Timeout With Art Briles

Sept. 4, 2008

Timeout With Archive

Art Briles

What has changed about the football team since taking over as head coach in November?
"We are still in the process of growing as a football team and a football family. Everyday we have some bridges that we have to cross as a football team, but we just keep going along and continue to better as a team. I have said since day one that I feel real good about our players. I respect their dedication, their intensity and their work ethic. What we want to do is bring that attitude [and translate it] to victories on the field."

What has the transition been like for the players that changed positions during the off-season?
"Position change has never really been an issue. [Football players] always want to do whatever they can to help the team. It is just a process to help the coaches find which guys are the best fit for your system. Next year, we might have more. We just have to find that right player that makes the team better."

What are some of your expectations for the remainder of the season?
"We want to continue to get better, continue to grind and continue to understand certain situations, [especially] the urgency of those situations that will get us victories on the field."

What type of impact will the Highers Athletic Complex have on the Baylor and the Athletic Program?
"It will be a tremendous boost for recruiting and a tremendous boost for [Baylor]. I am also pleased because it will allow us to interact more with the student body and the faculty because we are kind of isolated with them now. Now, we will all be [on campus] together."

How important is it for the students to attend the football games?
"It is unbelievable. [When the student body turns out in high numbers] it is heart-warming--sort of a goose bump and chills type feeling. [The Baylor Line] was jacked and they were ready against Wake Forest. They were loud and supportive. We are going to need them again this Saturday because that was big-time what they did [against Wake Forest]."



Compiled by Austin Staton, Media Relations Student Assistant

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