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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Oct. 10, 2010

After suffering its first conference loss of the season, Baylor will now head out on the road to face Colorado on Saturday, looking to rebound from a 45-38 loss to Texas Tech. The Bears and Buffaloes will square off from Folsom Field in Boulder, Colo., with kickoff set for 6 p.m. The contest will be televised nationally on Fox College Sports (FCS) Central.

Here are Art Briles' Sunday thoughts on the Bears' loss to Texas Tech as well as Saturday's upcoming game against Colorado.

On yesterday's game...
"I think what everybody saw was pretty much what happened: two teams playing hard, lot of effort and lot of determination."

On his feelings after the game...
"I very seldom let my personal life get involved with my professional life and so personally for me yesterday at the site was a difficult day."

On how his team will bounce back from the loss...
"That is not an issue. It is just like we talked about: it is not a sprint it is a marathon. We still have a job to do and that is what we will do. We will do our job. Our job is to prepare, plan and then go out and produce. That is not even in the equation, because we have to go to Colorado and we have got to play hard and we have got to win."

On why the team's defense got better at the end of the game...
"It is hard to sustain. I think defensively we kept applying pressure. Eventually you are going to get to the quarterback once or twice and that is cause an errant throw. You are going to get to the guy, after hitting the guy 12 times opposed to three. The production on the other side decreases, so it is hard for an offense to sustain for a complete 60 minutes at the pace we were seeing."

On if the defense just needs to play better from the beginning...
"No. I certainly thought we came out and played, without a doubt. I think we didn't take advantage of opportunities early in the game from an offensive standpoint. We had a chance to get away from them a little bit and didn't do it."

On if the defense just missed a lot of tackles...
"We certainly have to go back to what they teach you the first day you put pads on: wrap up. You have to tackle with your hands and grab cloth. We didn't do that consistently yesterday."

On the play of the young guys on the team...
"Half-way through a season you don't consider those guys young anymore, because they have been through some games and been through some atmospheres. Now it is just their opportunity to produce. Those guys are just excited about the opportunity to get out there and help our team."



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