Where Are They Now: Neal Jeffrey

April 20, 2009


Neal Jeffrey, an all-American quarterback for the Bears who led the school to its first Southwest Conference championship in 1974, was drafted by and played briefly for the San Diego Chargers.

Today, Jeffrey serves as the associate pastor for Prestonwood Baptist Church, speaks often about his faith and has a DVD series titled "The Man I Want to Be."

Reporter-News sports writer Daniel Youngblood caught up with Jeffrey to talk about today's banquet, his Baylor career, what sports have meant to him and the current state of Baylor football.

Q. What went into your decision to speak at the FCA banquet?

A. For one, I love speaking, and second, I love speaking especially to athletes and to young people. I'll speak anywhere to anybody because I love to encourage people and challenge them and maybe inspire them to make their life count and dream great dreams and have a positive attitude about life.

Q. Faith's been a big part of your life. What does it mean to be able to speak to kids who try to mix faith with their athletic talents?

A. I think being an athlete is a great thing and being great athlete is a great thing. But there's more to life than just being a great athlete. A young athlete doesn't always understand that. Later in life, you kind of realize some things. I kind of realized that at Baylor.

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