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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Northwestern State

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"Good afternoon. Good to see everyone. It feels good to feel good. The thing about Sunday of course is just a major event for Baylor. You know fortunately our guys were mature enough and focused enough to make it a glorious event, so that was a big deal, and you know my thing now is that we need to replicate it again this weekend. It's going to be the true Saturday atmosphere of college football which is unequal to anywhere nationally. It's one of the greatest events across our nation. You know our people are going to get to really feel game day college atmosphere again this weekend, and it was unbelievable last week. You know we are going to be deployed, so to speak, for about a month after this weekend, so we need to have another great atmosphere and then we'll get back here in the middle of October and do it again."

On monitoring Bryce Petty's injury during the week:
"That's not an issue, because all our guys get equal reps. I shouldn't say `equal', it's probably 60-40, but those guys get a lot of reps, and the defense does a great job of substituting and getting their guys in also. From an offensive standpoint, we're going so fast that we can't keep our first in there the whole time. So we go a certain amount reps with the ones and same with twos. Just keep the guys fresh and make it as game like as possible. So we're not concerned about putting a guy in during the game and wondering if he knows what to do. They know what to do."

On Bryce Petty playing Saturday if he is not 100 percent:
"It's certainly tested our depth without question. It's a good thing that we are able to be semi-productive at this time, so we are getting a lot of valuable experience early in the season, which will hopefully benefit us later on. It's invaluable experience. It's something you have to have. That's the great thing about Seth he has a lot of experience for a backup QB. I don't know how many snaps he has played, but if I was going to guess I would guess 200 and that might be on the low end, which is a lot of snaps in the college atmosphere. That's something that really helps. The receiving corp, these guys are getting a lot of reps and we can do a few more things with some of the guys we already have. Even though we are a little depleted, we have a few more avenues we can go down to make sure everything stays the way we need it to be."

On the running back rotation:
"We have a pretty good idea of what Shock (Linwood) can do. We know what he brings to the table. Johnny (Jefferson) and Devin (Chafin) are a little bit different particularly Johnny. We really trust his ability and the spark he can bring. He is a fluid guy that has real good balance. We have a real good feeling about Devin. Devin got real banged up the other night and that kind of changes the way we will approach it a little bit. Probably will just be Shock and Johnny most the time this week. Devin certainly will fill a void for us as the season progresses; because he is a big guy that can run and when he is healthy he is extremely tough and fast."

On KD Cannon and Davion Hall:
"The did exactly what they have been doing in practice, which is being real consistent and making plays, and that's all you can ask for. What you want in anything is a predictable outcome. The less drama, the less surprises the better. That's what we got out of them. That's what we have been getting out of practice. They both did exactly what they have been doing."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On how he is feeling:
"I actually feel great today. I woke up and started doing some sit ups in bed. As far as Saturday goes, I know my body. I'm going to be smart with it, but at the same time you take a risk every time you get out there on the field. It's going to be no different whether I'm in a little bit of pain. To me we have one game and that game is on Saturday. I will not be able to live with myself if come Sunday I rested Saturday for a more, quote unquote, important game. This is important to me, I didn't come back to sit on the sidelines and watch. Every game is important and Northwestern State is important to me. I want to be out there and I will be if I can be. There is going to be no sitting and being safe. I'll be alright."

On how the injury in the first series affected his play:
"To be honest it messed with everything, I couldn't step and throw. Every time I would step and throw it kind of felt like someone was punching me or stabbing me in the back. It really affected everything. I wasn't myself to say the least."

On dealing with his injury:
"There is not a whole lot you can do for it. It's kind of like a pinky finger. You're not going to go get surgery on it, and you just brace it up, and fight through it. Same thing with that, just kind of go through rehab and it's a day-to-day thing. Like I said before I know my body and I'm going to weigh out my pros and cons, but at the end of the day this is an important game for me, I'm going to play."

On the change in preparation leading up to this weekend's game:
"I've never really had this kind of problem before, so it's going to be new to me too. It's going to be important that I get in the film room and work on other areas that I can still do. I am still going to be doing rehab all during the day and taking mental reps outside. That's probably the most important, is to still keep myself involved in what is going on. I'm not going to remove myself from anything other than taking a snap here and there."

 Levi Norwood, WR

On the pride of the receiving corps:
"Each person in there, if you're on the field, you're expected and you expect yourself to score. That's something we take pride in: being the best receiving corps in the nation."

On KD Cannon and Davion Hall's performances:
"We expected this from them. When they go out there we don't expect any drop off from whoever they're coming in for. I mean everyone's seen KD's plays in high school and knew what he could do. Davion we've seen since the spring when he was healthy that he was going to catch everything and that's what he did Sunday."

On being ready for SMU:
"I feel like we've done everything we need to, now it's just focusing on SMU and learning as much as we can about them and making sure we are prepared for them on Sunday."

 Johnny Jefferson, RB

On his playing in his first game at Baylor:
"It was different, but then once I got in a rhythm and started going it started bringing back memories and old feelings I used to have when I started playing football, so I was really excited."

On how it feels to play after redshirting last year:
"Last year there was a time I almost went in and I was pretty scared - I didn't know if I was ready or not to get in. But coming into this season, I was a lot more confident in my style of play and I was more fluent. There are still things I need to work on, and I expect to have a better game than I did last week."

Orion Stewart, S

On getting a shutout in the first game of the season:
"That was very good. It was big time for our defense, especially knowing that people say we don't have a good defense. With us having a statement game like that, I think people can kind of see that we're trying to be the best defense in the country."

On setting the offense up with good scoring chances:
"When the offense can score points and get us up it gives us momentum. If we can shut them out and make them punt and give our offense good field position, we know they're going to go score another touchdown. That's the kind of faith we have in those guys, and we try to do that every time."

Davion Hall, WR

On playing a big role in his first game:
"There was a lot going through my mind. I had to just put it aside and get out there and play. It turned out real well."

How would you rate the offense:
"We had some bad things happen, and some good things happen. We got to clean it up this week and be ready for next week. Hopefully everything will be ready by then."

Seth Russell, QB

On being prepared to play:
"You want to get out there and play. You don't want to be on the sideline. Any opportunity you get, you've got to take full advantage."

K.J. Smith, DE

On the performance of the D-line:
"We knew people had to step up. We lost a lot of seniors and it was time for somebody to step up. Coach always says it starts with the big men up front, so that was our job and our mission coming into the game. We proved it in the first game."

On setting the standard high for this D-line:
"Our motto is `be the standard'. We set one the first game and we're going to try to build on that and improve every week."



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