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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Sept. 7, 2008

After a balanced offensive attack led Baylor to a 51-6 win Saturday night over Northwestern State, the Bears now set its sights on Washington State as the Cougars visit Floyd Casey Stadium Saturday, Sept. 13. Kick off is set for 11:30 a.m.

Here are head coach Art Briles' thoughts on the Bears' victory over Northwestern State and the upcoming matchup against Washington State:

On the Northwestern State game...
"I have seen improvement and that is the main thing. We put forth a good effort and good awareness. We played with a purpose [last night]. We are making strides; we just have to continue to make improvements."

On the line play...
"If you are going to have a good football team, you have to be dominating up front on both sides of the ball. That is something that we are always going to stress and demand because our guys have got to be warriors up front. Last night they did what they had to do to give us an opportunity to win. They have to do it again this week. We are going to lean on them every week."

On Jay Finley and the running backs...
"He is tough. He is unselfish. He has a good balance. Those are probably the three most important things. I think he is on the right track to becoming a complete back, but we have others to, so it is not like he is going to carry the load. Those other guys can play to, so we feel like that is a good depth place for us. I like having different guys to bring different things to the table. We are not considered about feelings; we are concerned about what is best for the team."

On Robert Griffin...
"I think he did what he had to do. I think the key to it was that we had a bunch of guys playing well around him on both sides of the ball. He was just a member of a team that won, and that is the way that it needs to be."

On the benefits of the win Saturday... "This was another chance to grow as a football team. It didn't matter who we were playing this week, we just needed a chance to get back on the field and get better. That was our main objective. That is the most critical team. We are growing as a team, and every time that we get on the field we should improve. If we don't, we need to reevaluate how we are doing things."



On the defense...
"I thought they really played well. They hustled around and created some turnovers early. That is what you must have to give the offense momentum. Any time that you hold somebody out of the end-zone that is a great night."

On the team effort...
"I thought they played physical. That is what we have to do. When people talk about Baylor football we want them to say that they are a tough, physical, intelligent and intense football team. That is what we want to be known as--a team that plays with great effort. All those are intangibles. You don't have to be born with ability to have those."

On the linebackers...
"They are making plays because the guys up front are occupying blockers. When the D-Line occupies blockers, they turn the linebackers free and they make plays. All that credit goes to the four guys up front."

On the backups getting playing time late in the game... "We had a lot of guys that got to play last night and that is good for a team. Those guys work hard in practice, they help prepare for the game and then when they get some game atmosphere, it helps show them dividends for their work in practice. That is the best thing about a game like that, a lot of people got to step in there and play. That is how you build a program. Those guys get game duty, and then when it is their time they are ready."

On Washington State...
"We just have to be us. That is the main thing. We just have to continue to get better as a football time and fight hard for a victory. That is what we are going to do. That is what we control and that is what we will take care of."

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