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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Buffalo

Sep 2, 2013

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"Thanks for coming out. The great thing about the profession that we're all in is that I didn't even realize it was Labor Day until about 10 o'clock today. I appreciate all of you coming out, especially on a holiday. I know it's tough getting away from your families, but I appreciate you coming out and helping spread the Baylor love. Last week, first and foremost, the crowd was just unbelievable. We'd been hearing little bits about how it was going to be a great crowd and it was. It was an enthusiastic crowd and it was a Baylor crowd. Somebody told me yesterday that it was the second-largest opening crowd in the stadium's history-64 years. And the other one was 73,74 against Oklahoma. I'm thinking there were a lot of Baylor fans there last Saturday August 31st. That was a big deal, a big deal for our football team, a big deal for Baylor University without a question because the people turned out and really supported and made a big difference in how we played. You have to play with energy, with passion, and you have to play with spirit and intensity and tenacity and our guys did. And it's easier to play that way when you've got a lot of people supporting you. That was the most important thing. The second thing was that we came out of the game injury free and we played well against a team we should have played well against. We understand that, but also we understand that anything can happen anytime you step on the football field. You just have to have things go your way and you have to be totally prepared, and there's a lot of prepared football teams that things didn't go their way. It's got nothing to do with preparation. It's just there's good people everywhere at every college in the United States of America. Part of it is what conference they're associated with. We beat a good Wofford team."

On if Buffalo will be a step up in competition:
"It is going to be a step up and that's a very fair question. It is a step up and that's kind of the thing that's been going through my mind. The thing I want to do is make sure we pay respect to Wofford without question. They are a good football team with extremely good players and are extremely well coached, but it is a step up just from the caliber of depth and speed factor. Buffalo brings a lot of sleek bodies that can run, guys that have been on a little bit bigger stages week in and week out than maybe our previous opponent. They're a team that won 3 out of their last 4 games and then went up to Ohio State and really played extremely well. There were a couple things that didn't go their way--they had a turnover on Ohio State's one yard line that was with a hand to a face penalty and then they had another 4th and 1 that they didn't get in down there late so it could have been a lot closer. Iit's going to be a good matchup for us from the standpoint that they're more uptempo and they're going to throw the ball more and it's more conducive to what we'll see on down the line."

On if the defense is playing on the level coaches hope to see:
"Well, I hope so. You know, I don't think you ever really reach the level you want to play at. I don't think we've done it defensively, I don't think we've done it special teams, I don't think we've done it offensively. I don't think we've done it as a football team or football program. You just never get to where you want to get to, but what you've got to do is get to where you're at and then understand you've got to get better. So I think that where we're at is certainly an improvement over where we've been, and that's what you look for from a coaching standpoint and a player standpoint. You've got to be better today or not, so you become better. I definitely think we're better and I think as this season bears out, I definitely think the defense will make a lot of plays that will help us win a lot of football games, and that's an encouraging fact."

On depth of the team:
"It's dramatic over what it's been four years ago, three years ago. There is not a dropoff and it's not that there's not a dropoff on six out of eleven positions, there's not a dropoff on eleven out of eleven. That's really encouraging on both sides of the ball and even on specialists, so to speak. We have a backup snapper who did a great job. Peterson came in there and hit a kickoff, hit a field goal, things like that add up later down the road. Our guys out on the field played well--they were dominating."

On Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack:
"He's good, he's real good. All the talk he's generating for himself, he certainly deserves. He is a big time good football player. If I had to compare him to somebody, if I watched two or three plays, I would say Von Miller. That's who he reminds me of. He's explosive, he's dynamic, he's quick, he's long, he's vicious, and he's a multi-position guy. He's definitely a guy that we have to be very aware of and we're going to be. It's a good challenge for us from a tackle standpoint. Our guys are going to be blocking coming off the edge and then from a lead standpoint with our guys leading up on him when he's at linebacker."

 Senior Kicker Aaron Jones

On Kyle Peterson's performance:
"It was great to see Kyle get out there, especially on kickoffs to see him get some work in. He got a little excited trying to make a tackle on that last one. He got a little caught up, but hey, I understand, it happens. He did a great job on that field goal too, put it right down the middle."

On his kicking performance:
"It's a product of working with the strength staff a lot over the summer, especially on my kicking motion, hitting the ball really hard right now."

On his routine after kickoffs:
"It's a little touchback thing. Last year, I gave a Nelly Cruise style celebration on touchbacks so I thought I would change it up and go for a Colin Kaepernick this year."

  Senior Defensive End Chris McAllister

On the defense:
"We feel like we played pretty well. We look at the film. There are still a lot of things we want to go back and correct, but as a defense we're happy about how we came out and it's a good start to the season."

