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Meet The Press:

Oct. 2, 2007

Head Coach Guy Morriss


The future

"I believe in these kids, I believe in my coaches, and I still think that our best football is in front of us. We are going to get them back on track; they are going to respond this week."


Game at A&M

 "They were embarrassed; they know they didn't play well. I think we have got enough character in this football team to where we will be able to bounce back."


Confidence in the Team

 "I have to believe that the switch is going to go on and we will put a game together. We believe in them, we just have to keep pounding into their head what we want from them. Go out to practice and clean up some things. I know that they have it in them. We can do it; we just have to carry it into the game on Saturday. We need to play like I know we can play."




Who is to blame?

"We have enough character on this team to where there is no finger pointing. We know we can all improve and I just don't have any concern about that at all. Our kids are on the same page. It is the opposite actually it is the best it has ever been with both sides encouraging each other during the game."


What to expect from Colorado?

"We have to be ready for them at their very best."


So would you consider this game a must win?

"They are all must wins if you are thinking about it in the right way. We keep on taking one game at a time and this is the only one we play this week, and this is the one we have got to win. We have got to keep that kind of attitude."


Has the north gotten better?

"I guess you can say that I mean Colorado has certainly gotten better and they are in the north. I mean I can't speak for any other of the northern teams because we haven't seen any of them yet. But I guess based on record Kansas has gotten better, K-State has gotten better so I would assume yes they have gotten better."


Jake LaMar

"Jake has been a big player so far. Shown up well, He is  a walk on but he has worked himself into a good player. He is a talented young man, very smart, very dependable. He puts a lot of time in on the film study knows his defense inside and out and he just has a knack for finding the football and a knack for blitzing. He is either hitting the quarterback or sacking him. He is a physical player. He really leads by example.


What do you think about having Jordan Lake on one side and Jake LaMar on the other?

"It is a great combination to have"


Thoughts on Joe P. and Jordan L.

Joe and Jordan are the main leaders of the defense. Jordan is leading the back in and Joe is leading the front 7 front 8."


On Joe's interception last year at Colorado.

"What I remember is him going up and coming back down with the football after that it went a little hazy. Once again he was right where he needed to be and it just exemplifies the type of person and player he is. And we just rushed over and jumped on the pile to celebrate."


Players state of Mind after loss?

"I think they are in a good frame of mind. I think they were disappointed and upset that they didn't play as well as they had wanted to, but I don't think anyone is ready to jump off a building. Like I said we have seven opportunities to go out and do what we have set out to do, we just need to carry that with us each Saturday onto the field."



Defensive Coordinator Larry Hoefer


On the A&M Game:

"A&M had a great game plan, they were well coached, and they did very well Saturday."


"A&M is a difficult team to defend in the fact that they don't have many plays where they lose yardage and it seemed like all day long it was third and one, or third and two and its difficult to stop a team like that."


"Although we had 11 tackles for losses in this game, we didn't have any sacks. We did do some things to penetrate them that helped us a little bit."


On Colorado:

"Colorado seems like they are getting better each week. They have a young quarterback that gets better every week. Their offensive line is solid, and they have a mixing of four of five tight ends. The stats jump out at you against the Oklahoma game."


"We have a big challenge this week, we need to put together a good game plan, but our players are looking forward to playing them."


"All we can control is ourselves, we are really excited. We are getting ready and getting prepared."



Offensive Coordinator Lee Hays-


On A&M-

"I think the Aggies played hard, they did a great job. But from my standpoint, I am extremely disappointed about how we performed on offense. Going into this field, we understand as an offense, that A&M's offense was their strength, and that we needed to counter that by keeping them off the field, and getting first downs is a priority for us."


On Week leading up to the game-

"I thought we had a good week of preparation and a good week of practice. Really, this was probably the best week of practice since I have ever been here. I am just disappointed in how it turned out. It wasn't our best performance. When you put the ball on the ground like we did, with 3 and out over and over and over, it puts your defense in a bind, and you're not going to win very many ball games."


On Offensive Performance-

I would love to sit here and come up with some sort of formula or calculation or have one of the players to blame, but the person that I have to look at is myself; I called the plays. Regardless of the drops or what happened, I have to go ahead and call a play that creates bigger windows so my kids can catch the football.


