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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Iowa State

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"It was just what we expected going into Manhattan against a very well-coached football team with quite a bit of purpose on mind--not just as a football team, but as a university. We got what we expected out of our team, particularly on the offensive side with five new starters going on the road for the first time with the quarterback and center being two of them. I thought those guys handled the situation extremely well, and we felt all along that Bryce's demeanor and poise would show and I thought he was exceptional for a road game of that atmosphere. It was a complete team win."

On expectations for Iowa State:
"Anytime you get in conference play, anything can happen because everybody's got history with each other. We're playing people we've played for a long time, we recruit against, we've got history against, and we know a lot of their players and coaches and schemes and how they approach things from a philosophical standpoint. That blends to having these types of games you get into in conference play. They're a good, tough football team that plays extremely well."

On Baylor's consistently powerful QB position:
"I like guys that are competitors and I like guys that are fearless and that are very intelligent. I also like guys that are mature. The thing that impresses me about Bryce is that he has waited his turn and he's done it the right way by improving while he's not playing--both mentally and physically. I think that's critical in his development and everybody's story is different."

On the importance of tempo in practice:
"That's just how we practice. It's what we do. It's what we've done and when we get in the game it's actually slower and it should be slower. We want our games to be like practice: we want to see like we've seen and we want to react like we've reacted. Then we'll make plays like we want to make plays."

On the eighth official:
"It's got pros and cons. I think it has helped speed up the game which is what we wanted. That's why I voted yes on it. It's a lot cleaner, smoother and smarter from an official standpoint. Those guys can see more and there's not as much of a chance of them getting hurt because it's dangerous in there. From that standpoint it's been good, but it has increased some calls and that's evident. That's just the way it is. The tradeoff is good."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On the game against Kansas State:
"I just knew we weren't going to lose that game. I don't know if it was composure or what, but I think it was the confidence to know that we have a really good team. Being here for four years and seeing the guys work and seeing where we've been and where we're going to now. You know for me in that kind of situation, I've been waiting four years for this."

On Iowa State:
"I think we have similar offenses in a way. I think we've played Iowa State enough to where we kind of know what they're going to do. Again at the end of the day it's about Baylor for us. From an offensive standpoint, it's always about us going out to execute, us going out to produce the way we know how. It starts with practice the week before. It starts with game planning and watching film."

On the Baylor receivers:
"Those guys do a great job. They make my job easy. When you think about the passes we've completed and how open they are, it says a lot about how talented they really are. It doesn't come to any surprise on game day just seeing how they practice and how they work. For me it's just settling down, taking a deep breath and letting it fly, because they're going to get it."

 Ahmad Dixon, S

On what to expect from Iowa State:
"They're willing to take a chance. They play like they have nothing to lose. When you go up against a team like that, you have to know that they will be giving out the same shots as us. We are expecting our kind of trick plays and deep routes. We know they are going to test our secondary. Last year when we went up to Ames, Iowa, we didn't do a good job controlling the secondary. I'm not going to say that they destroyed us, but they had a pretty good game against us. We have to come back out and show them that this is not the same secondary we had last year."

On playing at home:
"It's a lot of fun. When you run out of the tunnel the first thing you see is the Baylor Line being so loud and so rowdy. Then you see the crowd and everybody cheering. It's just a great atmosphere. You know everyone in the stands is rooting for you. It's like a big family reunion."

 Tevin Reese, WR

On him and Antwan Goodley being the go-to guys:
"That's what Antwan and I talked about going into the season, not worrying about having one go-to guy this season. We wanted to tell Bryce (Petty) to throw it to multiple receivers than just me and Antwan. It's a blessing because it was one of the things that we wanted."

On the receiving game slowing down:
"I hope not, but Coach (Briles) gives us the best opportunities and positions to make great plays. They stay multiple hours up here after practice looking at film and stuff like that. They do a great job getting us a scheme out there and we execute."

 Antwan Goodley, WR

On Baylor being coined "Wide Receiver U":
"We've been developing over the last couple of years. Coach Briles has done a great job recruiting. I think that is what has helped us so far."

On having to step up as a go-to receiver:
"I knew for sure. They told me all the time. After losing (Terrence Williams) everyone was saying that Baylor wasn't going to be good, that we had to replace him somehow. I knew I had to do something to help my team."

 Glasco Martin, RB

On the offense having more to offer:
"There definitely is (more that you haven't seen). Bryce (Petty's) confidence is growing more and more. I'm getting better each game. Lache (Seastrunk) is a completely different player than he was last year. The way I see it, our offense is limitless. Antwan and Tevin are playing great. We can do anything we want to really on offense."

On the road win at Kansas State:
"I definitely think that it was a confidence booster. We are good at home, losing I think one game in the last three years. Our road record hasn't been as good. Just to see our team come together and mature was really a big thing for us that we could step up and win on the road."

Eddie Lackey, LB

On Iowa State quarterback Sam Richardson:
"We know that he is a good quarterback. We have to play assignment sound and play our football. We just have to play our game."

On the confidence level playing at home:
"I think it's huge. We feed off of our crowd and what is going on around us. It helps us. For me personally, I love being at home and playing at Floyd Casey. Our fans are great and it's a great environment to be in."

Bryce Hager, LB

On the Kansas State game:
"A win like that is big, especially that our defense helped out our offense in those times. Getting the ball back to our offense was huge. If we can keep doing that and hold offenses to less points, we will be in good shape."

On what the road win means for the defense:
"It shows that our defense is growing. We can stop teams when it comes to that point in the game. When we need a stop our defense can show up."



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