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Meet The Press:

Oct. 23, 2007

Head Coach Guy Morriss


On the team's mindset:

"We talked about that on Sunday and I think they know that there is still the opportunity for them to reach their goal.  That's our main focus right now.  We will take it a game at a time and we will go into these next four games and give it our best shot." 


On frustrating turnovers:

"It is frustrating because we've seen what this team is capable of in spurts this year, and I hate having to get up here and say the same things every week.  We have got to take care of the football; that is the number one thing right now.  We will keep addressing it and demand that they get fixed.  Then, go into K- State and see if we can put one together." 




On Michael Machen:

"Like Lee said, Michael played good enough for us to win.  His composer on the sideline and in the huddle has to due with his age and experience, and it helped some of the younger receivers.  If you ask Mike if he would like to play the game over again, he would say yes.  He was excited and overthrew some balls.  Now that he's seen that, had his first start, he'll operate this offense how we think he can. We firmly believe it is now his job to lose and we will go week by week."


"I don't know what he said when he gathered everyone up, but I haven't seen anyone do that since we've been here.  We've encouraged leadership, but it's nice to see it.  He's our guy and we're going to ride him right now"


On Leon Freeman:

"He had a big game.  We were waiting on him to break out, have a game like that and start playing at that level.  He took advantage of the situation and hopefully we'll get another game out of him this week." 


On K-State linebacker Ian Campbell:

"We are going to know where he is at all times.  We respect him and he is a player.  He makes big plays."



Offensive Coordinator Lee Hays


On the Texas game:

"Well just talking about Texas, I think that Mike came in and did a pretty good job, especially considering the fact that it felt like he was throwing in 90 mph wind half of the game.  I just felt he made some good decisions with it being his first start."


On the receiver position:

"I am pretty concerned right now with the depth that we have at receiver. I am going to look into moving some people around."


On the offensive Line:

"Looking back at the game, I think that the offensive line did a pretty good job.  We have only given up two sacks in conference play and are tied with A&M, which I think is pretty good. But they are doing an awesome job and that is without our best player."


On the goal for this next game:

"I think our biggest thing for this week is to catch the football and protect the football."


On Kansas State:

"K-State is doing pretty well up there.  The back-ends play pretty good for them, as do the corners."


Will Mike be able to cut it?

"Mike, I don't have to keep him motivated.  The one thing Mike doesn't lack is confidence, and I think that is huge at that position."


On how Mike did during the Texas game:

"Starting your first game against Texas in 90 mph wind cant be the easiest thing, and I thought he saw some things and made a few mistakes, but I don't think he will make them again."


On Mike's mental state before the Texas game:

"He was unfazed going in there. He knows this is his last year and I don't think he is going to waste the opportunity."


On Mike becoming the new QB:

"Mike has always been an option in rain or bad weather because he can wrap his whole hand around my head."


On Blake's Condition:

"It came back as migraines and not a mild concussion."


The status of the QB position:

"It is Mike's job to lose right now, but Weed has done some things well and so I wouldn't count him out."


On Akers as a inside receiver:

"We normally don't have a 240 pound H-back running around, but we are at the point where we don't care how much he weighs, we just need someone who can catch."



Defensive Coordinator Larry Hoefer


On the Texas game:

"I thought our team showed a lot of improvement last week in a very competitive game against the University of Texas.  But Texas made some plays in the fourth quarter to help them win and we didn't.  It was one of our better games, we just need to keep working on making plays.  We got back on track by creating turnovers.  We had three in the game and had a shot at a few others.  That gives us a chance to win."


On K-State:

"K- State has a very good football team and they've improved from what we saw last year.  Josh Freeman has really matured as a quarterback.  They have an excellent wide out named Jordy Nelson and he can run."


On K-State's offensive line:

`Their offensive line has done a great job.  They've only allowed five sacks all year, which leads the conference."  


On K-State's offensive scheme:

"They run a lot of tight sets, situations where they have so many blockers which makes it hard to overload and bring pressure."


On looking ahead:

"We're getting better and better and we are looking forward to the K- Sate game.  They've got a good team and we believe we got a good football team too." 



James Barnard


On the Texas game:

"W played pretty tough and we just need to keep on working as we go up against K-State."


On how he felt going out behind Mike:

"It felt pretty good.  I don't really know what it was but we just came out loose and ready to play.  It felt a little more relaxed than the past week and we were just ready to go out there and see what would happen.  He gave us a little speech to get us ready to play, and got us all pumped and ready to go."


On getting to a bowl game:

"We have four left and we need to win three, so we need to start with K-State."



Joe Pawelek


On having a good feeling about the game against Texas:

"As much as you don't want to say that is the case the overall feeling of that game is something we want to continue to carry with us over to this Saturday"


On if this game was different:

"This past Saturday was a different game and people stepped up to play."


On how important it is to get this win for a bowl game:

"You can feel the sense of urgency because we have less and less opportunities."



Brandon Stiggers


On the Texas game:

"We definitely gained some confidence from this game.  We went from blow to blow with them.  It just goes to show that when we go hard and go fast, there shouldn't be anyone who can stop us."


On how  important this win is:

"We need the win so that it can take some pressure off of us."

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