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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Sam Houston State

  Head Coach Art Briles

On having a bye week after the first game...
"We felt like it fell at a good time basically because we didn't have a choice. We made it work so that we felt like we gained some things out of it. We didn't feel like we were completely clean against SMU and we worked on correcting things." "It felt good this year because we played on a Sunday. If we had to turn around and play again Saturday it would have been a little bit different. We were dealt those cards so that's what we are going to play. We will spin it so that it's a positive for our team."

On playing Sam Houston State...
"That's why you blow a whistle; you never know what is going to happen until the game is played. Everybody has good people, good intentions, good schemes and coaches. You play the game to see what happens. The team that plays the best will win the football game. We are working on improvement as a football team. We want to be the best football team we can be every time we step on the field regardless of the opponent."

On having a home field advantage...
"I just know it was really good the other day, and I know it was really good last year. It is becoming a tough ticket. The great thing about college is you can really have a home field advantage. It helps us when opponents come in here, and they know they are walking into a tough stadium to play in. It's going to be loud and the student body is going to be involved."

On improvements in kick returning...
"Levi [Norwood] is an excellent return person, because he fields the football and he has a good sense of making the first guy miss. [Darryl] Stonum has the ability to be good at that because he has experience at it. As a receiver he is really improving. He is a guy that got here August 1st and has been improving every day he's been here."

On Robert Griffin III's NFL debut...
"I didn't see it, but I did see some highlights this morning. To us, that know Robert [Griffin III], just a pedestrian afternoon, another day on the field another day doing what he does. That's being very effective, energetic and emotional. I was really happy for him."

On winning the turnover battle...
"If you win the turnover battle, you have a good chance of winning the football game most of the time. We did a good job winning the turnover battle against SMU. If we continue to do that, we will continue to climb the ladder and getting happy because that is how you win games. You work on the offensive side of the ball to protect it and you work on taking the ball on the defensive side."

  Quarterback Nick Florence

On Sam Houston State...
"They are one of the best teams in the nation and they've proved it to be. They have a lot of guys returning on defense. A lot of their starters played against us two years ago. They know what they are doing, their confidence is high, and they have a lot to prove themselves. We are going to approach it like it is a regular game. They're not a team to be taken lightly."

On false start penalties from the SMU game...
"We can't have that. That's uncalled for. You can say part of it is first-game [jitters], but it's just guys taking a little break mentally. I did that a few times on some things and we can't let that happen. We learn from that, and I think we'll be able to clear those things up this week."

On Sam Houston's defense...
"They attack. They bring the house, and they man the guys up outside. It should be a good challenge for us this week. We've got to do a great job with the offensive line just like they did last week with protecting the ball. Our receivers just have to beat them one-on-one and I have to make the pass. It should be a good game and a good challenge for our offense."

  Inside Receiver/Punt Returner Levi Norwood

On Darryl Stonum...
"He's fast just like everyone else, he's matured, and he knows where to cut and where to make things happen. He's a pretty smart player."

On the upsets this weekend...
"There's been upsets all over the place. We really just have to stay focused on what we're doing. We can't look ahead to other games coming. We have to stay focused on Sam Houston State this week."

On being a return man...
"I love doing it. If they told me I wasn't playing receiver, and I was just returning the punts, and I'd be fine. I would be ready to make plays back there. It's exciting back there."

  Offensive Lineman Troy Baker

On the off-week...
"After that first game, you're real excited you got a first game in. You're ready to get back out there and get another one in. It works both ways. A bye-week is good. It helps you recover from everything just for preparing for the long season ahead. But, at the same time, you are ready to get back out there. I think we did a good job on taking advantage of resting up while we could."

On starting at right tackle...
"It was a pretty good game. It was a good way to start it. Obviously, I feel there is a lot I can improve on. I'm just ready to get back out there and do better in a game atmosphere."

 Nickel back Ahmad Dixon

On Eddie Lackey...
"Eddie is very quiet. To see him on the field do what he does. It's very uplifting. I have a class with Eddie, and he is straight to the point. On the field, to see him be so verbal, and so into the game gives me energy and I feed off of that."

On Sam Houston...
"They are a phenomenal team. Last year they went to the national championship and we are very aware of that. We know that they are not just a team that we can run over. We know what they are capable of doing so we have to put them away early."



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