On improving the defense:
"There's always room for improvement. There are always things you can do better. We're not going to be satisfied until the goal is accomplished on what we sat out to do a long time ago."

On Buffalo's offense:
"They're a good offensive team from what I've seen. They do a couple of things offensively that may give us a few problems if we're not ready."

  Senior Cornerback Joe Williams

On his advantage at pass breakups:
"Probably because I have long arms. It's just turning those pass breakups into interceptions. That's a good transition to make."

On the Baylor Crowd:
"The Baylor Line was so long. It hasn't ever been that long. It was pretty fun and exciting."

On the heat being a factor in the game against Buffalo:
"We work out in this heat all the time. We can't let the weather be a factor this week. We're going to have fun this week."

  Senior Inside Receiver Tevin Reese

On Antwan Goodley's personality:
"I think all our receivers here are somewhat goofy. We bring some type of joy to the table. We can't be serious the whole time. His personality is he is kind of quiet a lot. He is shy. He doesn't like being on the camera. When you get to know him and get him out of his shell he talks a lot. He is really fun to be around."

On the offense in general:
"We think we can get better. As always we can get better. The coaches said we can play faster and we will play better and we will play faster. If we can improve on that we will go higher than 700 yards."

On the step in competition this week:
"Yeah, they are coming out with a balanced defense. They run the ball a lot, and their offense is good and their defense is good. I think it will be a real good match up for us this week."

  Junior Quarterback Bryce Petty

On the first game experience and starting out fast:
"I loved it, and honestly I kind of had my own goals that I wrote down. What I put down was to be 28-0 in the first quarter and that's what we did. It was good to finally get out there and get that game under my belt. I will just become more and more confident as we go out there. It was definitely fun to be the guy, to be the starter. I haven't had that in a while, so it was a big breath of fresh air."

On it slowing down once he got out there:
"It did, to be honest the first couple throws I really couldn't tell you what happened. It was funny because I was telling a couple of guys that I have always gotten nervous before games, and I really didn't get that nervous before this game--I was thinking something was off. Then I knelt down to pray in the end zone and it just hit me. I was like man this is about to happen, but it was all the anticipation of everything coming together and the excitement. There were a lot of times when it did slow down and everyone's talking about the second quarter--I kind of pressed a little bit, which I'll correct, fix this week. But overall, it was a good day."

On his thoughts on coming out of the tunnel:
"Honestly, I just prayed. I was just so happy, so blessed. God's put me in a position right now on this team and I really wouldn't rather be anywhere else. I was just so thankful and honored to be a part of this team and all I could do was smile."

  Senior Safety Ahmad Dixon

On being back at safety:
"It feels great to do things like that. Coach gives me opportunities to hit guys and make plays. It feels good because there were times at the position I used to play where I couldn't just load up on guys and explode on them. Now I can, and it's great. That hit that I got Saturday felt even better. I can't really explain it."

On Buffalo's offense:
"We know it will be a fun game. It'll be what we are used to seeing each and every day, week in and week out. Now we are back to our old selves. Back to our old rhythm. Now we worry about things that we are used to worrying about. Those guys are somebody that you can't take for granted again. They played Ohio State pretty well at their level of play. You cannot take anybody for granted."

  Senior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On creating turnovers:
"It's huge. That's something that we will always be fighting for whether we can rip the ball out or pick a pass off. Whatever it takes, that's the biggest thing. That's always going to be a game-changer if you can get a turnover any way, shape or form."

On Chris McAllister's interception:
"You never thought that a defensive lineman would be the first guy to get an interception, none the less score a touchdown. That was pretty cool. My key took me to the back of the play so I didn't see what happened. By the time I turned around I saw him running and pointing towards the end zone."

  Junior Wide Receiver Antwan Goodley

On his touchdown in Saturday's game:
"I don't know what the defender read, but he made the wrong call. He seemed lost so I just ran right past him. It was nothing really spectacular, but it felt great."

On the offensive line's strong showing:
"Without those guys I wouldn't be getting the ball for a touchdown. Those guys are great. I have no words to describe them. I have faith in them 100 percent that they will get the job done on every play."

  Senior Defensive End Terrance Lloyd

On Chris McAllister's development over the past few seasons:
"He's come a long way from being a linebacker to becoming a defensive end. He put on a lot of weight. He's glad to be where he is at right now. He feels great there."

On being used to offenses like Buffalo's:
"It helps a lot. Seeing the same offense over and over again especially in our offense. They'll be running different things and schemes, but I think we will be prepared for them."



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