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Football Wraps Up Spring With Final Spring Scrimmage

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WACO, Texas - Quarterback Robert Griffin III threw for 266 yards and a pair of touchdowns and led the first-team offense to three other scores as the Baylor football team wrapped up its four-week spring training session with a spring scrimmage at the Highers Athletics Complex that attracted an estimated crowd of 3,500.

"I think we lost a little bit of our energy as the scrimmage went on today, but that's to be expected," said fourth-year head coach Art Briles. "This was our eighth workout in 10 days, so that's going to add up a little as you go along. The crowd was good, the energy was good, and it was a great atmosphere for our recruits."

Griffin and back-up quarterbacks Nick Florence and Bryce Petty combined to throw for 587 yards and four touchdowns and threw to 17 different receivers. Showing the firepower on offense, eight different receivers had at least four catches for the day.

Terrance Williams led the way with nine catches for 123 yards and two TDs. Josh Gordon hauled in seven for 69 yards, while Darius Jones and Levi Norwood had five apiece and Kendall Wright (4-91, TD), Antwan Goodley, Tevin Reese and Lanear Sampson each had four.

"It's what you do with it when you get it, that's the most important thing," Briles said. "When you get an opportunity to make a play, you better make a play, because we've got some other people that can."

Much like last year, when five different receivers finished with at least 40 catches, Griffin III said it's his job to spread the ball around.

"All those guys could be a star somewhere else, but we're lucky to have them on our campus," said Griffin III, who was an efficient 21-of-26 passing. "I'll spread the ball around like I did last year. When they get their chance to make plays, they'll make them, and that will make us that much better.'

One of the highlights of the scrimmage, which was televised live, came on the final play of the first half. Griffin III scrambled out of the pocket, rolled to his right and then heaved a 50-yard TD pass to Kendall Wright in the back of the end zone.

"Once I saw Kendall continue to run, I knew I had him," Griffin III said. "Kendall is fast and can run by anybody he wants to."

Wright took off his pads and sat out the rest of the scrimmage.

"That guy's got a chance to be the best receiver in the nation," Briles said. "We don't need him to get out here and make everybody stand up and holler on an afternoon in April."

Griffin III also found inside receiver Tevin Reese on a quick hitter that the sophomore-to-be turned into a 45-yard sprint, led drives for TD runs of 6 and 18 yards by Terrance Ganaway and Jarred Salubi, respectively and also engineered a march that ended in a 50-yard field goal by Aaron "Stork" Jones.

"We'll be quite a bit different in the fall, offensively, as compared to what we were out here today," Briles said, "because we realize it's a live telecast and people can get their hands on it. So we kind of filtered down a little bit, but (in the fall) we'll be pumped and ready to go."

The defense, under first-year coordinator Phil Bennett, also had its moments. Defensive end Zac Scotton had two of the team's five sacks, while defensive tackle Sean Watson led the way with six tackles overall.

"We've got to make (opposing offenses) earn everything they get and make them know you're going to line up right and be physical and that nothing's going to be given to them," Bennett said. "During the last seven practices, I've been tickled to death. I really thought we made some good strikes. I told them we can be anything we want. There are no limitations."

The Bears, coming off a 7-6 finish and their first bowl game in 16 years, will open the 2011 season on Sept. 3 with a home game against defending Rose Bowl champion TCU.


General thoughts about the scrimmage:
"(We're) healthy is the main thing. Everybody that's in the huddle will be ready to go against TCU, and that was kind of our plan when we started back in late February. We felt good about the way it progressed. I think we lost a little bit of our energy as the scrimmage went on today, but that's to be expected. It's our eighth workout in the last 10 days. So that's going to add up a little as you go along. The crowd was good, the energy was good. It was a great atmosphere for our recruits. We had a lot of great recruits here. And that's always important. But the main thing is we stayed healthy. (We) did pretty good up front, both sides of the ball. Protected the ball on offense and then had some good stops on defense. We made the first (defense) go a couple times after they had stops just to get our play count up where it needed to be, so that was a little misleading. I thought they really improved as the spring went on. "

On the atmosphere with the fans and people cooking out, etc.:
"Like I said earlier, it's football in the purest sense. We're not out here trying to get mad at somebody else. We're just out here rooting for the Baylor Bears and working on being a good football team. So that part of it is always fun for me. It was great seeing all the people come out today, and it was a beautiful day and a great atmosphere."

On whether he felt like spring training was just an extension of the 2010 season:
"I think so. We just kind of continued on from where we finished up in December. Our deal is for everybody that took a snap in December to be better in September. The first snap we take in September should be better than the last snap they took in December. So that's what we have to do. We're certainly not content, satisfied, patting ourselves on the back, because we haven't done anything. When you're through changing, you're through. And we're always going to strive, work, pride ourselves on being the best we can be. And our guys have an eagerness about them that makes them want to fulfill. And what we've got to do now is fill that cup up and drink it."


1st - Ganaway 6 run (Jones kick)
1st - Jones 23 FG
2nd - Reese 45 pass from Griffin III (Jones kick)
2nd - Jones 38 FG
2nd - T. Williams 4 pass from Petty (Parks kick)
2nd - Wright 50 pass from Griffin III (Jones kick)
3rd - T. Williams 16 pass from Florence (Jones kick)
3rd - Jones 50 FG
4th - Salubi 18 run (Jones kick)

Robert Griffin III 21-26-266 2 TD, Nick Florence 19-24-181 TD, Bryce Petty 16-22-140 TD.

Jarred Salubi 6-40 1 TD, Terrance Ganaway 5-23-1, Bryce Petty 12-15, Glasco Martin 4-11, Isaac Williams 4-8, Nick Florence 2-6, Robert Griffin III 5-0-0, Robert Cody Westel 4-0.

Terrance Williams 9-123 2 TD, Josh Gordon 7-69, Darius Jones 5-18, Levi Norwood 5-16, Kendall Wright 4-91 TD, Antwan Goodley 4-84, Tevin Reese 4-63 TD, Lanear Sampson 4-28, Rhett Butler 2-16, Travis McClain 2-16, Christian Coggan 2-13, Isaac Williams 2-12, Jerod Monk 2-10, Michael Valdez 1-15, Bryan Swindoll 1-8, Connor Goode 1-5, Thomas Draper 1-0.

Sean Watson 6, Chance Casey 5, Tuswani Copeland 5, Brody Trahan 5, Elliot Coffey 4, Ahmad Dixon 4, LeQuince McCall 4, Reggie Rice 4, T.C. Robinson 4, Romie Blaylock 3, Bryce Hager 3, Sam Holl 3, Nicolas Jean-Baptiste 3, Prince Kent 3, Zac Scotton 3, Josh Benenoch 2, Willie Jefferson 2, Chris McAllister 2, Robert Singletary 2, Jared Edwards 1, Mike Hicks 1, Kevin Mitchell 1, Kevin Park 1, Keller Reese 1, Marcus Veal 1, Josh Wilson 1.

Zac Scotton 2.0-8, Kevin Park 1.0-6, Nick Johnson 1.0-4, Willie Jefferson 1.0-4, Elliot Coffey 1.0-1.

Zac Scotton 2.0-8, Kevin Park 1.0-6, Nick Johnson 1.0-4, Willie Jefferson 1.0-4.


Aaron Jones 3-4 (Long 50)

Ben Parks 2-43.0, Robert Griffin III 1-47.0, Chris Winkler 1-41.0.



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