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#CampBU Quotes Day One

Aug. 5, 2014

 Head Coach Art Briles

On the start of practice:
"There's something about every year at this time. They're all the same. I don't care how long you do it or what expectations are - it's always a great time. There's been a lot of anticipation, hope and energy. There's a lot of belief, and there's no difference this year. We are excited and ready to go."

On his excitement to get guys back from injury last year:
"It's a process, and that's the thing that we've got to understand. Our year is not going to be defined by today's practice. We've got a lot of guys to evaluate, and I feel like we've got a good core of where we need them to be. At the end of the day when it gets to be August 23 or 24, we're going to have to evaluate and figure out who we are going to throw on the field August 31. That's what it is all about right now. It's about preparation. That's where our mind, focus and energy are at. It's all about getting ready to play over there at McLane Stadium and putting a great product on the field. That's our job and our duty and what we have been preparing for."

On handling expectation:
"I think that you have to. The way that we are approaching the season is that we have a lot to prove. We feel like we have a lot of unfinished business left on the table, and there are a lot of people that we feel like we need to prove ourselves to, ourselves first of all then our opponents. There are a lot of things out there that we haven't done. We have a lot of motivation and drive and a great product to put it in. So that adds to what our expectations are as a football team. We have a lot of responsibility to a lot of people, and we take that really seriously."

On position battles:
"In general I think on the offensive line there are a few, secondary there's a few, linebacker - in general everything is a position battle every day that you're out here. You're competing to be the best that you can be."

 On expecting the growth of the defense:
"We can't go backwards. We have to keep getting better. That's what we expect and are determined to do as a staff and as a football team. The defense certainly played extremely well last year, and like I said we can't take a step backwards. We've got to be dominant on both sides of the ball and special teams."

On players playing with a chip on their shoulders:
"That's how we've always operated and will continue to operate. Once we feel like we've done something then we need to be done. We haven't done anything. We're still in the process of trying to become a respectable football team."

On how good the defensive line is:
"I think they are exceptional. I'm excited to see them go out there and show their stuff because they are a talented group of guys. They're very hungry and very determined. I'm really excited about them."

Senior Quarterback Bryce Petty

On what is unacceptable for this season:
"What is unacceptable to me is to not go out there each day and give it your all. I think that we are too talented and have too much potential to sit there and coast on last year. This year is a new year, and it's important to us to make this year better than last year. So if you aren't going out there and giving it your all that's unacceptable."

On learning from previous quarterbacks:
"I learned from both of them. Robert (Griffin III) taught me to make the team my own. Don't try to be Robert or Nick (Florence). Be Bryce. From Nick - he will be the first to tell you that he wasn't the most physical guy, but he has the most competitiveness that I have ever seen. They also taught me about the mentality of having something to prove and show that you are the best. It helped me to watch both of those guys because their games are so different. It was great to see their success."

Senior Receiver Antwan Goodley

On doing better than last season:
"There is no doubt in my mind (that we can do better). We have a lot of guys returning on offense. They're playmakers and know what we like to do, which is score. There's no doubt that we can raise the bar."

On having Bryce Petty for a second year:
"Having Bryce back there takes a load off of us. He's a great guy and a great leader. He works very hard for this team, and I know that he is ready."

Sophomore Running Back Shock Linwood

On the goals for this season:
"Last year was last year, and this year is a new year. That's how we have to approach it. New year, new goals. That's what we are trying to strive for. We want to win a Big 12 title again and win a national championship."

On rotating running backs:
"For us, (it will be about) who is hot that game. That is who should get the most carries. I may be on that game, Devin Chafin might be on, or Johnny Jefferson may be on. Whoever is doing the best should get the reps, and I know the coaches will see that."

Junior Offensive Tackle Spencer Drango

On being injured at the end of the season:
"It was definitely tough, but it is always team first. It put me in a position to learn more about the team, which helped me a lot. I made the best out of the situation that I was dealt."

On missing the bowl game:

"I'm not going to say that it wasn't difficult, but I was out there. I was still a part of the team. I could help Troy (Baker), Pat (Colbert) and Kelvin (Palmer), because I could see things that they couldn't. I still got to be a part of the team that way."

Junior Safety Terrell Burt

On the people questioning the talent of the defense:
"It's always motivation. Right now, we are a young defense. We don't have much experience. Talent-wise, I think we will be good as a defense and just as good as the offense."

On replacing last year's strong defense:
"The guys that are stepping up to play are the guys in my class when I first got here. We know each other and are like family. I believe that they are just as good as Ahmad (Dixon) and Demetri (Goodson). They will be able to step in and do good things."

Junior Defensive Lineman Beau Blackshear

On having a successful summer:
"I think that we definitely had a great summer. The defensive line worked really well together, as did the team as a whole. Everyone really bought in and got those younger guys to eat well and drink a lot of water, because it will help them further on in the season."

On the strength of the defensive front:
"All of us who will be playing have a lot of knowledge from the past couple of years. Having Shawn (Oakman) and Jamal (Palmer) on the ends, after being behind Terrence Lloyd and Chris McAllister, they haven't been able to show what they can really do. This season is going to be a big breakout year for them."

Senior Linebacker Bryce Hager

On how injuries hurt the team late last season:
"During the (Texas) Tech game we lost Spencer (Drango), me and Tevin (Reese). It hurt our offense losing our deep threat in Tevin and Spencer on the offensive line. Our game plan had to change. We had to work with the guys we had."

On the improvement of the secondary:
"I think that we will be better in the secondary than we were last season. Those guys are smart and extremely athletic.  The guys we had last year were great players, and we've learned a lot from them. We just have to step up and fill their shoes."

Senior Receiver Levi Norwood

On having added pressure this season :
"I don't put more on myself at all. My job is always to do what the coaches have me out there to do. As a receiver, it is to catch the ball and try to score."

On looking to make a point:

"I don't think it is a point to make to anyone but ourselves. We want to win back-to-back Big 12 titles. That's what we want to do. Not just because people are saying that we can or can't."

Sophomore Safety Orion Stewart

On picking up where last year's defense left off:
"We most definitely can. We've seen where they left off at, and we want to top that. We don't want to have any drop offs at any position."

On proving to doubters the strength of the secondary:
"People still sleep on our secondary, but I think that we have some great athletes back there. I don't think that we are going to have any setbacks. We know that our offense is still going to be number one in the nation, but we emerged as one of the top defenses last year. Although people are still sleeping on us because we don't have experience, but I think that we still will be one of the top defenses."

Senior Offensive Tackle Troy Baker

On how much of a difference a year makes:
"It makes a huge difference. I remember sitting here talking to you last year about rehab. I was just excited to get back out there and practice with the team. I'm very thankful to be healthy right now. We have everyone back and healthy, so we can just get out there and get to work."

On realizing when he was back to normal:
"I didn't realize how big of a deal it was to miss offseason with Coach Kaz (Kazadi) and his staff until I came back and was trying to get into a roll with the team. I definitely didn't feel the same throughout the season. I was glad that I was able to help at the end of the year when I was needed. When Spencer (Drango) went down we had to figure out how to get through it. I was glad to be able to help even though I wasn't feeling my best. I feel a lot better now."




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