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Meet the Press: Football Previews Kansas

 Head Coach Art Briles

On the team's mental outlook...
"The mind controls the body, that's what we always tell our players. What your mind tells you to do is what you are going to do. If you beat yourself up and wear yourself down then that's the way you are going to perform. You have to have the mental capacity to think that you are going to do the right thing at the right time."

On "righting the ship"...
"It means getting a win. You can go from laying down flat to up straight in a hurry. The great thing is we have another opportunity this weekend. I am forever grateful and thankful that we still have opportunities. That is what keeps you going."

On Kansas Quarterback Michael Cummings...
"He [Michael Cummings] played really well the other day against Texas. He protected the ball well and ran the offense well. He made some critical plays at critical times. They were one play away from winning that football game. He is a good football player."

On Kansas Running Back James Sims...
"He [James Sims] is a really good back. He didn't play the first two or three games this year, but he has been a huge part of their offense ever since. He is a tough runner and has great balance. He is a good runner and has a lot of experience."

On Tevin Reese's health...
"He [Tevin Reese] is ok, which is the important thing. He was sore yesterday, but I think there is a good chance he plays this weekend. He has bruised lungs, no breaks no cracks, so that was good."

On Mike Hicks coming back and Chance Casey switching positions...
"Hicks made some plays. He is a little bit rusty, which is understandable because he missed about a month. Chance [Casey] flipping from safety to corner was also a little rusty but from jumping out there and playing on the edge like that, I thought he did pretty good."

 Junior Tight End Jordan Najvar

On being at home this week...
"Yeah, it's been a little different than year, but we adjusted to it. We aren't happy with the results, but we are happy to be back at Floyd Casey. Especially with the big Homecoming game."

On what the Homecoming aspect of this game means...
"It doesn't mean anything to us as players. We are just focused on the game. We are all about KU this week. It's a big game for us in general, just like every game is big like Coach Briles always says."

On last week's game against Iowa State...
"We are just one or two plays away it feels like, and it's been the same thing the past couple weeks. If we can make the play it's a totally different game. In this conference, in order to be a good team you have to make those plays. We are going to work hard to fix that, and we will fix that for the upcoming weeks."

 Senior Safety Mike Hicks

On being back out on the field...
"It was exciting, and I guess you could say a little rusty. I had to shake some stuff off, but it was great to be back out there and reunited with my teammates."

On what he brings to the defensive secondary...
"I'm blessed to say that I am a part of this team and that Coach Briles has that much confidence in me. I'm just glad to be reunited with my teammates, and I'll do anything to fight with them."

On the potential interception last week against Iowa State...
"It was a slant route, and I saw the quarterback eye balling his receiver, but the referee was right in my way. At that point I wasn't sure where the meeting point between the ball and receiver was going to be, and sure enough the ball came right to me. Maybe the referee distracted me, but no excuses that ball should have been caught and intercepted. Trust me, that won't happen again."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On being home this week...
"It will be real good with Homecoming and everything going on. There will be a lot of hype, and it's a must-win situation. We have to get this bad taste out of our mouth and get the win. We are at home, so we have a great chance to do it."

On the tough loss up at Iowa State and specifically the amount of turnovers...
"We focus on it at practice every day. We work on protecting the ball and me making good decisions throwing the ball. We just have to do better protecting the ball. It seemed like things didn't go our way the other night. We just have to put a complete game together. That's our biggest thing; we still haven't put a complete game together."

On the amount of good teams in the Big 12...
"We knew that going in. The Big 12, I think, is the strongest top to bottom conference in the nation. There is not a lot that separates the top from the bottom. It just goes to show the type of caliber of players that are playing and the type of coaches that are coaching. You have one bad week and it will cost you. You make one mistake and it will cost you."



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