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Meet the Press: Football Travels to WVU

  Head Coach Art Briles

On the atmosphere at West Virginia...
"They are going to have a good stadium, it's not like it's going to be a big first-time deal for them. They have been doing things right up there for a long time. The only significance is that it's their first Big 12 game."

On the quality of the running game...
"I think we've been ok, we've been averaging over 200 yards a game. There are not many teams in America that are averaging 300 [passing yards] and 200 rushing a game. We are certainly not where we think we will be, we feel like we have some energy out there that hasn't produced yet. We certainly feel like we are going to be capable of rushing the ball better than we have been."

On starting 3-0...
"We did what we had to do. You have to win your nonconference games in this league, because the league is so strong and the games are so tough. That was the critical thing that we had to come out of the nonconference with three wins."

On Demetri Goodson switching to football from basketball...
"My initial thought was, come on lets go. You are getting a high quality athlete in your program that knows how to compete at the highest level regardless of the sport. Then it was about where does he fit best and how can he help us best and help himself best. Demetri [Goodson] has been an excellent addition to our football team off and on the field."

On being an assistant coach at Texas Tech with WVU coach Dana Holgorsen...
"Dana [Holgorsen] is a great coach. He has done a great job everywhere he has been. He is very passionate, very attentive to detail, and very intelligent. I am certainly not surprised at all where he is at right now. I could see it back in 2000."

On being ranked this early in the year...
"I think it benefits Baylor. I think it's a little bit of a carryover from the national recognition we got a year ago. We need that recognition and that respect nationally that we still don't have, that we are still trying to earn. We are peaking in a crack at the door, they don't have it open yet, but we are peaking in and then they will shut it. We just have to get it where it will stay open and we will stay respected all the time."

On Ahmad Dixon as a leader...
"I like the fact that he [Ahmad Dixon] plays with a lot of passion. He has been a great leader for us. Ahmad is a super individual, first and foremost, he is a good human being from a great family. He is always positive, always full of energy and always hopeful. Those are great qualities."

  Junior S K.J. Morton

On going on the road against ULM...
"Everyone bonded together. We had a lot of obstacles we had to cross. We pulled together as a unit, we fought together and we came out on top. That will be good for playing on the road again against a better team."

On the West Virginia fans...
"The fans talk a lot of trash but we zone them out. We feel like it's us against the world. Being one big family, we pull together with high hopes and staying on top of our game."

  Redshirt Freshman DT Trevor Clemons-Valdez

On the progress on defense...
"There is progress and we saw it against Sam Houston in the second half. Coming out against Louisiana-Monroe, I thought we were a little flat as a group. We know what we can do. There's definitely progress from last year and there is still room to grow. Coach Bennett teaches perfection, he preaches perfection and that is what we are striving for."

On West Virginia...
"Louisiana-Monroe is a great team. I'm not taking anything away from them, but we gave them 21 points. It's a `we' thing, and that is what coach Bennett tells us, and that is how we are going to play it. We know West Virginia has a really explosive offense. We have our work cut out for us, but we are a great defense. We are a great team and we give great effort. I have all the faith in the world that we're going to go out there and handle business."

 Senior NB Ahmad Dixon

On being ranked in the top 25...
"We try to keep our eyes off of things like that and focus on what we can control. It's a great privilege to be named among the top teams in America. To know the name of Baylor is brought up among those teams, it just feels great, but we plan on climbing higher in the charts."

On West Virginia...
"We get to open those guys up to the Big 12. We get to show them how we perform in the Big 12. It's their homecoming as well. We know that they're going to be taking a lot of shots, so we have to stay focused and do what we have to do."

  Senior QB Nick Florence

On West Virginia...
"From what I've been told it's going to be awesome. First Big 12 game, they'll be excited. Their fans will be excited and so will we. They have a lot to prove and so will we. It's going to be a good game."

On his two interceptions against ULM...
"It was awful. But you learn from it and to be able to bounce back was a good thing for me to clear it. We talk about it all the time is clearing the last play. We can't make those mistakes. Turnovers can kill a game and we were down 14-0 early because of turnovers. We can't do that this week. We've got to protect the football and execute well."

On Levi Norwood...
"One thing that shocks me is that he is not the biggest guy, but he might be one of the toughest guys to bring down on the field. He plays with a lot of confidence and a lot of poise. He just understands the game and the holes."



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