Where Are They Now?

Aug. 30, 2008

He considers himself a fan of the game. So much so that when the 49ers signed veteran wide receiver Isaac Bruce this offseason, he was full of anxiety about meeting one of the greatest players to ever play his position.

So naturally, 49ers wide receiver Dominique Zeigler took a wait and see approach when the veteran Bruce arrived in March as a free agent.

"You never know how he's going to act or what type of person he is," Zeigler said. "You don't want to run up on him and ask him this and that. Once he started feeling his way around here and I saw what type of guy he was, I saw that he was a real good guy. Talking to him is an opportunity to learn from one of the best."

Zeigler was especially nervous the first time he was in the same car as Bruce.

"I'm young, so every time I see somebody I'm like, `Man that's so and so,'" Zeigler said. "I remember when I gave him a ride to the hotel I was just sitting there thinking, `Man, Isaac Bruce is in my car.'"

Zeigler tried to act like it was routine drive down the block, but he couldn't help but feel star-struck.

"It's kind of weird. He's on your team and you have to look at it like that, but still I'm a fan," Zeigler said. "I didn't even turn the music on. I just sat there and talked to him. He's a real good guy."

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