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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Kansas

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"I thought last Saturday night was the best crowd-the most energetic, most enthusiastic, loudest without question that I've witnessed for a continuing basis at Floyd Casey. I appreciate that. It was really needed, especially in conference play. I thought our guys played well and got another conference win, which is what it's all about."

On replicating home routines on the road:
"We really do try to keep everything as normal as possible, but you just can't do it because it's not normal. You can't look at a shirt that's red and say it's green, because it's not. It's different. You have to be different and prepare differently and every situation is different. We won't do the same things at Kansas that we did at Kansas State because it's all different. But the one thing that's constant is the two hours before the game and the sixty minutes on the clock."

On what older guys' roles are in keeping team humble:
"I don't think we need humbling because we're humble to begin with. You don't try to humble a person that's already humble. What have we done? We've played six games and everybody else has played seven or eight. We've played six and been fortunate enough to win six and that's it. Right now we're surviving just like everyone else in America."

On effectiveness of Reese and Goodley:
"They've been effective first and foremost because they're good--they're good kids, they're good teammates and they work extremely hard, which makes a big difference on the field. Their preparation gives them a chance to equal massive production, which is what they've done. You don't just walk out there one day and say you're going to be a good receiver. You have to prepare, and they've done that."

On improvement of the defense:
"The numbers the other night were really nice. The thing that's very impressive to me was that that night was the first night we haven't taken an opening drive and scored. Their first three possessions were 1-2-3 punt, 1-2 fumble, and 1-2-3 punt, 17-0 Baylor. That's the critical part. Those guys have been good. They have played really well before and I'm proud of the fact that Eddie was defensive player of the week. As a unit they really did well. The process is starting to pay off."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On preparing for another road game:
"I think what we did at K-State, how we kind of battled through that, especially how we've been rolling through people, just that adversity, that challenge, and knowing we can get through it is a big part of that. It's just about one game at a time kind of mentality. To us it doesn't matter where we play or who we play or when we play. It's always about Baylor. This is a one game season and Kansas is our game, so we've got to prepare and attack with that in mind."

On waiting to be a starter:
"I don't think I've ever been patient, you can probably ask my mom on that one. I think it's just that I learned a lot through this process and I really came to the realization that everything in life is for a purpose. There is a reason for everything. I kind of always said that before, but never truly believed it until going through this whole waiting process. I think it's really made me who I am on and off the field. My faith is a big part of who I am, and I want to bring that on to the field, off the field as well. My faith during that time has grown tremendously, so I wouldn't want to change it for anything."

On Coach Briles and his influence on this football program:
"He came in and basically changed our whole mentality as far as how we approach things. If you look back at teams prior to and just the little things, breaking out workouts on Big 12 Champs, we just kind of said it, we didn't mean it. Through Coach Briles and Coach Kaz and their staffs really together collaboratively, we mean it now and we say it with authority. My hat's off to Coach Briles, because he has had a vision since day one and that's what you have to have to change a program. And he's not only done that with us but with every program he's at. I'm really blessed to have him as a coach."

On Shawn Oakman:
"He's an animal. I was looking at him last year on the sidelines in a jersey and it looked like he had pads on. I've never seen someone wear a sweater and make it look like a tight fit. He's a heck of an athlete, and as a player we're really excited to have him playing for us."

On being bowl eligible:
"A big win for us. Any time you get bowl eligible as a program it's a big deal, and so we were really happy with that Saturday night. It's almost an expectation now, and that's where you want to be. It's not just a dream to get to six wins and get a bowl. That's what's expected now. It's our job as players to do that. It's to come in again every week as a new week and to start fresh. It's about building a tradition. We're not near where we're going to be, but we're getting there."

 Antwan Goodley, WR

On the overall team performance against Iowa State:
"It was a pretty good effort all around. Everyone played well and did their job. The defense played tremendously and made our job a whole lot easier."

On making big plays on offense:
"That's what we focus on every week. We like big plays. That's what Coach Briles wants, so that's what we practice on all the time."

 Eddie Lackey, LB

On just missing out on the shutout against Iowa State:
"We were really pulling for (a shutout), but it wasn't that big of a deal. Any time you can beat a team 71-7 is a pretty big deal. We're not disappointed at all. We still look at it as a dominating victory. We absolutely dominated up front and in all elements."

On dealing with the media attention Baylor is receiving:
"No, you can't let it (go to your head). We just have to treat it like we have been; treat it like we aren't in the top 25. In my opinion, we just have to always be that underdog and go out there and play our game. We just have to focus on us and focus on Baylor and not think about the media that is out there. People are talking about us. We can't listen to the people who are patting us on the backs or telling us that we shouldn't be this high up in the rankings. We can't listen to either one of those. We just have to go out there are keep playing the way that we have been playing."

  Levi Norwood, WR

On his punt return for a touchdown:
"We talked about it before the season started, and it was definitely a goal. It hadn't happened in a really long time, like 2005. It definitely feels good, and is kind of a relief that it finally happened. I felt for a second that I had nowhere to go. I think the punter was supposed to punt it to the other side, but it got away from him, so it set it up a little better for me to cut back to the field. After that there were people blocking for me so it was really easy once I made that cut."

On his 41-yard pass to Jay Lee:
"I'm a little bit disappointed because I kind of floated it up there, and it could've been a touchdown. I did the same thing last year and I floated it to Lanear (Sampson), and that one could've been a touchdown. But it worked. It was a trick play that had been drawn up, and it went how we wanted it to."

 Sam Holl, NB

On the defensive effort against Iowa State:
"It definitely was (our best effort). We've been waiting for something like that for a long time. We felt like we had really been improving this season, and picking up the momentum from last year. It was a great team win defensively. We were clicking really well, and we executed really well. We also tackled really well. That's what will happen if you do those things."

On the Kansas game two years ago:
"That was a tough, hard-fought game. When I think of Kansas, I think of going in there it is a tough place to get yourself going because it's not the big environment like other places. I think that's what we kind of did two years ago. We came out a little flat. This week we have to focus on not doing that and coming out from the very beginning like we do at home every week. That's the main thing is carrying the momentum that we have at home and taking it with us up to Kansas to get a big win up there."

Corey Coleman, WR

On his 97-yard kickoff return:
"It was really exciting, and I had a good time. It was kind of a last minute thing where they were calling my name so I ran out there. Usually I'm the back up for kickoff returns, just in case Levi (Norwood) or Clay (Fuller) don't go out there."

On being bowl eligible:
"Yes, it is really exciting (being bowl eligible) especially me being a part of the team and actually playing this year. I've been having a pretty good time, and it's great being bowl eligible."

Andrew Billings, DL

On this week's road game at Kansas:
"It's a little different traveling on the road. You don't have the crowd that you have at home, but at the same time it is still football. We just have to work different."

On his improvements this season:
"My biggest improvement this year would probably be learning the plays. As a freshman, you come in knowing nothing. I've really been learning the plays and working on technique. By the end of the year I should improve on technique greatly."



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