Weekly Press Conference - Oct. 24

Oct. 24, 2006

Head Coach, Guy Morriss

On the kickoff penalty late in the fourth quarter:

"We should have let the kicker approach the ball and we usually have a guy come behind the kicker so that we have four on the left side of the kicker. For whatever we just went straight down the field and ended up with three guys on that side of the ball. It was the right call."


On Texas A&M:

"[Texas] A&M is a quality football team. They didn't win seven games by accident. And they've been some big games, close games and they've found a way to win them. They're probably not a very forgiving football team. If you're going to turn it over three or four times, you're probably not going to win. Or if you sleep walk through the first half and spot them 35 points, it's going to be a little tougher to come back on those guys. I think our kids realize that we can't turn the ball over and make those kinds of mistakes and try to get the win."


On the significance of playing Texas A&M right now:-

"To play in a conference game in this particular stage, the ninth game of the year, it is significant. It's probably the biggest game we've played."


On the rivalry between Baylor and Texas A&M:

"Like what Coach Bradley was saying, for whatever reason, our kids seem to get themselves up for it. We treat it as kind of a special rivalry and the guys seem to get really juiced up.


"When I got here I didn't really know anything about them, Baylor's rivalries. It's something you kind of learn as you go along. That first year they put a pretty good whooping on us and I think the last couple of years there have been a few players who remember that. I think some of it stems from that first time that we played them since I've been here. That has something to do with it."


On the senior leadership, particularly playing against Texas A&M:

We'll find out more about it from the seniors' perspective today when we get back together for the first practice and have a chance to visit. On Sunday's we don't really talk too much about the upcoming opponent at that particular point; but, I would expect them to remind the rest of their teammates that we've beaten them and we took them to overtime last year, and what it's going to take to get it done this Saturday."


On Shawn Bell:

"Shawn grew up a coach's son and probably was a gym rat most of his life. He's been a great student of the game and that has made him more successful than anything. He's very diligent about doing his film work and learned the system when we put it in this spring. Those kinds of things have certainly made him successful. And he's a competitor.


"You know, all the intangibles are there. He's a smart kid. He's a leader and his teammates respect him. here are people who have those intangibles that don't grow up with their dad being a coach. Some of that is just in your personality and some of that you learn along the way."


On Bell being spotlighted by the public and media:

"I think that any quarterback's plight. He's going to be the lightening rod most of the time; he's going to be the center of attention. That's just the nature of the beast. It's an old cliché but it's true. They get too much credit for the wins and too much blame for the losses.


"I think Shawn`s made a pretty good statement about the type of quarterback that he can be, that he is and that he has been with what he's done so far this season. It speaks pretty loud. Especially with a brand new system. If the kid had been in the system him whole college career, who knows what kind of numbers he'd be putting up."


On the offense in regards to Bell:

"I think it has given him more opportunities to put up better and bigger numbers. As far as it fitting him better, it would fit anybody who likes to throw the football better because they have that many more opportunities. He's got a good receiving corps working with him and he has adequate protection. And all of that fits into the puzzle."


On Trent Shelton:

"As to what maybe clicks in a players head, I think that he really embraced the system. And who wouldn't as a receiver? Again, it's receiver friendly and quarterback friendly. I think he's in his senior year obviously and his last chance at a bowl. That motivated Trent. And I think the fact that he's got some scouts here everyday. He was one of those guys who embraced the system and studied the system."


On Baylor's lack on consistency:

"One problem I have with last week's game and basically all eight that we've played, I still don't think we've played our best football yet. I think that we've almost underachieved really to this point. And the kids know each week we are finding out new things about the offense; but, I think they understand how quickly you can put points up and how high-powered this offense can be. The more success they have in it, the more they are going to believe in the system and in each other. To me, it's time for us to try to play a complete football game, all three phases, for four quarters. We haven't done that yet and if there's anything that I have been most disappointed in, it's probably that. I believe we have the potential to do that. But for whatever reason, we haven't done that yet."


Offensive Coordinator, Lee Hays

On the lull in scoring points in the second half:

"We didn't really change much. Their blitz tendencies kind of stayed the same thoughtout the whole game. Really, it was just us with dropped balls and missed assignments.


On Kansas:

"There were times when I don't think we were playing as hard as we could have as a unit here and there. I'm talking about all 11 playing as hard as they can. That was disappointing especially with what is at stake. They understood that every play counts and offensively we had talked all week about Kansas having a good offense. Every game they have won the opponents had to score at least thirty. So I was a little bit disappointed. I think after the first drive I thought we were flat.


"Consistency is the key. On Saturday, we finally knocked out the penalties and some of those things but we still had three turnovers. And we have got to eliminate the turnovers. Number one, it's first and foremost. Something that will get you beat is turnovers."


