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Meet the Press: Missouri

Nov. 3, 2009

Press Conference

Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement:
"We are hitting the road this week up to Missouri. They have really done a good job these last few years. I haven't kept close contact but I think that they have been to the Big 12 Championship game the last two seasons. I might be wrong on that but I think they have represented the North the past two years and I think it was Kansas the year before that. Their program's on good ground, they have done a great job recruiting. They have a lot of Texas kids in their program. A lot of those guys we're real familiar with from recruiting. They're a really good football team, really on solid ground over the last few years so it should be a great contest."

On what Jason Lamb brings to the team:
"He's another great guy in our program; one that inspires me quite honestly. I get inspiration from a lot of different people and a lot of times it is from our players because he is a guy that's like a bunch on our football team. He is one that comes ready to go to work every day to improve and do what he can do to help us as a teammate and to represent this university. He's solid and on top of that he's a really good football player. He allows us a lot of freedom on the defense front to be an inside and outside guy. He has made himself able to do that by putting on a little bit of weight the past 18 months."

On defense:
"Quite honestly our defense was good the whole game if you take away the unfortunate incident early in the football game. I think we can definitely build on that and we can build on a little bit of the momentum we created in the second half. Going into the game Saturday, I think we'll have a little better feeling walking out into the stadium than we possibly might have otherwise. We have always felt good about our football team, there's just a fine line between hoping it happens and making it happen and we finally made a few things happen the other day and it paid off in the game. It's fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. It's fortunate that we got momentum and it's unfortunate because we didn't win the football game because we set ourselves up with an opportunity to win the game."

On offense's struggle to put up points:
"We haven't remedied the problem. It is frustrating, but what you can't let it do is build into a situation where you think it's not going to happen. We've had good opportunities; we just need to be a little more flawless in some areas we improved in the other day. We were a little better in penalties than what we had been in previous weeks, which we felt like it kept us from having some scoring opportunities and then making wise decisions in the red zone. We had an incident or two the other day that hurt us in a couple of situations. There's no excuse not to score, the offense is supposed to score points. If they're supposed to be good then let them be, we're supposed to be good. It's our job to score and we haven't been doing it."

On confidence going into the game after last year:
"We had a good game with them last year, a real good football game. Probably one of the better ones we played overall last year. At that time they were a pretty high ranked team and we were a pretty hot football team, we felt pretty confident about what we were doing as a football team. What we have to do is create that same momentum we had the other day in the second half and I think we have to start with that Saturday."

On Clifton Odom's interception in the last game:
"It was huge. It was the first time in a while that we really got to have fun playing the game and feel good about what was happening on the field as a team. It definitely ignited us and it ignited our crowd and it gave us a chance to win the game, it really put us in a position to with the football game. If we take care of some situations later on, I think the momentum turn was enough that Nebraska was going to have a hard time doing anything on the other side. That's big and we need to have that happen early instead of late because then you're still trying to catch up your control and that's probably the difference, when they got theirs and when we got ours."

Senior Linebacker Joe Pawelek

On lessons to take from second half of Saturday's game:
"I think that we need to bring that second half momentum that we had and carry that to the start of the game on Saturday. That's a characteristic of us recently, getting off to a slow start. By the end of the game we're playing good but by that point in the game we're kind of looking around saying well if this didn't happen and this didn't happen we'd I think it's more of us starting fast and going from there."

On pin-pointing why they have had slow starts in the last seven games:
"I don't think its necessarily one particular thing. Sometimes defense would go out there and for a stretch of three or four weeks we'd always give up first drive scores. Sometimes the offense isn't on the same page and then last week we had a special teams mishap. There's a lot of little things and I think that it probably gets old saying that but we come in here and watch film and it's a bunch of little things that need to get corrected."

Senior Defensive End Jason Lamb

On the Nebraska game:
"This last week was a game we definitely needed to win, believed we could win. Defensively at least we played how we know we are capable of playing. Everybody was doing their job; everybody was being where they were supposed to be. That is the reason we were successful in that second half."

On matching the intensity of the opponent:
"I think it has been apparent that we have struggled starting off the game and this something we definitely focus on and try and do. Come out fast and not wait halfway through the game to start playing well."

On the defense scoring points:
"The defense scoring touchdowns is huge. Any way we can get points on the board offensively, defensively, special teams is huge. That is a big momentum swing too when you can score points on defense."

On Missouri:
"Watching tape on them, it is a winnable game. We just got to come out from a defensive standpoint and just play like we did the whole second half against Nebraska."

Freshman Quarterback Nick Florence

On last week's game:
"Their defensive line played good, but we still moved the ball and still made stuff happen. That is just the way it is going to go sometimes."

On Missouri:
"We are going to go up and put a full game together this week and then come back and have some more fun with the fans here."

On becoming more comfortable at the quarterback position:
"The more reps you take out there with the team you are going to get more comfortable. It is just going to get better and better as the weeks go on."

On having Jay Finley back in the lineup:
"It is great. He is a great leader, a great runner and understands the game well. It is definitely good having his experience and leadership back there."

Junior Cornerback Clifton Odom

On the positives of the Nebraska game:
"I definitely feel it will bring a nice end to the season. Defensively we started playing together and everyone started doing their job and not trying to overdue anything. It worked out perfect and we played the best half of football since I have been here."

On the team having more confidence now:
"We know how we can play now and how we should be playing. It is just going out there and doing it these last four games. Our season is not over."

Senior Center J.D. Walton

On if the Nebraska game can turn around the season:
"I sure hope so. It better be. We have to start putting points up on the board. We started moving the ball pretty well against a really good defense. It gave us a lot of confidence at the end of that game, but we didn't get the win, so it still hurts pretty bad.

On the rest of the season:
"We got to come out here ready to work today. Our mind is set on Missouri and the flight up there Saturday. We are all still really excited. We got three games to win to make it to our goal. Everyone is still confident, still working together, still a family."

On Missouri:
"Their defense: they bring a lot of blitzes and different looks. We are going to have to be on our Ps and Qs this week, because they bring stuff from different angles and they are twisting all over the place."



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