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Meet the Press: Football Opens on Road at ULM

  Head Coach Art Briles

On the atmosphere going into the ULM game...
"It is their first game coming back from beating Arkansas and taking Auburn into overtime. Their fans are really excited, as they should be. It'll be good for us too, because throughout the Big 12 we go to some really tough venues. We'll have to tighten up our focus a little bit, and it'll give us a good opportunity to bond prior to some of the road games we have in the Big 12."

On ULM QB Kolton Browning...
"He's kind of uncanny. He's on fire. He's hot right now, and he's really doing a good job. He's been a good athlete, he was a three-sport guy in high school along with baseball and basketball. He's just got a way of being an extender - he just extends plays. For a lot of people [the play] may be over, but for him, they're still alive. He's certainly a catalyst offensively, and they do a good job with him scheme-wise. They're really good on the defensive side of the ball. They've got some good guys who are playing extremely hard with a lot of confidence right now. It's certainly going to take our best effort to have a chance to come out there and win."

On the team's excitement about facing ULM...
"I don't think about it at all. As strange as it is, that's still part of the game. You'd like to think that emotions don't play a role, but they do. That's just the reality. The mindset, focus, energy, attitude and effort is all involved. Those will not be issues from here on out, without question, because of the nature of the beast, the opponent that we're playing. Because it's a tough road from here on, so that's what makes it fun, exciting, and inspiring."

On what strikes him about ULM...
"Their balance offensively, schemes offensively - they do a great job if they turn the pass and run. Like I mentioned, Kolton [Browning] certainly keeps everything alive for them from that standpoint. They're not by-the-book, and I think for a good football team in order to have the chance to be great, you have to have an edge, and you have to be different. I don't always think they go by-the-book, so [ULM head coach] Todd [Berry]'s done a good job. He was at Army as the head coach when I was at Houston in 2003 when we played him, and he's always done a great job offensively. He's doing a really good job there. So, they've got a little bit of an edge, and I like the way they play. They play with a little bit of reckless abandon on defense, they really run to the football and they play with a tremendous amount of effort and attitude. They're fighting hard to really be a good football team."

On playing differently in the second half...
"I think it's a combination. We certainly realize that Sam Houston is a good football team. The thing I've learned over the years is when teams have a purpose and a chance to prove themselves, they'll use it to their advantage, and they were in that situation long before being a good football team. But having so many guys with a Waco flavor, around here I've learned that it does aid us. When those teams, SMU, TCU, we come into Houston with all those Houston guys on the team, I mean it was a whole different battle because, they're coming home. We faced some of that the other night. We had a lot of kids from around here that really wanted to come home and play well and they did a pretty good job."

On Demetri Goodson coming back after 5 years...
"Well, I had some good people in Houston who knew him, that I know, and recommended me to him. When I met him, you kind of gravitate to him because he's really a very open person, from his personality to his attitude, and his graciousness. So I like his personality, [and] I knew he was an outstanding athlete. I like guys who are used to having people look at them to be dependable. You know, it's like being a high school quarterback, they're used to people expecting them to make plays at the proper time in the game. That part of it kind of caught my eye, and there was a lot of correlation and you know, an athlete's an athlete."

On how Demetri Goodson has played so far this year...
"I think he's played well, really well. Iit's a tough position to play, but he's a good football player. He's a smart kid, and he learns on the run. That's what you like about him. He goes left one time when he should have gone right, you know, the next time he'll go right. He really does pick things up quickly, and he adjusts very quickly."

  Quarterback Nick Florence

On ULM...
"It's going to be fun. They are a great ballclub. We're in the same boat. We get to go into their house with a packed stadium. It's going to be a lot of fun. It's a college atmosphere. That's why you love college football."

On moving on after the Sam Houston State game...
"I'm excited. We didn't play a great game on Saturday night, so I'm excited to get back out there Friday and not have to wait until Saturday. It'll be a little different but we'll handle it well and we'll be ready to go."

On his 60-yard run...
"I was thinking if I could get to the three, I'm jumping. He got me at the five. If I had a yard or two more space on the sideline I might've made it too. We got it down, and we scored off of that drive and it was big. I made it 60, Glasco (Martin) got the last five. I'm happy for him. Without Levi (Norwood) and Lanear (Sampson) on the outside, it wouldn't have happened. It was a great job by them and a great job by the line doing their part."

  Wide Receiver Terrance Williams

On the game against Sam Houston...
"We started off pretty fast, but then we slowed down toward the middle. We came in to halftime and the game plan was to play the football. We came out in the second half, and it was a completely different ballgame."

On the offense...
"It was just a matter of getting our tempo back. Once we get rolling, it's hard to stop when there are five different people that can score quickly."

On ULM...
"We can't worry about the crowd, and we just have to play the type of game where we make one play at a time."



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