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#CampBU Quotes Day One

Aug. 5, 2013

 Head Coach Art Briles

On the first day of practice:
"Everybody's excited. Everyone's pumped and ready to go. 2013 is going to be a great year. It's the way it's been for about the last 50. It's the greatest time of year."

On the off-time:
"We've been keeping ourselves busy, the players busy, having focus and direction. Working for the same goal certainly lends itself to having the chance for production. That's what it is all about: we're in the production business. Our guys have retained a lot because we haven't been gone from each other a lot, and that's a good thing. We've retained our coaching staff. I think we are one of maybe eight team staffs out of 125 where all the coaches are the same. It's good for our players and good for us. It's good for Baylor."

On what to expect coming off of last season:
"We've got a lot of momentum coming off the bowl game win last year and the way we finished the season. It's a new year. That was 2012, this is 2013. We've got new faces and new places in some areas, and those guys have to respond and perform. Everything else will fall into place."

Senior Running Back Glasco Martin

On the media spotlight being on Lache Seastrunk:
"That kind of stuff drives me. I see every article that I'm not mentioned in or that has me as the underdog. It drives me. I'm really anxious and motivated to show people that I can do just as good."

On how good the Baylor offense can be this season:
"This offense is really good. It is an explosive offense. I honestly believe that if we execute to our best ability that no defense can really stop us. That's just my opinion."

Senior Safety Ahmad Dixon

On the success of the Baylor program over the past three seasons:
"I expected it 100 percent. When your head coach believes in it, it makes the rest of the team believe in it. Once Coach Briles and I sat down during a recruiting visit he explained to me what was about to happen here. Everybody on the staff and the players were on board, so I knew something was about to happen. I wanted to help and enjoy it."

On the different attitude towards Baylor football:
"It's very good to see. It's great to see Baylor t-shirts and jerseys in stores. It's good to see Baylor being talked about on ESPN. Getting to be a part of it is a blessing. We've come a long way. Guys have worked their butts off and the coaches have done everything they can to help us get to this point. The only way from here is up."

Senior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On the excitement of the first day of workouts:
"No matter what, you're always going to get some little butterflies to it. You get so excited that you don't know how to hold it all in. You get out there and hear the music playing at your first practice. It's a fun thing being back out there with your teammates. It's football. We're not in the weight room anymore or just doing workouts. We're out there doing football stuff. It's what we are here for. We are really excited about that."

On the defensive position changes for the season:
"I think it's a great move (moving Ahmad Dixon to safety and Sam Holl to nickelback). I think Ahmad has a little bit more speed, and he fits back there. He fits the mold of a safety. Sam can play in the box really well. He fits the mold of a linebacker-hybrid very well. I think it was a perfect switch. I like having Ahmad behind me at safety and I like having Sam as a linebacker. It fits really well with our defense. They're both just playmakers, and where you put them they are going to make plays."

Senior Offensive Lineman Cyril Richardson

On the first day of practice:
"I don't get nervous. I get nervous for other people because I want to see everybody do well. I want to see a lot of people compete and show what they can really do. I don't really want them being nervous, so I get nervous for them."

On the offensive line at this point:
"Troy (Baker) will be back when he gets back. Let him take his time and recover. We are pretty deep this year, probably the deepest I've ever seen us. I'm not too worried because we have a lot of guys out there who can perform. We've got veterans. We have a lot of guys with a lot of potential. It's something that can really work for us."

Junior Quarterback Bryce Petty

On how last season's end has boosted confidence:
"It was a big part of it. That's what you've got to have. You have to have confidence and momentum. Not to say that we are still looking back at last year because last year was last year. Today is the first day of this year. Not to say that we are looking back from that momentum, but it is a big deal."

On the versatility of the offense this season:
"People think that we are a pass-heavy/pass first offense. It's not. It's based off the run. Our run sets up our pass, which is great for us. It makes it easy as far as getting the ball out there on a rush attack. It helps everything go vertical. The offense will most definitely be put on Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin's) backs, which I know is where they want it. It will make everyone better."



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