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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Oklahoma

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"We're ready to roll Thursday and it'll be here pretty fast. It's an accelerated week without question. I'm really proud of the way our university and our marketing department has jumped in and added to the atmosphere. I'm happy for that and happy for our players and recruits and that's a big deal for us so we need to get out and perform well this Thursday evening."

On difficulty of keeping players on an even keel:
"The good thing about it is that we've been very mature with our leadership all year and with our players and when we looked at the schedule in August, we just see one game at a time and this is our game this week. It just happens to be bigger because of the way they've performed and the way we've performed up until this point. There's a good possibility there could be bigger ones, so we've just got to take care of business this Thursday."

On how bye week helps:
"That's a big area and that's going to be a critical factor this Thursday. Special teams are always a big factor and that's something we've really tried to do better on this year. I think we're better. We're not where we want to be or need to be but we've improved. Those guys have added a spark."

On Eddie Lackey:
"He hasn't exceeded anything. We're never going to put limits on what we think somebody is capable of doing. Eddie is a good football player. He's fast, tough, instinctive, great teammate guy that is very valuable to your team. If you know Eddie as a person, you love him as a person. Most people know him as a player and like what he brings to the playing field. As a person, he's even more likeable."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On playing OU as more of a challenging game:
"That's what you've got to love as a competitor is a challenge. The 70 point games are great, being done at halftime is great but I want to be in there. I want the ball in my hands. Again like I said I've been waiting for this. What I haven't been waiting for is to be out by halftime so this will be a big game for us, but it will be one I'm definitely ready for and I'm excited to play."

On the 2011 game against OU:
"For me, personally, it was the moment that the program changed. I think that's when we knew that we could play with anybody. It didn't matter who it was and it wasn't one of those deals when you see Baylor on the schedule and you go ahead and put a win next to it. That was very exciting for us. It was one of our first games that was a hype environment and we came through. It's going to be a very exciting atmosphere kind of like 2011 so hopefully for the same result."

On taking the tarp off:
"I think one of the greatest quotes ever was when Coach Briles said, `We're going tarpless.' It's going to be a big deal for us. It's going to be huge that we finally get to take that tarp off."

On being the favorite:
"We're not where we want to be but we're getting there and I think that this is part of it. Now it's about taking that, as far as being the favorite, and running with it and not letting it get too big."

 Tevin Reese, WR

On the 2011 OU game:
"It was really big. It got a lot of people to look at Baylor. It started to open a lot of people's eyes to what Baylor could do and what we are capable of. It was a great feeling being a part of it. It was great for the city and Baylor University."

On being the favorite to win:
"It has changed a lot in the past few years. I'm pretty sure Baylor was never the favorite in a lot of games. Being a favorite in this game is great. Being the favorite in a big game like this a good thing for this team. It helps build our confidence and makes it hard to stop us."

 Ahmad Dixon, S

On the momentum from the 11-game win streak:
"There's a lot of momentum. A lot of guys have learned so much from all the different losses that we have had. We've learned a lot about each other. With that being said, that helps us with that 11-game winning streak. The guys are just getting together and having a good time."

On being a part of the success over the past few years:
"It feels great to be a part of this. This is one of the reasons I came to Baylor. This was something that Coach (Art) Briles spoke about before I even got here, before the program shot up like it has now. It feels great to be a part of this. I was here when Baylor games didn't have very many people, and the student section may have had more people than the rest of the stadium. It's great to be a part of this team that is bringing this legacy."

  Eddie Lackey, LB

On Bryce Hager:
"We do literally everything together. That's why I say he's my right-hand man. We're both sitting in the film room every Sunday after a game and getting yelled at the same way. It was something to go through with him and we always had to be on the same page and we get together outside of football and talk about things. I think that's why we're better players now and we've grown from playing under Coach Bennett."

On the game against OU:
"We know what we've got in front of us. We're playing another Top 10 team in the country. We know it's Oklahoma and we're motivated. We're really excited. We know it's a big game. I think you can just tell in the locker room it's a different kind of week. We're ready to get out there. We're still treating it the same way, it's just everybody's even more excited now."

  Chris McAllister, DE

On being the second best defense in the Big 12:
"I never thought we'd hear (that Baylor was the number two defensive in the Big 12). It shows how far the defense has come, and we are striving to have a defense like theirs year in and year out. We definitely are taking steps in the right direction, and we hope to keep going that way."

On Oklahoma's Blake Bell:
"He's a bigger guy and tough to bring down. He can throw the football too. A lot of people don't know that he doesn't just run the ball, but he can throw it too. He brings a lot to their offense."

Glasco Martin, RB

On the build-up to the game Thursday:
"I've definitely felt (the hype around the Oklahoma game). Honestly this is the most buzz I have ever seen on campus. Everybody's tweeting about it and buying the shirts. The SUB is always crowded. It shows that the fans really support us and what we are trying to do this year. That's going to energize us and get us ready to play."

On being 7-0:
"It's a big factor (being 7-0). It really helps boost our confidence. We feel like we are the best team in the nation. As long as we go out there and execute our game plan we can't be beat. The previous seven games have helped us gain that confidence."

Cyril Richardson, OG

On the hype surrounding the OU game:
"I feel (the fans' excitement) a lot. When you go into the Student Union Building you see everyone in line trying to get those black shirts. It's crazy and fun, but we've got a job to worry about and we are going to be focused on that during the whole week."

On the hard work to get to this point in the season:
"We've put in a lot of work for this year. From winter workouts to summer and fall camp - we've put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears. It has come out the way we want it so far. We just have to keep rolling with it."



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