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Meet the Press: Football Discusses Oklahoma

 Head Coach Art Briles

On how a win affected the team's confidence...
"It helps a bunch without question, because you have to feel right about what is going on in order to feel right as a team. It is definitely a boost to the morale and to the confidence, and it was much needed. Our initial goal every year is to get bowl eligible. If you can count to six then you have a chance to do it. We are at four right now so we need a couple of more wins. You have to get to four before you get to five."

On establishing a run game with Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin...
"It was critical because if you run the ball well you have a chance to pass the ball well and vice versa. Lache [Seastrunk] provides a spark to us offensively, and he is getting more comfortable with what he is supposed to do and when he is supposed to do it. That is allowing us to use him a little more frequently. Glasco [Martin] has been really steady the last two years."

On winning time of possession...
"There are a couple of ways you can look at that. You can lose time of possession 42 to 18 but if you have scored 45 points then you still have a chance to win the game. It is important to control a certain rhythm to the football game because of the environment, but at the same time you have to be you. We can't change our game plan just because we are changing area codes."

On the Oklahoma defense...
"They are good. They didn't wake up and just get good today; they have been good for a long time. They are very physical, very talented, and they are schemed up very well."

On facing Landry Jones for the third straight year...
"Landry is tall, has a great arm, and works under a great system. He is a three-year starter and has won more games then anyone else in OU history. They are a rhythm team and they allow him to get the ball out of his hand very quickly. He is an exceptional quarterback, and it is kind of surprising that he stayed for this season."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On how last week's win against Kansas can propel the team to more success...
"Winning was huge. Getting a "W" finally, is a big deal. We really just needed to get the ball rolling. We needed some more confidence, and it was a big confidence booster. I think we played a complete game with no turnovers, the defense forced turnovers and didn't give up any points in the second half, and we won special teams. If we win all three sides of the ball we can win any game, and now we just have to practice like that."

On gaining confidence from beating OU last year for the first time in program history...
"We absolutely have confidence from last year. We beat them last year and it's a good deal and we will feed off of that, but at the same time it's a totally different year and we are a totally different team and they are a totally different team. So yeah we beat them last year, that's great, but it's a new year, it's a new time and let's write a new chapter this year."

On how beneficial it was to win the turnover battle last week against Kansas...
"It was huge. It creates momentum and energy. It gives us confidence as an offense, and it gives the defense confidence. I mean they were flying around and having fun, and that's the way football is meant to be. Any time we can help our defense out by not committing any turnovers, and they help us out by getting turnovers, it's a fun game. If we can take advantage of that and play like that and play with that confidence and fearlessness, that's the type of game you get, the game we played Saturday night."

 Junior Defensive End Chris McAllister

On getting back in the win column...
"Yeah it was a lot of fun, it's kind of a like getting a monkey off your back. Getting out there and getting a win and getting back on the right track."

On the defensive effort against Kansas...
"It was getting back to having fun. Guys were realizing we were pressing a lot and things weren't going our way. We were trying so hard to make the plays. I think guys went back to doing what we do and having fun and playing this game of football, and it worked out."

On the defensive line applying some pressure against Kansas...
"We just took it upon ourselves as a D-line to put some pressure on the quarterback. We feel that if we help those guys not stay in coverage so long, it will work out better for the defense. So we were doing what it took to get the quarterback."

 Junior Running Back Glasco Martin

On the career-high rushing day...
"It was a lot fun to finally see the hard work pay off and to get a lot of opportunities to show what I have to offer."

On averaging over 14 yards per carry...
"A lot of people don't expect me to make the big runs, but I believe in myself and believe that I can do that. And every time I touch the ball, I do expect to score. I know I get caught a lot, but I do want to score and I do expect to score."

On the dual threat of himself and Lache Seastrunk...
"He is super quick, and I am more of the physical downhill runner. I think we add a pretty nice tandem to the team. It keeps defenses on their heels because they don't know what to expect."



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