Honestly, we are a little quarterback heavy right now on scholarship, more so than we have ever been. I like to keep three (scholarship quarterbacks), maybe four max. We are going to be a little heavy for a year or two. The thing about it is that all of them are still young. It’s not like we are going to lose two of them next year. The oldest guy that we have on campus right now is Robert Griffin. We are all just going to grow and mature together and see where it all ends up.”

On the ranking of the recruiting class…
“What it says is that we have a staff that understands recruiting, relationships and perception, which is vital in the recruiting world. We also have a staff that knows how to evaluate talent or lack thereof. What our University is doing and what we are in the process of doing is altering images and our image to the public and how the public perceives Baylor as a football program in the Big 12 South. As that image improves, which it is, it is only going to keep getting better.”



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