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Meet the Press: Football Weekly Presser vs. Oklahoma State

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"It was a great atmosphere and a great crowd on both sides. It was a really festive environment, which I think will certainly help us as we go along. We've been in some pretty good atmospheres this year and we feel like Stillwater is going to fall right in line with some of those things we've lived through. I think that's a good sign and a good experience factor for our football team heading into Stillwater on Saturday."

On previous environments affecting game in Stillwater:
"I think the Manhattan game was certainly a great environment and we played Oklahoma here in a great environment and we had a really nice environment the other night in Arlington. Without question our guys have had some experience up on the big stage and we feel like it's going to be that way this weekend in Stillwater. We feel like our players have earned it."

On keeping guys focused with a big game ahead:
"From a reality standpoint, it's a huge game. It's a huge game because of what our team has done and what their team has done. It didn't matter whatever team Oklahoma State was playing this week or Baylor was playing this week--it was going to be a big game because of what they've done up through the season and what we've done up through the season. When you get late in the season and you've had a good run, that's what happens and fortunately we're in it."

On previous struggles in Stillwater:
"They've just played better than we have when we've been up there. You could probably speak to quite a few universities with that. It's just the nature of the business. We've certainly got to do a better job of tightening up our focus, making sure our game plan is right and eliminating anything that might give them added momentum during the game. We've got to play really clean and be really sharp with our focus. I think we're going in there as a more mature football team than we have in the past."

On the third and fourth string runningbacks:
"First off it's a tribute to our offensive line and Bryce Petty, without question. If you don't have the threat to throw the ball, you have a hard time running the ball. If you can't effectively throw the football, you have a hard time running the ball. Bryce has done that and our receivers have done that. Plus, our offensive line started out as the strength of our football team and I think that's held true throughout these four months. That allows people to plug in and be successful."

 Bryce Petty, QB

On preparation for the upcoming game against Oklahoma State:
"I do have to get better. You have to strive for that every week. This week going in I really wanted to strive for perfection. I know that's something that's not attainable but it's something to strive for. I didn't feel that I played to that caliber. I think especially as we go on these next three weeks will be big. As far as going into Oklahoma State, I have to be perfect. That's really what I want to strive for this week game plan and preparation wise. I'm going to prepare harder than I ever have. I want to go into Stillwater and knowing that it's going to be a hostel environment. I want to make sure I have all my Ts crossed and all my Is dotted. That way I've done everything I can to make this team successful on my end."

On having a slow start to previous games:
"It really doesn't matter how much we game plan and prepare for teams, they always come out and play us different than they have anybody else which is good for us. We want to be different. It just takes us a couple drives unfortunately. That's not what we want to do. We're fast and we want to score touchdowns."

On the difference between Tevin Reese and Levi Norwood:
"They're different players, both equally as talented. It's just as much fun throwing to one as the other. I think Levi's slippery. He's extremely slippery. It's fun watching him just because he can do so many things after the ball, but it's even more fun watching him out there because you can tell he has fun with what he is doing."

On the importance of the game against Oklahoma State:
"For me, first and for most, it's a win. Anytime you can get a win in Big 12, that's big. We want to get to 10-0. This is a place we haven't' had a lot of pass success in. So I think for me, being a quarterback, that's kind of where I want to win. You want to win every week obviously, but the two places on the road Manhattan and Stillwater that's where you're going to make your mark. For me, going into this week, I'm going to prepare like I've never prepared before."

  Shock Linwood, RB

On the offensive line:
"They have great leadership. The offensive line is doing very well. It all starts with them. Whatever they do dictates what I do. Coach Briles always says that we have to be physical up front. When those guys have a good game, I have a good game."

On changing up his preparation for games:
"The last couple of weeks, since (Lache Seastrunk and Glasco Martin) can't play, I have to prepare myself better than the weeks that they were available because I've never had anything like that put on my back before. I just prepare myself during the week for the games that we do have."

  Ahmad Dixon, S

On the importance of this game against Oklahoma State:
"This is probably one of the most defining games of our season right here. I've only said that because it is just our next game. That's what matters the most. We have a great chance to do something that has never been done here, and we are enjoying it. We're ready for it and all that comes with it."

On College Game Day being at the game:
"That's the kind of thing that you live for. You want College Game Day there, and you want them talking about you. We've worked hard for this. We feel as though we deserve to go out there and take full advantage of it."

  Levi Norwood, WR

On playing without Tevin Reese's skill and leadership:
"I feel like we aren't trying to step in and fill his gap. We are just stepping in and doing what we are needed to do. I'm not expected to go deep as much as he did. It's all about staying within our game plan."

On his ability to fake out defenders:
"I really don't think about it at all. I guess it just goes back to me playing basketball. In basketball when you're on defense, you're told to watch a person's hips because it will tell you where they're going. I've practiced turning my hips so that the defense goes where they think I'm going to go so I can cut them back real quick."

  Devin Chafin, RB

On his performance against Texas Tech:
"I was looking forward to the game. It was a little nerve-wracking at first, getting in there at such a huge stadium. I knew what I had to do all week with Glasco and Lache out. I had been looking forward to it and fully preparing."

On the importance of the Oklahoma State game:
"There's a lot going into this game this week. I think that it's all about poise and being ready. Just studying the film and being ready for our opponents. Not worrying so much about what is going on outside of the game."

Aiavion Edwards, LB

On Saturday's game at Oklahoma State:
"We're all really excited and ready to get the game plan going. We're ready to get out there and take on the Pokes. I've yet to go to Stillwater, Oklahoma, but all the players are talking about it, and it sounds like it's going to be a great matchup."

On the depth Baylor has developed:
"We have a lot of guys who come in a play really well right from the start. Younger guys are coming in and stepping up that need to be. It's really nice having that depth. We haven't had it too much in the past, but things are coming along. We have a lot of depth, and we love it."



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