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Art Briles Day-After Quotes

Nov. 1, 2009

After two straight conference home games, Art Briles and the Baylor football team will travel to Columbia, Mo., Saturday afternoon to take on the Missouri Tigers. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. CT.

Here are Briles' thoughts on Baylor's 20-10 loss against Nebraska on Saturday:

Thoughts on the game after reviewing the film...
"There are some positives to take out of it--we gave ourselves a chance to win a football game first and foremost. It is clear to see that we are on the same level as the rest of the Big 12. All we need to do know is produce and make plays when the opportunity arises on special teams, offense and defense."

On the blocked punt...
"It is just something that can't happen. You cannot let that happen in any game. It is something that we are playing real close attention to and have been since the Texas A&M game last year when we had one blocked. Since that time we are trying to be as schematically sound as we can to make sure it doesn't happen. Yesterday's deal was just a break down in execution."

On the team effort against Nebraska...
"We feel like we are a good football team. We weren't intimidated. We felt like we were going to go out there and play a good football game. (We felt like we were going to) play well on offense, defense and special teams. Our guys know how to play. We just need to learn how to finish off drives from an offensive standpoint. We are giving ourselves opportunities (to score), now we just have to take advantage of them."

On the offensive line play...
"They played extremely hard--our whole team did. We battled hard and played with a lot of effort and intensity up front on both sides of the ball. You have to pay attention to (Ndamukong) Suh, if you don't then he is going to rally up. They are a good football team up front defensively, but that doesn't mean that you have to give up sacks. We have to do a better job of protecting and getting the ball out of our hands. There is no reason to give up a sack."

On the progression of Nick Florence after four starts...
"We are still trying to finding things that make Nick feel comfortable--putting him in opportunities to have success on plays. I really feel like we are getting at what fits his abilities. We feel like we will keep seeing improvement. I think he is a good football player and he gives us an opportunity to make plays and get points on the board. What we have to do when we present those plays is (convert) them."

On the play of David Gettis...
"David practices hard. He has always practiced hard and that is why he has developed into a better player. He is a positive guy that cares about this football team. That is why he is doing well because he practices and plays with passion and confidence. He is a big asset for us right now."

On the defensive effort against Nebraska...
"They did an outstanding job. If you take away the punt block it is a really good effort. (Nebraska) hit that one really long pass (that set up their other touchdown), other than that it was the play or production that we need to have on that side of the ball. What we have to do is start that way defensively and start that way offensively. We need opportunities to score on offense early in the game and we have to have stops defensively early in the game. We have to be flawless on special teams. We will get there, I feel good about it happening."



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