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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. West Virginia

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"We're glad to be back in the game. The thing about these open dates early in the season is that you feel like you're just starting and stopping, and that's kind of the way we feel right now without question. But the good thing is that our guys are fresh, energized, and anxious, and when you're anxious to do something then you usually have a lot of anticipation and get out there and do it. So from that standpoint, we're certainly ready to go and we certainly have a lot of respect for West Virginia. They're an extremely talented football team that seems to be playing really well, especially coming off last week."

On what he saw in West Virginia last week compared to previous weeks:
"Every game is different, of course. It's all about matchups in football, just as it is in any sport--how do you match up with the other team? If you look at the two losses they have against Oklahoma and Maryland, those are two undefeated football teams and both games were on the road. Oklahoma State came into their place, hadn't been there since 1928 and West Virginia does a great job of putting on a home crowd and a home environment and did a great job of protecting their house. They really played well Saturday on both sides of the ball."

On scoring defensive touchdowns:
"I think you can look back to West Virginia's game Saturday. Oklahoma State's up 7-0, they've got the ball in close territory, throw a pick 6 and it's a 7-7 ball game. All of a sudden all those people that were sitting back yawning and talking are up screaming and hollering for the next 2½ hours. It just changes the whole complexion, and it's done it for us."

On Ahmad Dixon situation:
"It doesn't have an effect on us this week. We knew about it before the ULM game. We took all the facts and information we had at that time and evaluated it. We made a decision and the decision was we were going to move forward and that's what we've done. He's remorseful and he was in a situation he shouldn't have been in but it's old news to us now."

On West Virginia using 3 different QB's and not knowing who will start:
"They're all different and they've all had their ups and downs. I thought that Trickett the other day gave them a spark and I thought he was accurate in his plays. Our job is to do what our job is and that's what our defense will do."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On having one game in 27 days:
"I have never thought about it that way. That's a lot of days off. I think our guys have just done a really good job with their focus. When you put it in that perspective, there are a lot of days in that span that you can lose focus and get away from our goal of being Big 12 Champs. A lot of praise goes to Coach Briles and his staff for keeping us high energy and high focus. The players as well for doing a great job of staying with that."

On scoring 63 points and losing last year and how they will approach the game this year:
"You never want to think of football as a revenge type of game. We are ready to go out there. Even though we did score 63 points last year, there were still points left out there. As a team a couple things just didn't go our way, but I thought we played really well being in that atmosphere. Opening up Big 12 at home against them, it needs to be a win for us for sure."

On having chrome helmets:
"Bring the bling. I think that is what they are saying. It will be alive. I am excited for our guys. One game in 27 days. We are ready to go again."

On uniform changes:
"We were talking about this in the weight room yesterday about motivation external and internal motivation. You always want to look good. It's that saying look good, feel good, play good. It always helps to spice it up if you will. Does it affect us going out there and playing harder because we are wearing chrome helmets? No. But it does add to the atmosphere and the hype for us going out to know we look good so let's play good."

 Lache Seastrunk, RB

On the upcoming game against West Virginia:
"We're going to play them like we do everybody else. Everybody's a threat. We're going to treat them like a threat, and we're going to win games."

On the offense:
"We move as far as the O-line goes. If they're pushing everybody out of the way, it's going to be a good day for us."

On this being the first Big 12 game:
"We're not hyping it up. We're going in it like every other week, just another team, treat them as a threat. We're going to practice hard and work hard and hopefully get the results that we want."

 Chris McAllister, DE

On the defense:
"On defense, you don't get the ball too often, so when you get it you try to make the most of it. I joke around with the guys and tell them you know there's only one place to take it when you get the ball, and that's to the end zone."

On the defensive ends:
"We feel like as a group we could be one of the best units on the team. We know that we're capable of making a lot of plays. You know we're striving to get better every day."

  Troy Baker, OL

On possibly playing Saturday:
"As far as how I feel, I feel great. Everything is starting to pay off. It was something that I had to be patient with. As far as this weekend goes, it all depends on practice. I've got to keep proving myself to not only me but the coaches. I need to show them that I'm getting back to where I was. I just need to keep making strides and pick the little things back up. I have to get comfortable with all the things that I did last year. I'm not going to say anything specific because I honestly don't know, but I'm getting real close. It's all coming together finally."

On his recovery from ACL surgery in April:
"It's been a very long road and a long summer. The way I looked at it was that my season started April 4 when I had surgery. I won't get a break until January. I'm still rehabbing now with more of a maintenance program, so I'm still in the training room a lot. I'm making sure that I keep making my knee stronger and staying on top of it. After everything this summer, it's nice to see all the hard work pay off."

  Glasco Martin, RB

On playing Saturday:
"I feel like I'm better than I have been in those previous weeks. I felt really good during the bye week. We're just going to see how I look in practice this week and play it by ear. I thank God for the bye weeks because they pretty much saved my season. I would've missed five or six games by now. I'm just really happy that we had the bye weeks when we did."

On opening the Big 12 Conference play:
"It's exciting. There's a lot of buzz around campus, and they're excited for this game. I can't wait to play."

  Terrance Lloyd, DE

On the difference of the defensive line since he arrived five years ago:
"The difference is that we have a lot of depth on the team. Playing defensive end, I think our second string guys Shawn Oakman and Jamal Palmer coming in are great for us. They're fast, they're physical and they play hard for us. Those guys give us time on the sideline to recover then we give them the time to recover when we play."

On playing alongside Chris McAllister:
"It's great. On the other side of the field just communicating with him helps. I know what I want him to do and what he wants me to do. We try to feed off of each other like that and compete with each other as much as we can."



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