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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Sept. 19, 2010

WACO, Texas - After a 45-10 road loss to TCU on Saturday, Baylor will wrap up non-conference play Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. at Rice. The game will be televised by CBS College Sports.

Here are Art Briles' Sunday thoughts on the Bears' loss to TCU.

Opening statement...
"What you have to do is take what did not go right, and make it right. There were a lot of lessons learned yesterday and what we have to do is become better because of the situation."

Overall performance vs. TCU...
"I think we played hard, but we just did not play as smart as we need to. Our job, as coaches, is to allow our players to be positions of high predictability outcomes. That is certainly something that we will look at. I have said it 100 times, the best player and coach on the field is momentum. You have got to try to counter some way and we did not. That is why it stayed that way for while."

On getting over the mental hangover...
"The answer is we do not have a choice. We have a new game, new week and we have to prepare and go take care of business. We cannot let one incident turn into two. So that is what we will have to do. We are not happy. We are embarrassed and now we better be determined."

On getting pressure on the quarterback...
"We weren't able to get any pressure on Dalton and the ball was coming out of his hand pretty fast. All of their stuff was timing and we didn't do anything to disrupt their timing."

On TCU's timing...
"They were in rhythm, especially offensively. When that is going on, you have got to try and control the ball from your side in order to help the other side. We just didn't do a good job either way helping each other. That is something we have to improve on."

On TCU's talent...
"I have not played them in a while; since 2004. They were a good football team yesterday. I thought they were a very focused team that for some reason, felt like they had something to prove."

On continuing to focus on team goals...
"That is the encouraging part. It might have been a moment of time yesterday, but it is not going to define our football team. Our football team will be defined by 12 games, not one game."

On wiping the slate clean...
"It is not easy for any of us. It is pretty tough when the situation turns that way. Now is when you test your toughness so we will certainly see how we respond because we will be walking into a very similar situation this weekend at Rice."

On rotating the kick return...
"That is something that you certainly do not like to spend a lot of time doing during a game. Unfortunately we did yesterday. By design, they are pretty violent hits most of the time in those situations for the guy carrying the ball and you cannot leave the same guy back there multiple times."



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