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Meet the Press: First Practice of 2010 Fall Camp

Aug. 6, 2010


Opening Statement...
"What can you say at this time? The weather is hot, spirits are high and it's time to produce. We're pumped for where we are at right now. (We are) thankful to be a part of it."

On the players' excitement at start of fall camp...
"They are geared up and ready to go. They'll stay that way. It's all about consistency and maintaining it. That's what you have to do to sustain throughout the season. Our guys know how to pace themselves and peak at the right time."

On what he hopes to accomplish in the opening weeks of camp...
"Understanding each other - schematically, philosophically - (and) what we need to do and how we need to do it. (We need to) make sure everyone is on the same page. That's what we'll look at from a defensive and offensive standpoint. Then just make sure special teams click. We think we have a chance to be really good in that area. It all starts today."


On the first practice of the fall...
"It's what you need to have: a lot of intensity, a lot excitement and a lot of energy. We had a lot of carryover (from the spring), which was really important. That's probably the most encouraging part - these guys have retained (what they learned from the spring) and it's like we've really never left the field."

On working with the freshmen and newcomers...
"What you have to do is find time to work with the young guys. We work with them on drills after practice when we can look at them individually and see how they react and move. That's really the only time you get to look at them until you get them in team-like situations. You don't want to throw them out there too early where they don't feel comfortable."

On the strength of RG3's arm...
"He's 220 pounds so he's a bigger person (than last season). He's worked hard to get back to this day. (He) looked good, looked fresh and did exceptionally well today."

On the freshmen reporting...
"Most of them have been here (during the summer). Two or three just got in. We are recruiting good players. They are good football players, good guys. They're just biting to see what's going on and get on the field."



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