On playing more physically:

"That's what we're lacking across the board offensively. We have to get more physical at every position. I've said it all along that this is a game of hitting. It doesn't matter if you have four wides out there or two wides, you've got to out hit the opponent. I thought we did a good job against Texas and we had spurts against Kansas but not enough.


On Texas A&M:

"They're pretty solid. They all play hard. They don't do a whole lot on defense, scheme-wise, which is, I think, part of the reason they are a little more successful this year. They are executing and playing fast. The two inside guys are pretty good. The two defensive tackles are really good at getting push in the middle. The two defensive ends are talented also. They are just a solid Big 12 club, real typical of the Big 12 as far as I think you can run a little bit. They play hard and they are going to be a challenge. We are going to have to come out and be ready play from the first snap to the last snap. We'll try to take some of the pressure off of the defense with Texas A&M and the way they like to run the ball. We can't go out there and get three and out."


Defensive Coordinator, Bill Bradley

On Kansas:

"We went to a different game plan in the fourth quarter and I think it really helped us. Our players really got into it. It was one of the best times I think. We want to really thank the offense helping us out. They did a fantastic job and we really actually came together and played as a real team, especially in the fourth quarter.


"The second half with didn't run anything we ran in the first half on defense. It just wasn't working so I wasn't going to put [our defense] back into spots where they couldn't handle it. So we switched it up. It worked out and it worked out really well for us. Our players got into it and they started executing their gaps. I mean, we shut them down in the fourth quarter. [Kansas's] other quarterback probably helped us a little bit but they were still trying to run No. 29 down our throats like they did the previous two quarters.


"Our guys woke up and really played an outstanding fourth quarter. Like I said, it's probably one of the best fourth quarters that I've been involved with since I've been here. We responded really well and I think it was a great victory for us as a team. I know our guys now have a fond appreciation of how well our offense has been trying and how well they played this last week. It really was a shot in the arm for everybody."


On Texas A&M:

"Their running game is totally different running game than what Kansas had. Texas A&M is different. We are going to work on it as hard as we can this week. It's hard for me to stand here and say I'm not so sure that A&M isn't close to being the best team in the Big 12, offensively speaking anyway. They give that [Stephen] McGee kid a lot more and he executes it really well. He's a mature guy and he's doing a great job which I think kind of showed up the end of the year last year. He's a better operator than [Reggie] McNeil was.


"They're a good football team. They are a fantastic football team. They're 7-1; the only game they lost was to Tech who really did a great of throwing the ball against them. Like I said, in my mind, they are close to first or right up in there with the University of Texas as being an outstanding team in the Big 12 South and the whole Big 12.


"We consider them as one of if not the toughest opponent we're going to face. So you get fired up. You should get fired up for every game but this is a special game. The way it's fallen the past couple of games. Our guys don't feel intimidated by them but they understand that, in particular this year, they are a really good football team."


Defensive End, Geoff Nelson

On the defense in the Kansas game:

"It was a great win. We really needed it, but we cannot forget about how we played in the first half. We saw some things we need to correct, but we are happy to come out of a close game with a win."


On Texas A&M offense:

"They are a good team. I saw earlier that they are ranked ninth in the nation in rush offense. So we are going to have some challenges, but that is what we are here for; to play football and in this situation to stop that rushing attack."


On the rivalry with Texas A&M:

"It is an on going rivalry, and there is always a bad taste in your mouth after you lose to those guys. We have not forgotten what happened last year and we are looking for a win again this year."  


Quarterback, Shawn Bell

On Baylor's offense in the fourth quarter against Kansas:

"We had our backs against the wall and then it just started kicking. I was struggling a little bit. Then Trent makes a great catch and the next thing you know the offensive line is doing a great job, giving me plenty of time. Then it just started to roll."


On being named Big 12 offensive player of the week:

"It is a nice recognition. Everyone likes those honors, but I think it is a testament to my teammates and the coaching staff. I have a great receiving corp and a great offensive line. It might say my name as the offensive player of the week, but it should say Baylor offense player of the week."


On the Texas A&M game:

"We always look forward to playing Texas A&M. We feel like last year it was right there for us and we let it slip away. We got a big win here two years ago and that was a statement game for our program. We are looking forward to playing them. We are both 3-1 in the Big 12. It is a big game for us because we are looking for more than just beating Texas A&M; we are trying to get to the post season. If we want to have a good chance to do that we need to win this game."


Wide Receiver, Dominique Zeigler

On the team's confidence coming off the comeback last week:

"We are pretty confident going into every game. It just happens be Texas A&M this week. We are going into this game with the same mindset we go into every game with. Hopefully we can come out with the win this week."


On the Texas A&M game:

"It is a special game because they live really close to us. You get to have bragging rights for a whole season. They have had it this last year and we really want to get it back. No one should have a problem getting up for this game."



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