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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Sept. 20, 2009

After a 30-22 loss to Connecticut,the Baylor football team will host the Demons of Northwestern State, Saturday at 6 p.m.

Here are head coach Art Briles' thoughts on the Bears' loss to the UConn and the Sept. 26 matchup against Northwestern State:

On the game...
"I guess it is missed opportunities without a doubt. The glaring factor is that you can't turn the ball over three times in a quarter and expect to have an outcome that is advantageous for the most part. That is glaring. We have to approach our mindset this week with a whole different mentality. I think that will be evident."

On the team mentality during the game...
"Consequences dictate outcome a lot of times. I think we will try and feel a little more threatened as a team and as a program. For some reason I don't think we felt like a threatened football team this week and you can't feel that way as a coach or a player."

On the focus for this week...
"We just have to go out and win this week and keep improving as a team. It was almost like we were starting over again yesterday. I think we had, believe it or not, some first-game mental causalities with substitutions, special teams and some things that went on. From that standpoint we will be anxious to get back on the field."

On the battle in the trenches...
"You have to win upfront on both sides of the ball or it can be a long afternoon. Those are certainly issues that we will look at again today. We allowed them to dictate the tempo and it fed into their hands. It is our fault for allowing that to happen."

On the defense being on the field for 81-plays...
"There are two approaches to look at it. If you look at it from an offensive perspective when we get the ball we need to sustain drives and score. From a defensive perspective, if you force them to go three-and-out, you are not out there that long. We knew they would pound the ball and we knew they would throw it a little bit and the tempo was in their favor. When you lose two possessions like we did in the third quarter, which puts your defense back out there when they aren't anticipating being back out there."

On UConn defending the screen passes...
"We broke down our plays between execution and scheme. The majority of the breakdown plays was execution on our part. I don't know. They are a good defensive football team. They did a good job. They did a couple of things different with personnel that we were not anticipating, but that is our job to adjust. We didn't do a good job of adjusting."



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