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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Wofford

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"I'm ready to go. It's an extremely exciting time of year as always. The great thing about it is I was talking to somebody earlier and I don't know how many years I've been doing it--not enough--but it always seems like the first time. Every spring ball seems like the first one. Every fall camp--the first time. Every first staff meeting--first time. First week of a new season--first time. It's always new and different because you never know what the end result is going to be, but you know what your hopes and aspirations are and we certainly have high ones this year."

On accomplishing goals during fall camp:
"You know, the tough thing about spring ball and fall camp is that you're always going against yourself so it's hard to gauge sometimes where you're at and what you need to work on and what you've done that is satisfactory. But what I think we have done is stayed healthy. First and foremost, that's the most important thing, and that's something that I've always tried to be really conscious of as we go through working out, especially during the season and fall camp because if you've got good players you want to put them on the field and get them in position to have success and so we're always going to have that first and foremost. But I think from a personnel standpoint, we're in pretty good shape having the people in the places that gives them a chance to be successful and help us win. There are still a few spots that might be a little cloudy--do we have this guy in the right spot and does this fit his talents the best? How do we scheme for him to have the best opportunity for success--both offensively and defensively and special teams? Other than that, we're ready to roll. It's time to play. The great thing about being in bowl games the last three years is that it's pretty continuous. We play right up to January 1 and we're in spring ball by February and fall camp by August so it stays pretty constant."

On what he sees in Wofford, especially their running game:
"I have a whole lot of respect for them as a football team, the more I've watched them and the more I've seen what's going on in their program the last four or five years. Just a few facts--the worst they've been beaten in the last five years is 48-13 and that's in 2009 when I believe they were 2-9. Last year the most points they gave up from a defensive standpoint was 28 points. You'd be hard-pressed to find many teams in America anywhere that decent that did that in a season. Longest run from scrimmage was 44 yards. Coach Ayers is in his 26th season. Name me three coaches in college or high school or pros that have been at a place for 25 years plus. I'm at zero. I mean, I can't think of anybody. I know there's somebody, but who are they? That's what I'm saying--it just doesn't happen. It's very unusual. It's unusual for the fact that he's good. He's done a great job. People love him. They respect him. His program is run extremely right through a lot of different standards and so they've done a great job for a long time. If you don't believe me, ask Clemson, ask South Carolina. They're first or second in the Southern Conference. All across the board, offense, defense, they're just a solid football team and it's a little different style play but that's what it is. When the ball's snapped, it's football. And what we have to do is play our style of play. We're not going to not do what we do because of how they play football. We're going to do what we do because of how we play football. We're going to play our brand of ball for 60 minutes and see what happens."

On keeping the team healthy vs. getting enough contact in practice:
"Contact's a little overrated, quite honestly. These guys have been playing football since they were five years old in the state of Texas--playing contact football since they were five years old. They've been taught how to tackle, they know how to tackle, they've been in situations, they know how to escape tackles and blocks and do those kind of things. They've been doing it all their lives. Our job is to get them on the field knowing what to do with a high probability of success schematically. What matters are their talents. We're not a high contact team and a lot of people are not quite honestly. You've got 85 scholarship guys out there and 25 or 23 of them are freshmen so it's really 60 that you go into a season ready to play ball with. That's not a lot of people when you're talking offense, defense, and special teams. You've got the ones that are healthy going and you've got to take care of them. Our guys know how to play football and it's our job to get them to the game ready to play."

 Junior Quarterback Bryce Petty

On the advantage having already played for Baylor:
"You know this isn't my first go-round. I mean it is on the field as a starter, but going through practices and camps and those types of things, I know what Coach Briles wants. I think it's just about getting out there and doing it now."

On the talent around him:
"That makes my job a lot easier. It's one thing to be a starter, but the guys I have makes it a ton easier on what I'm trying to do. My job is just to get the guys the ball and watch them run."

On meeting his expectations from quarterbacks before:
"It's an expectation, but it's one I've known all along. That's what I came here to do is to put up numbers and to get wins. But that's how it goes on this offense if you're going to play quarterback you're going to put up numbers."

  Senior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On the process of getting to this point:
"It all comes down to this. All the preparation we did in the off-season, all the blood, sweat and tears we've had, all through camp and all the soreness, all the ice-baths we've gone through, it's time and were ready to play some football."

On the defense:
"We felt like we really dominated in the Holiday Bowl and we have to be able to carry that over in this season from game one, from Wofford on. We have to go in this game with the same focus we did against UCLA in the Holiday Bowl."

  Senior Running Back Glasco Martin

On his rehab status:
"I feel good. I should be one hundred percent by Saturday, so were going to go out there and see how I can play."

On his health:
"I'm getting back into the swing of things. My leg is getting back under me. I'm trying to work, getting my lateral movement back fast. I'll be ready by the time the game starts."

On not being able to practice:
"It's been extremely tough. I want nothing more than to be out there practicing with my team, and I am blessed enough to go out to practice this week, so I'm going to take full advantage of it."

  Junior Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On setting the tone for the season:
"We can, but it's any given Saturday that you can lose. It doesn't matter who you play. Anybody could beat us. We have to make sure that we prepare in such a way that no one can beat us."

On Glasco Martin's return:
"It's great to have Glasco back. Glasco is that downhill guy. He's going to be a bruiser to people. People hate when Glasco runs down the middle because they hate getting hit by him. It's really good to have him back, and I'm really excited for his recovery. I've been praying for him to come back strong. I know God has been answering prayers. I'm glad to have him back."

  Senior Safety Ahmad Dixon

On getting the season started:
"Words can't even express how eager we are to get on the field. That's all the guys have been talking about. We've been working hard all offseason and spring. The one game that matters the most is the first game of the season. We know what we have to do to come out here and make a statement. Even though it is not against a top-contender team, we can't take anyone for granted."

On the heat being a factor in Saturday's game:
"Honestly it is never an advantage when you're in the heat. It's so hot out there, but we are doing something that we love to do. We go out there and have a great time. We know that it is going to be hot, but it's been something that we have been working on. Coaches have been talking to us about the things that we can control. Something that we can't control is the weather. What we can control is what happens in between whistles. We are going to pray that the weather doesn't have an effect on us as a team, but we will be ready for it."

  Senior Defensive End Chris McAllister

On getting off on a good start:
"It's really important. We want to get started on the right foot. As the defense we are trying to pick up where we left off at the UCLA game. This game is going to mean a lot. Especially to go out there and stop their run as we play a team that is predominately running. We have a lot of good running backs we will be facing in our conference. It'll be good to get on a good run."

On the defensive line's progression:
"We rotated a lot of guys and now they have been here for a couple of years. Everybody is getting reps and have been productive in camp. We definitely look pretty good."

  Senior Center Stefan Huber

On getting the chance to start:
"It's been a long time. I've been blessed to be here and have been fighting to get on the starting offensive line. I'm just excited about the coaches giving me a chance. That's all I needed to get out there and do what I can."

On working with Bryce Petty:
"Bryce and I go back to our first days on campus. I've always been snapping to him throughout the years. We built a really good bond. It's a strong relationship. Every summer we are up here snapping together. He's working on his throwing technique as I'm working on my snapping technique just trying to get better."



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