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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Oct. 24, 2010

After becoming bowl eligible for the first time since 1995 with a 47-42 Homecoming win over Kansas State, Baylor will now leave the friendly confines of Floyd Casey Stadium to take on  the University of Texas on Saturday in Austin. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at Darrell K Royal/Texas Memorial Stadium with FSN televising the game nationally.

Here are Art Briles' Sunday thoughts on the Bears' win over Kansas State as well as Saturday's upcoming game against Texas.

On being ranked...
"It is certainly a step in the right direction. The important thing is to be in it when the season is over. That is the important thing, but it is definitely a positive step perception-wise, no doubt."

On how much yesterday's accomplishment can be attributed to past Baylor players...
"They are a big part of it. You don't start building a house with the roof. You start from the ground up and they were here at the beginning phases and we have just been building on that since day one. So they are just as much a part of it as anybody that was out there last night."

On having former players at the game...
"It is really gratifying. The most important thing is that they still understand they are part of the Baylor football family. That is the thing that is more gratifying than anything else. I am glad they were able to share it with us."

On where his team goes from here...
"Like we said from day one: every week is a new season and we are just trying to become a better football team each week. I think we are making some progress, but we still have got a lot of steps that we can improve on. The encouraging thing is we beat a good football team and still made mistakes and didn't play assignment football as well as we can. We haven't peaked and that is the encouraging part as a team member and a coach."

On if kickoff coverage is one of the areas that the team must improve in...
"Certainly. Undoubtedly. You can't give people a short field and you certainly can't let them do a house call. The flip side of it is it's glaring because we are doing it a bunch. We had three or four of them that were very well executed, but when you are kicking off a bunch like that there is more opportunity for something to go wrong. That is the flip side of it, but it is certainly one of the things that we have already addressed."

On the play of the offensive and defensive line...
"I thought our offensive line was extremely physical, played with a lot of passion, lot of attitude and then same thing on the defensive side. I really thought with the exception of just a couple runs, they stymied them pretty much most of the evening. That is how you win games: up front."

On if the offense is clicking on all cylinders...
"Everybody is playing good across the board that is the thing that helps. Like we mentioned the O-line is giving us opportunities to run the football, which certainly opens up opportunities to throw the football. Everybody is playing at a high level and that is the good part and they are playing with a lot of confidence. They are expecting good outcomes."

On how important balance is to the offense...
"It is critical. We think you have to be able to do both. We don't want to be one-dimensional."

On what the weather delay did for his team...
"What it really did is lessen the anxiety, because there was so much build up to the start of that game. Not just yesterday, but for a long, long time. To get it at least started, to be able to get out on the field and let some emotions loose, I think had a very calming effect for us. We had only had four offensive plays, but during those four plays we were able to see some things and see if what we thought was going to happen was true.... It is good being at home in that situation as opposed to being on the road like we were at Rice, because the dressing rooms are so much better. At Rice we were on top of each other, now our guys can spread out and have their space. We were able to warm up in the dressing room prior to coming on the field."

On the crowd at the game...
"I was really proud of the crowd for when we went back out. They had a lot of energy. I thought they were tremendous all night, student section and our crowd. It was a great atmosphere of a bunch of people wanting the same thing and that to me was very rewarding for our players and university. Lot of people pulling in the same direction and if you have that going on you have a chance to have success."

On if his players feel like a burden has been lifted...
"Naturally. You can dodge it if you want to or act like it doesn't exist, but we buried some ghosts last night."

On becoming bowl eligible...
"We have known that it is a progression that had to happen. Until it does happen then there is no progress. Things are different. We have crossed that bridge. Now we will build on that. We are grateful and thankful that we were able to do it last night on our home floor. Our guys have done a tremendous job of protecting our territory."

On the play of Phil Taylor...
"He has bona fide himself as a look to guy. If it needs to be right he is the guy we are looking at and our players are looking at and he is delivering. His deal is about production and he has been very productive really all season, but the deeper we get the more it is magnified and the more impressive it becomes. He is reaching his ability level and that is what you strive to do. We are really proud of the way he has led and the way he has progressed as a person and player."

On what he will tell his players this week ...
"We will operate on the basis of confidence with a tremendous intensity and a very humble nature. We are just going to charge forward and keep doing what we have been doing."



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