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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Oct. 17, 2010

After starting the season 5-2 for the first time since 1995 with a 31-25 road victory over Colorado, Baylor returns home to face Kansas State on Saturday, looking to become bowl eligible for the first time since 1994. The Bears will tangle with the Wildcats as part of Baylor's 101st Homecoming celebration. Kickoff is set for 2:30 p.m. at Floyd Casey Stadium. The contest will not be televised. Here are Art Briles' Sunday thoughts on the Bears' win over Colorado as well as Saturday's upcoming game against Kansas State.

On the chance to become bowl eligible on Homecoming...
"We are just trying to get better as a football team. We certainly feel like we had a big win last night, but we really feel like we can play a lot better. I think our guys really showed a lot of fortitude to just keep grinding keep fighting and overcome a lot and get out of there with a big win. We are excited about being home, excited about it being Homecoming and excited about a chance to play a really good football team in Kansas State."

On his team's rushing attack...
"We weren't really sure what Colorado would do defensively, because we had a whole lot of respect for them defensively as a team.... We had a few things we were able to hit with a little bit of consistency. We were able to have some good runs and any time you do that it certainly opens up other parts of the game. It just kind of worked out that way. We didn't go into the game saying or thinking we were going to get in there and try and pound it out."

On Jay Finley...
"Jay has been real steady, ever since we have been here. He is an extremely passionate player, very tough and very determined with the football. I was proud to see him have some good runs and make some timely runs for us. He will tell you the credit goes to the offensive line. Our guys really did a good job up front of being physical and dominating and opening up some good holes for him."

On the adjustments of the defense in the second half...
"I think after watching the tape we just kept on grinding. Our guys played with a lot of effort, lot of passion, lot of belief. Colorado has got a good team.... We knew they would strike and get a score or two there at home, because their point production at home has been pretty good this year. Our guys kept fighting and kept making plays. Schematically (there were) not any major adjustments."

On the thoughts in his head during the last play of the game...
"That is just one of those plays that you just hope it works out for you. Our guys were in great shape. Chance (Casey) was in a great position out there. I thought he had the best play on the football from my vantage point and then looking at the tape the same thing held true. That is (a play) that can really help you with your season, your confidence and your belief and your outcomes. It was a big play for Baylor University."

On Aaron Jones' field goal before half...
"It was huge, because we kind of sputtered around in the first half, offensively particularly. We really didn't get any rhythm going.... I think it was very critical to go into halftime down 15-10, because we felt good. We knew we were getting the ball coming out in the second half. I thought we were developing a little flow offensively. I thought we would go down and get some points on the board then we could turn the thing around. He has been tremendous all year."

On overcoming the three turnovers to win the game...
"That was the best part of the game. We weren't clean, but we won. That is the sign of a team that is gaining some maturity and belief. That to me was the most critical factor. We didn't play a polished game, but we got out of there with a big win on the road. That shows that we are growing as a football team."



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