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Football Meet The Press: Rice

Sept. 20, 2010

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Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement…
“It was certainly not the outcome we anticipated at all (last) Saturday. It is one of those things I’ve said a lot of times: momentum is the best player and coach on the field. And TCU certainly had both early in the game and we couldn’t do anything to alter the flow of the game. I think that was pretty evident. It’s like I told the players, we’ll be judged by 12 games, not one. We’ve got to make sure we take care of business from here on out.”

On the importance of getting off to a good start…
“It’s important every game. It will be important again this week at Rice because we’re on the road again. Any time you go into somebody’s backyard, you better be better than what you need to be. Consequently, we weren’t (last) Saturday. I take a lot of the blame on myself, honestly. I underestimated a little bit the energy (TCU) would have playing us. That won’t happen again. We’ll go into Rice with whatever senses we are blessed with on full-tilt.”

On the players bouncing back from the loss to TCU…
“(The players) get over it a lot quicker than (coaches) do. From that standpoint it’s not an issue because it can’t be an issue. We’re in a week-to-week business and some weeks business is good and some weeks it’s not. This week needs to be a good business week. I don’t know what good it would do to sit around and talk about everything that went wrong last Saturday when we have a game this Saturday. We’ve got to get ready to go play Rice and go into Houston and get a win. That’s all that we have in front of us so that’s what we will take care of.”

On being familiar with Rice…
“I don’t think it’s an advantage. They are always very competitive across the board. I think it’s evident by the Texas ballgame (earlier) this year. It was a 34-17 ballgame. I’m sure Rice would have liked to win but that’s getting after a pretty good football team. I’m real familiar with the surroundings and the type of personality (Rice) has.”

On preparing for Rice’s two-quarterback system…
“Both of those guys do something a little differently. We think we have an idea of who is going to play this week, but we don’t know for sure. We don’t know if they are going to tip their hand or not. We have to prepare a little bit differently for one as opposed to the other. We’ll wait and see who is going to be out there on the field. Both of them play so we are a little familiar with both of them.”

On the consistency of the kicking game…
“It’s a good advantage to have. It’s a good advantage to have knowing that whenever you get inside the opponent’s 30-yard line, you are going to put three points on the board, which has been the case a couple of times this year so far. Of course you would like to finish the drive with a touchdown, but that’s not always the case. Aaron (Jones) has done a really good job when called upon. If he can keep that percentage up throughout the season, which we really feel like he will because he is very accurate, then it will certainly help us down the road. And down the road to me is Saturday in Houston.”

On the performance of the offensive line…
“It’s a little hard to (grade) from the fact that we had to alter a little bit as the game was progressing. We didn’t have multiple plays which makes it even harder to evaluate. I think we did okay. We certainly weren’t dominating. I don’t think we were more physical than them. I thought the effort was good. But it’s not good enough just to play hard. That’s not the object of the game. What you have to do is win. So probably not a passing grade – and not just there but everywhere.”

On the value of Sophomore WR/KR Terrance Williams…
“Terrance (Williams) is very consistent. He is a really good team player and a guy that coaches appreciate because of his work ethic, attitude and approach to everything he does in such an unselfish manner. He has all the qualities that make up a good person and a good player and that’s why he is having a productive year.”

On the execution of the long pass…
“We would certainly like to see more of it. The thing about the long ball is a lot of times, percentage-wise; it’s not up there where you would like for it to be. There are some opportunities during the games to take shots down the field. You just have to make sure it flies in with what you’re trying to do from an offensive standpoint. We do have the ability with some guys to get vertical and make some plays. Josh (Gordon) is one of those guys. I was really happy to see it because he is a guy that does posses the ability to give us a deep-ball threat. It was nice to see him make a play.”

Sophomore DB Chance Casey

On the team’s performance Saturday against TCU…
“Frankly we’re better than we played (last) Saturday. We need to show that in practice and we need to show it definitely (this) Saturday. We need to be living up to our potential.”

On the defense playing too far back on Saturday…
“I think it was more us just not realizing where we were or what was going on and we were playing kind of far back. Really, we have schemes and techniques that allow us to play up close and we, as players, need to utilize those and do what Coach (Norwood) has taught us.”

Junior DE Zac Scotton

On playing in his hometown of Houston this weekend…
“It’s really cool getting to go back and play there. I haven’t played there since high school and a lot of family and friends are excited to make the easy trip to see me play. You want to treat every game the same, but whenever you get the chance to go back and play in front of your hometown crowd, it’s pretty exciting.”

On the defense this past weekend vs. TCU…
“It was really frustrating. I do not think defensively we expected that to happen at all. We felt like we were prepared for their scheme and the things that they were going to do. I just don’t think we were prepared for how they came out into the game and how they did it and by the time we caught our breath and tried to get adjusted it was a little too late.”

Senior S Byron Landor

On losing confidence early in the game against TCU…
“I think we came out with so much fire and so much intensity we were ready to go. We came out of the locker room amped up and to have them start the way they did with the first drive it took a lot out of us. That’s our goal; we hope to be that way! We want to be the ones that score like that and make the big plays on defense to prevent them from doing that.”

On what the team needs to work on…
“It’s all execution. We all need to work on little things. Coach (Briles) is always drilling that into us every day: little things. You don’t really notice it though until you watch the film and you see a missed tackle here or a wrong step there that leads to a big play and a big touchdown that influences the game.”

On the team maintaining its confidence after a loss to TCU…
“The confidence is still there. We play opponent to opponent. We knew TCU was going to be a good team. We expected to do better than we did, but we knew they were going to come out and fight and that’s exactly what they did.”

Junior RB Terrance Ganaway

On the first loss of the season…
“It really was discouraging as a player, but yes we have to bounce back. That’s the game; you win some, you lose some. And the part of playing football you have to learn is leaving all that behind and preparing for the next team. Saturday is a new ball game.”

On recovering from the loss to TCU and preparing for Rice this weekend…
“The thing is to stay focused, keep sharp, learn from last week’s mistakes and get back on the grind and find a way to win this weekend and I know we will.”

“The quicker that we can bounce back from this loss, the quicker we can start focusing on Rice and get after them Saturday.”



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