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Baylor Pro Day Quotes

 Head Coach Art Briles

On how having the younger players watch helps prepare them for the future:
"Reality has some realism to it. What they are seeing is every NFL team here. They are seeing our guys get drafted and have opportunities to play on Sunday. As much as you would like to say that is not the reason they are in it, let's be real about it they want to play in the league. Now there are some steps along the way that we would like for them to accomplish, which is being a good citizen and get a college degree. At the end of the day, if they are a football player this is the defining moment for them."

On how the quality of guys they have put into the draft in recent years has affected the program:
"Terrance Williams has just been unbelievable by his attitude and his practice effort. The thing I have always thought as a coach is when you evaluate someone you evaluate them on practice. I like to watch guys practice in high school and if I am an NFL guy I am going to watch a guy practice because that is how you tell about somebody. Everyone is ready on game day, but what are you doing on Tuesday afternoon at 4'oclock. That is the great thing about Terrance, he has been a great practice player all the way through and hopefully it will pay off for him and he will get his picture up here on the wall like these other first rounders."

On the difference of this pro day versus last year's pro day:
"It wasn't as hyped, but that's understandable when you had a Heisman Trophy winner who is going to be the second pick of the draft. This is still just as vitally important to our players, and there is a chance we will have three or four, hopefully even more, be drafted this year. There is an opportunity for a lot of these guys to get picked up and drafted in April."

Wide Receiver Terrance Williams

On how he felt like he performed:
"Finally I got a chance to show that I can run routes, and I took a great deal of pride in trying to do that. I think I did a great job of just taking it one route at a time and just running."

On if it bothered him about critics saying he may not be able to run routes:
"Yeah, I mean it bothered me, but I couldn't let it bring me down. I had to just continue to work out and continue to get better and better, and I thought today I came out and showed the best of my ability."

On not running the 40:
"Certain teams told me not to run it again and that they wanted me to just to do my routes, so that is what I took my pride in. I was doing routes three times a day just to get better, and I thought today I did a great job."

On where he thinks he will go in the draft:
"I really don't know, but I am not trying to think about that. I am just trying to keep my spirits high and continue to be me and not change the way I am."

Wide Receiver Lanear Sampson

On his performance this afternoon:
“I felt like it was a great day not only for me, but for everybody on the team. I’m thankful for Nick (Florence) for coming out and throwing for us. I just felt like it was a great day.”

On getting the opportunity to get more attention from Pro Day:
“I felt like it was good, especially for me. Having Terrence (Williams) out here, he’s the big shot. I kinda like it like that. I felt like it was very important for me to do well for the scouts.”

On what role he can provide for an NFL team:
“I can be either a possession receiver or a speed guy. Most likely I will probably start in the slot because of my height. Whichever team picks me up and wherever they want me to play, I’m there.”

On his experience at the NFL combine:
“It was a great experience. You see the combine on TV, but you don’t know all of the other things that come with it. At the same time you have other players from other teams across the country there, and it makes it a lot of fun. It’s a great experience, for sure. There were some great players there that we had played against along with the best in the nation. We just had a lot of fun.”

Defensive Back Chance Casey

On how he thought he did:
"It was a good day. There is always stuff you wish you could go back and do a little bit better. Overall, I thought it was a good day. I felt smooth. It felt good."

On his PRs in the vertical and broad jump:
"40.5 on the vert and 10.4 on the broad. Both of them shocked me. There was a day when they told me I jumped 40 and I didn't believe it, and then today when I jumped 40.5."

On if he helped himself today:
"I believe so. I felt like I was way under the radar, and I felt like this put me on the radar of a few teams. I had a couple of scouts come talk to me."

Defensive End Gary Mason, Jr.

On his performance today:
"I was up to par today. Some spots could've been better, but I'm happy overall with what I have done today. I feel good about it."

On his possible future in the NFL:
"I have talked to some scouts, but we haven't talked about anything like that yet. We just have talked football. Just personality things like that. Hopefully I will get a couple of calls after today, and we'll see where I end up from here."

Offensive Lineman Ivory Wade

On Pro Day overall:
"I thought it went well. I need to work on my footwork a little bit, but other than that I think I did very well today."

On the history of Baylor linemen being drafted:
"I have a lot of motivation. I look up and see their pictures and of course I want to be like them, but I'm my own person. Hopefully somebody picks me up and likes me for who I am. (The drafted linemen) bring a lot of attention to this team."

On his future in the NFL:
"I haven't heard much. It doesn't bother me though. I'm just letting things happen and will see what happens. I haven't looked up anything, heard anything or anything like that. It's in God's hands."

Linebacker Elliot Coffey

On coming back to Baylor for Pro Day:
"It was great getting to run around with this air. I stayed around in Denver even after I got released just working out and living up there. So it is great to be back and breathe, see familiar faces and talk to the coaches. They always embrace me so warmly here that I love coming back. It was great to see everyone and catch up."

On the difference from last year's Pro Day:
"It's funny because I always show up the year after crazy stuff happens. I came into Denver right after (Tim) Tebow left town so it was a circus. It was nice to have a calmer atmosphere here. I'm already hyped and I've got the butterflies in my stomach. Just having a calm atmosphere helped me go out and perform and do what it is that I do."

On what he wanted to show today:
"I wanted to show that I was healthy, physically fit and that I am strong, fast and ready to make a roster."



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