On the Offensive Line's Play-

"The only positive that really came out is how well the offense line played. I thought they played and outstanding game and they were very physical up front. They created some running lanes, pass protection was great. That was about the only positive that I could come up with for the offense."


On Colorado-

"Colorado is the most talented team that we have faced so far.  They have a heck of a defensive line. Their linebackers are unbelievable; No. 44 is the Big 12 leading tackler.  It is going to be a challenge. They play with multiple fronts and coverage's, and we need to be ready to play."


On Colorado's play against OU-

"I think Colorado is a little bit like us. Offensively they are in the second year of their system. When you compare this year to last year, each week they start to play faster because they know the system, and they are getting better and better. Athletically, they can like up with anybody, and it showed in the Oklahoma game."


On Colorado's Defense-

"They really have not changed scheme wise to what they did last year, so that's a plus. They base it out of a 4-2-5, which we see everyday, and that's a positive. I think the kids that were here last year know what its going to take."


On David Gettis-

"David had a really good game. He has been playing full speed, and he is starting to do all of the little things right. Saturday, he went and got that football. One of the things that was concerning was his ability to adjust to the ball, and he really accelerated and went after it. I am proud of that kid, he has worked hard."


Overall Offensive Effort-

"From a coordinators standpoint, those kids played hard on offense, and that's what is disappointing. The receivers played hard. The inside kids had a few drops, but they were playing fast. There are a few things here and there that we need to address. You look at the Running Backs, the Offensive Line, and most of the receivers, those kids were playing hard, and that's all you can ask."



Blake Szymanski


Colorado's defense

They're possibly the best we've faced all year.  Really athletic, they're going to be good and from what I here their offence is going to be good as well.  So, we are going to have to put a lot of points on the board. 


On Last years CU game

It was a huge win, Joe made that huge play at the end and Shawn made that play on fourth down which might be just as big. That was a great game and fun to be a part of. 


On CU vs OU

OU is a good team; I've watched them play a couple times.  They've got a lot of talent and for them to hang with them, not just hang with them, but beat them.  That means you have to watch out for them.  They have a ton of athletes over there that can make plays.  They're going to make some good plays.


On Offensive Line

Our o line is improving week by week and that showed last week against A&M the first big 12 team they faced they stepped up to the challenge and did their job.  Skill wise we didn't do our job on our end.  They continue to get better and better. 



Joe Pawelek


On Colorado game last year

"It was a pretty exciting game.  I guess the way it ended wasn't very fun, but to go on the road in the Big 12 and come out with a win is big.  The interception was just a good call really.  They had been hurting us in the middle and the coach called cover two and I just played my role. From an individual standpoint, to end the game like that was pretty special, but for how the season turned out it put a damper on all that stuff.  However, we just got to go into this week and focus on this game."


On frame of mind going into this week

"We come in today and shake off what happened last week and look forward to Colorado." 


Colorado on a high from last week

"Sure, they had a huge win last week and that's college football for you, anyone can take on anyone at any time.  They'll come in here pretty amped, but they won't come in here and overlook us.  It's a Big 12 game and that is always a big game."  


On Colorado game this week

"Sure we can feed off of the game from last year; they are pretty much the same team except for QB. We know we beat them in their place last year so for them coming down here we know we got the upper hand in this one."  



Josh Bell


On CU game last year

"The fact that we knew we were going to win the game.  The sidelines and everybody did everything we could to win the game.  The intensity, it was like a roller coaster.  One minute you feel good and the next your heart sinks.  I know when Shawn threw the two point to Shelton I was on the edge, and that was how the whole game was, on the edge the whole time and you can drop off the edge at anytime."


On Joe's interception

"I was on the sidelines, and they had beaten us on that play a few times earlier in the game.  The tight end went up the seam in cover two. The middle is the weak spot in that you know.  There was a correction we made throughout the game and Joe made the correction and came up with the ball.  Then, I was like, aww he got the ball, wait we won!  It was like a double whammy."


"I will never in my life jump on a pile in celebration at the end of a game again.  I almost tore my ACL, and I couldn't breathe; all 165lbs of me.  Next time I will be like a wise owl and wait for the end and jump on and slide off easily."  


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