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Meet the Press: Football Discusses Texas Tech

 Head Coach Art Briles

On Joe Williams Winning Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week...
"That is a well deserved honor for Joe [Williams]. Anytime you win player of the week in this league or any league it is a big thing. Congratulations to him and to our entire defense."

On the Defensive Performance...
"We think we are getting better as a football team. I have said that the last few weeks. I think we are playing right at the right time, which is the only time we have right now, but guys are more comfortable out there. It was good to see them come together and have a lot of fun playing the game."

On Keeping Players Focused on Texas Tech...
"I'm not concerned because we approached it just trying to get 5 wins. In my mind we had more to play for than Kansas State did. That is the way we looked at the football game. We are fighting to get bowl eligible, we are fighting to earn respect and we are fighting to prove that we have a good football team."

On Phil Bennett's Preparation...
"The Big 12 is a tough league. There are some good defenses in this league, too. There are a lot of very talented players. If you want to doubt it, then when the April draft comes along we will look at it. There are talented people. Games get caught up in certain waves, some turn into shootouts and others are more conventional. Phil [Bennett] has handled it just like he has handled everything else in his coaching career. He comes to work and studies, inspires, and prepares very well."

On Texas Tech's Offense...
"They are extremely dangerous. Seth [Doege] is an extremely talented player. They have had an outstanding year. They are sitting at 7-4 and have been ranked the whole season up until this week. We know that we are going to have to play with as much inspiration and passion as we played with this Saturday in order to win this weekend."

On Glasco Martin...
"He is a tough, mean, determined runner. He inspires a lot of people. He plays with a lot of energy and passion. He is a great teammate and is very unselfish. We are very proud of him. He has worked so hard to overcome an ACL injury and has continually gotten better and better. We are very excited about what he has brought to the table for us."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On how much Baylor can build off of this win...
"Building off of this win will mean getting bowl eligible, and that's our goal. Our goal is next Saturday night to work on going bowling, then one more game, then win the bowl game. So that's how we build off of it."

On the improved running game and how that helps the offense as a whole...
"It's a huge help. Obviously it takes a lot of pressure off the passing game. It's really awesome when you can hand the ball off on the first play and they take it 80 yards. It makes life a lot easier. And it's fun. It's fun for those guys, it's fun for us and it's fun for the front line. When your offense is multi-dynamic, you're not one dimensional, and it's just a lot harder for a defense to stop us."

On the game last year against Tech and how Coach approached him at halftime to enter the game...
"Honestly, the conversation didn't last long. I knew when Griff came out of the training room and I saw his eyes, I knew it wasn't good. So at that point I didn't know what the deal would be, but for me I was going to do whatever coach needed me to do. So when he asked me how I felt about burning the redshirt, it was no question for me to do whatever needed to be done. There wasn't a lot of thought to it. It was a fun half to play, and I wouldn't change it for anything."

 Junior Defensive Back Sam Holl

On the total team effort last week against K-State...
"It was. I really felt like both sides of the ball were really clicking well, and special teams was clicking well. We got great efforts by everybody and that's what you have to do to come out on top.

On the defense's best game of the year...
"No question, I felt like we played really well. Probably the best performance while Coach Bennett has been here. He was really happy after the game and we were really happy as well. We felt we did a great job."

On the interceptions and being positive in the takeaways again...
"Yeah, that's huge in any ball game to win. You want to win the turnover battle, and we did a great job of forcing turnovers against a team that doesn't make too many turnovers. That was huge for us, and you will win most games doing that."

 Sophomore Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On the game and experience of beating Kansas State...
"It was the best atmosphere I have ever seen in my life. I can't even describe it. It was crazy."

On being on the field after a big win against the No. 1 team in the nation...
"It was really cool. This little kid in a wheel chair came up to me and congratulated me and I told him that dreams do come true if you believe. It was a very special moment for me."

On taking the momentum from this game into the last two games...
"I think it's important, and as long as we prepare like we have been doing and don't change anything, hard work does pay off. And if we keep doing that, we should be just fine."



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