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2013 Signing Day Quotes

Feb. 6, 2013

Head coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
“I am tremendously blessed and grateful and excited day for Baylor Nation and football in particular. The thing that has been encouraging about our tenure here is that you keep looking forward first and you keep trying to build first and you want the first to get tougher and tougher as you go along because that means your program is elevating. Just in recruiting in general, the difference in the depth of classes, with the quality of student-athlete now as opposed to our first recruiting class six years ago, which had some outstanding student-athletes in it. I am just going to throw out Robert Griffin III and Kendall Wright, but the depth of these classes and the image of Baylor is certainly at a different level now than what we have seen it since our tenure has been here at Baylor University. A lot of that I think is due without question to the leadership of this university from the Board of Regents on down through Ian McCaw, Athletic Director, and the proactiveness that we are taking. I would dare to say that there is no university in the United States that has more construction going on, or planned [construction], than Baylor has right now at this moment. In today’s world all of that is critical because people want to be around things that are active, and I have always said when you are through changing you are through. So we are always going to be trying to make this the best university in the United States of America for student-athletes, bottom line, and if we are not doing that than we are cheating them an opportunity to excel to their highest level, and that is something that I will never do. Once again, very heavy in Texas without question because we certainly feel like it is the best football in the United States of America at the high school level, so we are always going to stay within the state as much as possible. Defensively, we found some tremendous players; special players that are really going to help us depth-wise, special teams and all those areas over the next couple of years. I think we will definitely see a tremendous boost in the kind of depth we are getting on the defensive side of the ball. And then offensively we hit some big time guys. Just a quick break down I honestly believe we signed the strongest high school football player in the United States of America with Andrew Billings. I think it is non-debatable when you look at facts. [Billings] committing to stay at Baylor is a tremendous boost for our university, for Baylor, for Waco and for Central Texas. For anybody who yawns and kicks their feet up, they need to get real because it’s a huge, huge signee and I would put it in the same category as RGIII and Ahmad Dixon because of what it means to Central Texas and the city of Waco and to Baylor University. I am proud that he made such a great decision to come to Baylor and continue his education and football career right here. We probably, in my mind, got the best receiver in the United States of America in Robbie Rhodes. I don’t know how you could be any better, to be that big, that fast, have such great hands and to be able to track the ball like he does with such passion and energy and drive and be such a complete student-athlete. That is another first I think that we hit. First the strongest man, first the best receiver in the United States and probably the fastest guy in the United States with Kyle Fulks in the 100 and possibly the 200. I think that he would rival anybody right now in the nation that plays football. Those are all things that certainly say a lot about this class.”



On Andrew Billings and the reaction the staff had when he signed:
“It is like I told Andrew I felt like I was 40 again. It was pandemonium and it was really a lot of fun for us because we put a lot of long hours. There is a certain degree of stress level involved, but it was certainly a relief when Andrew decided to come here. He is an impact player. The thing about D-linemen is that in the state of Texas this year, we thought that there were three or four legit D-lineman, interior guys that could go play next year. Andrew is one of them. That is how tough it is to be that good at this position and that is how hard it is to find guys who are ready to play at this position. As crazy as it sounds, you can find a quarterback easier than you can find a D-tackle. That is just the way the world works. It is critical and he is a guy who certainly has a chance to be an impact player right now.”

On quarterback signee Chris Johnson:
“We have always loved Chris. He was the number two or three dual threat quarterback in the nation coming in. He has so much untapped potential. The first camp he came to was a little bit of a struggle for him, but when he showed up for the second one he was a completely different person.”

On freshmen players making an immediate impact:
“We would certainly like to think that two or three players on defense and two or three players on offense can make an impact, but only time will tell. We definitely have some guys that are capable of starting right away.”

On running back signee Johnny Jefferson:
“He can do it all. He kind of reminds me of Glasco [Martin] coming out of high school. He runs out of the wildcat and can line up at receiver as well. We think he is a very good football player, as did many other colleges in America.”

On linebacker signee Brian Nance:
“We are just happy to have him. He has been through a lot and I am proud of him for getting here. All that matters now is that he is a freshman. His journey is just beginning. He is a very talented guy with a lot of potential who has a great chance to make an impact.”

On offensive lineman signee Maurice Porter:
“Maurice [Porter] is a 17 year old kid who is 6-5 and weighs 292 pounds. He has a gigantic upside. He will continue the long trend of NFL talented guys on the line since my 2003 year in Houston.”

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