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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Kansas State

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"feels good to get into a routine. Regular Sunday-Monday play is a good thing. We can take all that worrying prior to playing West Virginia--one game in 28 days--and forget about it. We are excited about going to Kansas State. It's going to be tough but it will be a great opportunity to prove ourselves again."

On environment at Kansas State:
"It's a great environment as all are in the Big 12. They `re all tough, including Floyd Casey. Anywhere you go on the road you're in a different environment and I don't know if tough is the right word - its just different. You have to change a few things. We had a tough game up there two years ago where they came back and won the football game when we had a good opportunity to take advantage of winning a tough road game, but fortunately we're back with another opportunity."

On the defensive and offensive lines:
"It's certainly a process. We've got three fifth-year seniors on the offensive line. That makes a big difference. They've seen a lot, done a lot, and helped a lot and continued to get stronger. I would like to redshirt everybody because I think they're going to be better when they're 23 rather than when they're 18."

On Tevin Reese:
"Out of all the great receivers Baylor has had over the decades, in particularly the last four or five years, Tevin Reese is the most productive junior ever at this university, and that says something in itself. What he has really helped with in the last six months is the maturity factor. He's been here awhile, and he's grown up and become a really good leader for us. He knows what everybody is doing on every play. He leads by example. People may not always believe what you say, but they will always believe what you do."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On Kansas State:
"Kansas State is a great team. Coach (Bill) Snyder has done a great job with those guys year in and year out. It'll be a good test because Kansas State is a tough place to play. We remember 2011 because we let them have one. I don't want to say that it is a revenge game, but it kind of is. We got them back last year, but it's time to go there and take care of business. They guys will come in hot and ready to go."

On people still doubting Baylor:
"thing that bothers me about those statements is that they don't know how hard we work. They don't know how hard these guys have been working this summer and the offseason. That's what makes me mad. To come in week in and week out and put up the numbers and getting the defensive stops and keep hearing that makes me mad. I hope I didn't come off as anything, but it is motivation for us. Any kind of chip we can have we are going to use. We're going to use that and run with it."

 Lache Seastrunk, RB

On mentally preparing for the trip to Kansas State:
"We have to be more mentally prepared as Coach Kaz (Kazadi) has been telling us all week. So we will have to be more focused this week than we have ever been. We have to keep pushing forward."

On the success of the offensive line this season:
"If you watched the West Virginia game you saw (the offensive line) pushing bodies out of the way for me to do what I do. In order for me to do well I have to thank the guys up front. They've been really good. You also can't forget the receivers. You always have Antwan (Goodley) and Jay Lee down field to set that one key block for me to score."

 Ahmad Dixon, S

On Baylor's eight game win streak:
"I was just telling Lache (Seastrunk) that I didn't realize that we were on a 8-0 winning streak. That's something that you don't really hear about in this league very often. A team winning eight games and still doing it in a good way. I like the way we are putting up numbers and looking good while we are doing it."

On the atmosphere of playing away games:
"It's totally different. Everyone's against you except for the guys that are wearing the same uniform as you. That's something that we are trying to get the younger guys to understand. Anything can't fly. You can't go out there jabbing your jaws or celebrating too much because you may get a penalty. You never know how it could affect us. We just have to go out there and focus and play Baylor football."

Antwan Goodley, WR

On getting off to fast starts:
"Coach (Briles) stresses to us the importance of starting off quick out of the gate and giving them little room to breathe. It's fun to (score a lot). It's what we like to do. We enjoy putting up a lot of points."

On why it's hard to defend the offense:
"You really can't. We have a lot of talent on the field at the running back position, quarterback position and wide receivers. We've got a lot of options."

Eddie Lackey, LB

On last year's upset against Kansas State:
"Going into that game we were very confident that we could beat them. We were confident that we could stop Collin Klein running the ball and stop their passes. We were just really confident in the game plan and executing it. We had all the motivation possible to go into that game and do what we did. All we had to do was play football."

On the first away game of the season:
"You just have to treat it the same as if it were a home game. You know you are going to get the different elements such as the crowd yelling which will be tougher for the offense in particular. It's just another one of those things where you have to be emotionally flexible, and when we go out there we just have to keep playing the same way that we have been."



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