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Meet The Press:

Oct. 30, 2007

Head Coach Guy Morriss


On the K-State game:

"It's very frustrating to the point where you want to pull your hair out; especially the turnovers.  We've talked about that every week and try to make the connection, and obviously if you turn it over that many times you're not going to beat anybody." 


On the turnovers by the quarterbacks:

"Michael got harassed and hit.  It's very hard to evaluate him because he was under pressure and it wasn't all his fault." 


On corrections that are needed:



"We need to go back and get those things: turnovers, sacks, focus and basically everything corrected and go play a good game this weekend."


On the similarity between Baylor and Texas Tech:

"We both run similar offenses and defenses, which makes it a little easier for us.  But at the same time, it makes it easier for them." 


On the Texas Tech receivers:

"Their receivers are top in the nation.  They know how to catch it and know what to do after they catch it." 


On comparing the success of Mike Leach to his own:

"Well I don't know the numbers, but when Mike inherited his team they were in pretty good shape and they've had some good success.  As you all know, when we got here, this team was not in good shape and that is why we haven't had the same success."



Offensive Coordinator Lee Hays


On the K-State game:

"In regards to the game, it is really hard for me to say.  I mean seven turnovers can't win very many, and I think most of those turnovers were down on our end which really puts defense in a bind.  I thought our defense played a heck of a game, and I thought Larry had a great plan for them.  I just wish I could have helped him out a bit.  I take full responsibility for anything that ever happens on offense."


On this week's strategy:

"The best thing we can do is get back out there and get our kids going again, stay after them and keep their heads up."


On looking towards this week:

"I am looking forward to Texas Tech.  It is where I learned offense; going down there and spending time with those guys.  I think the world of those guys. It is kind of bitter sweet playing against them, but I think it is a game that we can come out and win if we execute and take care of it."


On John David Weed:

"Well I always want to try and keep him in the picture because he is a pretty good talent.  He's got a great arm and he does some things with his feet that give us a lot of dimension, but it wouldn't be fair to throw him out there and let him run the whole thing.  We will just keep a package for him and just keep him as part of the offense right now."



Defensive Coordinator Larry Hoefer


On the K-State game:

"We thought we had a good plan.  I think we executed well until the end when they wore us down a bit.  Antonio Johnson got to play a little bit more.  He'd been playing safety for us, and we had been banged up a little bit at defensive end.  He played that at Waco high and did a great job for them, so we put him in the game there and we'll continue to play him there."


On Texas Tech:

"Texas Tech presents a lot of problems.  Fortunately for us, we get to face that offense every day in practice.  They have a good quarterback in Graham Harrell and they also have a good offensive line.  The excellent receivers are getting a lot of publicity.  Michael Crabtree is the stand out freshman who has 100 catches and leads the nation.  Danny Amendola is a great receiver as well.  He is third in the conference in receiving and makes big plays for them." 


"They've lost a few close games, but they present a challenge for us and we look forward to playing them.  We will try to do some of the things that Missouri and Colorado did but we have to stay within our framework.  It helps to go against this offense day in and day out rather than just work on it for three days.  Hopefully we play like we've seen it for more than three days."


On playing younger players:

"We are trying to get some younger guys more experience as the weeks progress.  The players who perform well in the game will get to see more playing time in the future."



Joe Pawelek


On the rest of the season:

"We know the situation and we know we need these last three to get into (bowl) contention.  We just have to take one game at a time, and we can't get too overwhelmed.  We have to focus on Texas Tech this week and getting a win."


On Texas Tech having Baylor's number:

"Anytime you lose to somebody, it gets to you.  You have to take that and say the past is the past and focus on this year's game."


On being motivated for the last three games:

"It is tough coming into games putting so much into it, and leaving and having it look like you just showed up and played.  It's something we all have to be aware of as a team and understand the time and the effort that we do put in, and really focus on taking that preparation and bringing it out on Saturday."



Blake Szymanski


On the situation the team is in right now:

"It is similar to the situation we were in last year.  We had to get two out of three when I came in last year, and now we have to get three out of three to get to a bowl.  We are capable of doing that; we just have to play well.  We can't go out there and shoot ourselves in that foot with turnovers.  Defensively we have to create turnovers, and on offense we have to put drives together."


On having a sense of urgency:

"The team morale is fine.  We are in it together, and we are going to play hard no matter how many wins or losses we have."


On having extra motivation to beat Texas Tech:

"We just have to come out and play.  We run similar offenses, and it is going to be a long game.  Hopefully we will be lighting up the scoreboard a little more than they are."



Josh Bell


On needing three wins in the last three games for bowl eligibility:

"The situation is we have an opportunity.  We have an opportunity to live today and we have three games to get to a bowl game.  As long as you have one game and one play left, you have an opportunity.  We have to keep fighting and clawing, and don't allow somebody else to take that opportunity away from us."


On why Texas Tech has had Baylor's number the last decade:

"(Texas Tech) has a good explosive offense, and they do a good job capitalizing on small miscues by the defense.  A few years ago when we played them here, it was 6-0 going into the fourth quarter, and before you knew it, the score was 28-0.  It's just the small, little miscues that they do a good job of capitalizing on."

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