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Meet the Press: Football Previews Texas

 Head Coach Art Briles

On turning the ball over 6 times...
"That really was the most disturbing thing about the game for us. That was uncharacteristic for us and something that we haven't done in a long time. It is something that we have addressed and will continue to address. Like I have always said, if you win turnovers, field position, and momentum you have a good chance to win the game. I'm not sure if we won any of those the other night."

On the mistakes Nick Florence made..."The thing we have to remember about Nick [Florence] is that he really hasn't played that many football games. We look at him like he is a really experienced quarterback, but his actual game-time experience is not that much."

On what impresses Coach Briles about Texas...
"Their physical stature and the nature of the players they put on the field. They are all extremely talented and very physical. They lost to West Virginia which was number five in the country, and they lost to Oklahoma which was a top-five pick when the season started. They may have cut themselves a little, but they have band-aids, they can stop the bleeding."

On David Ash's performance this season...
"I think he [David Ash] has been really impressive without question. Last year he wasn't really the guy the whole time, but this year they decided to go with him and he has been very productive. He has been playing with a lot of confidence, and he gives them the ability to run the football as well. He is a big physical presence and he is a guy they certainly believe in. I think he has done a great job, especially being a true sophomore."

On the Baylor defense...
"We played well enough in the first half defensively to give ourselves a chance to win the football game. The offense just kept turning the ball over. We have to work together and we didn't work together, that was the frustrating part. As the game progressed, TCU gained some confidence and they made some big plays on third down. All four of their touchdown passes came on third down."

On the upsets in the Big 12...
"We live in such a vacuum this time of year, you can't get involved with all that when you have so much involved in our student-athletes and this University. I know the scores of the games in the Big 12, but nothing surprises me. In a league that has this much parity, it's hard to explain how some things happen, but they happen. You deal with it if you are on the good side and you deal with it if you are on the bad side and you move on, because the next week is another season."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On the game vs. TCU...
"It was a rough one. We hurt ourselves in a lot of different ways, and when you do that it's really hard to win a football game."

On the turnovers against TCU..."I made a lot of mistakes and a lot of mental errors. That's six possessions that we could have scored on and that we gave back to them. We can't allow that to happen."

On the game this week against Texas..."We are ready to get back on the field. I think a lot of the guys are ready for Saturday to get here so we can prove that we are a much better team than we showed last Saturday night."

 Senior Defensive Tackle Gary Mason, Jr.

On the switch of positions from defensive end to defensive tackle for the TCU game...
"It was a great experience. I only had one week of practice, so I didn't have much time to think. I just tried to make plays."

On switching from playing defensive end to defensive tackle...
"Everything is really quick. Things happen really quick inside, so I had to get my hands and feet ready. For this week, I have to work on staying low when I'm inside.

On what he has to do to prepare to play inside tackle...
"I have to get bigger. I am eating before I go to bed, I am eating as much as I can when I wake up, I am making bigger lunches, and packing snacks in my backpack for the day."

 Junior Offensive Tackle Cyril Richardson

On Baylor's ability to produce NFL-ready offensive linemen...
"We have a good coach. He teaches you everything you need to know and fills your arsenal up with all the techniques that you need to know. He gets you ready for whatever you may face on the field."

On the cohesiveness of the offensive line...
"Coach knows what each person can do and he knows where he needs them at. It's also not a big deal for us to switch because we know each other's positions and assignments."

On the game against Texas...
"We are definitely going to bring it to them. We have been watching film on Texas from this year, so we will have a good plan in place for when we play them on Saturday."

On losing the past two games...
"I don't feel good about it, but I am going to work hard and continue to help my guys out."



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